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There is nothing more annoying than telemarketers, but usually you can just hang up on them or say “no, thank you”. But consumers are very angry that when EnergyAustralia called and they said they weren’t interested, the electricity company signed them up anyway.

According to The Daily Mail, the Federal Court of Australia has found that EnergyAustralia breached law by scamming people. They have been forced to pay over $1 million in fines, and it comes less than a year after they had to pay $1.2 million for unlawful door-to-door selling practices.

So how were they doing this? Under the guise of ‘market research’, employees of EnergyAustralia assured the person on the line that they weren’t being signed up to anything, yet did it anyway.

Everyday Australians in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland were phoned between August 2012 and April 2013 and told they’d receive an information pack but not be treated as if they had signed up to transfer their electricity to the company. Instead, they recorded these people as having agreed to the contract and sent out Welcome Packs with contracts.

The ACCC insists that consumers remain wary of any phone calls from telemarketers and to exercise their rights as consumers – it’s OK to hang up and it’s OK to end a contract during the cooling-off period.

Have you been signed up to a service or provider without knowing? Are you a customer of EnergyAustralia? Tell us below.

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  1. they have emailed me repeatedly and phoned and sent me letters in the mail, they won’t take no for an answer. I am with Origin and do not want to change. Origin reads the meter, Energy Australia takes an estimation from your last bill

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    • Libbi
      My mum is with Origin and I found out she wasn’t getting her pension rebate. She has been with them 5 years. When I enquired about it the told me it was her fault for not telling them she is on a pension. I asked why they didn’t ask her and was told that wasn’t their job to ask. She was 88 when they signed her up. They have refused to backdate her pension rebate and last week she got a letter from them saying she had to renew her contract or she woukd lose her pension rebate and her 5% discount for paying on time. She is now 93 and doesn’t understand. So I spoke to them and they refuse to deal with me. Said they will only deal with her.
      So I think all the power companies are as bad as each other.

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      • I’d have a quiet word with the energy industry ombudsman if I were you, or even your family solicitor. I’m sure what this company is doing to your mother must be illegal.

      • I got my Mum to make me the authorised speaker when I deal with any company on her behalf.

      • Also watch the one year contract dates, as they wont tell you,& you lose your pay on time discount. Mum alsi had no pension rebate & I argued this point & they went back 2 years. Ratbags.

    • Ruth you can get the ‘Power of Attorney’ for your Mum and deal with all matters on her behalf.

    • Percy
      I have that already. However, I don’t want to invoke it yet as she is still quite capable of doing most things herself. She just has some issues with understanding these sort of things.

  2. Yep,I had a call telling me my husband was having an affair ,my reply shocked them into hanging up ,it was ,good on him ,after 50 years think I know him extremely well,

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    • l dont know as you do,l was married for 49 years1 month and 3 days,asked her to have polygraph with me,4 days later she walked out and went to live overseas,l was always suspicious she and neighbour had cheated,of couse she told lies

  3. Something different we had a smart metre installed when talking to them they said we didn’t have peak hour usage and weekend rates any more because we didn’t apply for it before the installation. So now there is no saving for us by using appliances at night or weekends. Why wasn’t the option given to us? Anyone have the same problem, do you think you are getting savings and your not as we did.

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