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The Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla Parker-Bowles, has ventured out on one of the hottest days in England to visit a flower show.

The show took place in Hampton Court Palace, in Richmond upon Thames, Greater London, the old home of King Henry VIII. The temperature was a balmy 34 degrees Celsius.

Camilla was without Prince Charles for the outing, however she did find an escort in Prince Jaffa for the day. Actually it’s Mr Tickle, a scarecrow made by local children from disused Sainsbury’s supermarket shopping bags.



Being one of the hottest days of the year, the Duchess sought and destroyed something to cool her down. You’ll be pleased to know that Camilla’s mint green dress survived the ice cream intact!



A parasol helped keep the heat at bay, plus you can never be too sun-safe.



But once all the monster and ice cream action was over, the Duchess went on to the stars of the show, the flowers.



All in all, a nice day was had by Royal and public alike. And the Duchess’ tip for keeping cut flowers alive longer? Put a little lemonade in the vase along with the water.



How do you think the Duchess of Cornwall looks in her cool mint green dress on a very hot day? Tell us, has this endeared you to her a little more?

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  1. All I can say they should have let Prince Charles marry her in the first place. She only got married in the first place because she knew they would never allow Charles to marry her. I think she is a very gutsy woman and that is the main reason they didn’t want her there. She would have stood up to the queen and that is what they were afraid of. Besides the royal family had run out of chins. Why do you keep referring to her as Camilla Parker Bowles. I am sure that the readers of this page who have remarried down want to be called by their previous name.

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    • She was a adulterer and a TART.

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      • Mary, you’re absolutely spot on. I guess we expect better behaviour from Royalty but Charles is a twat, always has been, always will be. I honestly don’t know why it was Diana that the royals had assassinated, should have been Camilia when they knew who was cheating with their “special needs” son. Bunch of parasites the lot of them.

      • No judgment then Mary? What a nasty piece of work you are.

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        • Well it takes two to tango and Charles didn’t say No. There will always be some nasty and very judgmental ones ones. Actually I think when all is said and done, that she conducted herself reasonably well when some women would have been jumping up and down in fury. She stood her ground and allowed Charles time and that takes some dignity.

        • well I must be a nasty person as well, because every time I think of beautiful Diana and how this woman and unfaithful Charles did to her I feel nothing but distaste and disgust for her. Going behind Diana’s back to have sex. Poor Diana she loved that twat and was so unhappy knowing what he was doing. she would be alive today if it wasn’t for Camilla and Charles.

    • I agree Wendy. She looks very elegant and has always been Charles’ choice. Not taking away from Diana but a lot of heartbreak would have been avoided but then William and Harry would never have been born.

    • I think she looks gorgeous in that dress. Agree about her name as well

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      • Who cares about her dress. She an ugly person in and out as far as I’m concerned. So smug she got rid of Diana and married the gutless fool. I can’t imagine the hurt she and Charles caused Diana.
        They should hang their heads in shame. Fancy wanting this ugly creature when he had gorgeous Diana.

    • He was in love with her before he was told to marry Diana, but camilla couldn’t produce an heir.
      I feel sad that Diana was led into a marriage, but then 2 beautiful young men came out if that union.

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    • I agree Wendy, it wasnt easy but they loved each other. I think the things that have been said about her ie the Rottweiler, have been disgraceful and the sad thing is, it was mainly women saying it.

    • Please ladies finger Diana bore his children giv her some credit would camilla have been able to give him two beautiful sons

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      • CCamilla had two children, a boy and a girl, with her husband so why wouldn’t she have been able to produce two children with Charles? BTW Diana also had affairs while married so, according to some here, she was also an adulterer and a tart. Charles should have married Camilla and Diana would have been happier with someone else from the British landed gentry.

    • Agreed. It’s sad that she and Charles wasted so much of their lives and others were hurt in the process as well. I like her and I wish them all the best. Having said that thought, I’m glad Charles married Diana in one way, because we have those two lovely boys, Will & Harry.

    • Wendy,

      I absolutely agree with you.

      Camilla and Charles were as faithful to each other as they could be. Obviously they truly loved each other from the start.

      Many women have stated that they wished men would be as faithful as Charles was when a younger, more attractive woman comes on the scene. People seem to forget that it was a marriage virtually decided for him by “The Firm.”

      As for being adulterers, Diana wasn’t very slow off the mark … was she?

      I like Camilla. She has shown herself to be a strong and decent woman. She has not used the media to make a case for herself

      Remember, Diane and the media. In her position no matter how bad a situation is, it is “not done” to air one’s dirty linen in public. The Royal Family could not have been more humiliated.

  2. I am sorry Jude Francis not everyone gets born with a beautiful face. I bet Camilla is a very nice woman and I think people are nasty to judge her. After all do you know her?

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    • I have always liked her. Charles should have been allowed to marry her in the first place. She also shows respect for him.

    • Well said Wendy Biden. I’m tired of reading nasty comments about her looks. No, we have no choice with the face we are born with!

    • I agree ladies. Beauty is only skin deep. It’s your character that’s important. I wish them nothing but happiness.

  3. Camilla has a hard time from the Brits but I think she’s been great for Charles and clearly they were in love not the almost arranged marriage to Diana. Of course we all lived her for her beauty and her motherhood of her 2 wonderful sons, but she too, needed out from this Royal arrangement. I think Camilla is the lady for Charles and she is very smart lady. Don’t be too harsh on her you Brits… She has the Royal firm to put up with and not easy I’m sure.
    At least Charles has not abdicated his role as heir to the throne.

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    • Yes,she isnot a young clothes horse,but neither is Prince Charles looking at the rants on here,I take it that no one is divorced!

    • I think life as a royal or married to a royal would be so hard. I don’t know how women in particular handle this and stay sane. I take my hat off to anyone who can shoulder the public insults, the backbiting, the feelings of trepidation and still manage to stay civil and gracious. I think Camilla, despite being Charles’ consort, has managed to handle all the flak very well. They were an item long before Diana ever came onto the scene. Remember Princess Margaret, had they allowed her to marry the man she loved, she might still have been with us.

    • No he was able to ‘have his cake and eat it’ whereas had it been a few years earlier he would have had to choose “the crown or Camilla” – he couldn’t have had both. This happened to his uncle and also Princess Margaret. Times have changed a lot in recent years.

  4. No, sorry. Still don’t think she should have had an affair with him, he’s supposed to be the future king of England and they both should have had better morals

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    • Carol,

      For Charles and Camilla it could never have been just an affair. They have proved that they had a genuine love for each other. This seems to be so rare now days with marriages breaking up so often.

      It is a love to be envied.

  5. Appalling immoral woman with an equally immoral husband imo. No, i don’t feel any more kindly towards her

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    • How can judge her Johnny Richardson. Do you know her and really is your backyard clean or do you have some ghosts in your closet as well. Immoral woman. What has done. She is allowed to be a divorcee. How do you thing the C of E church came in to being in the first place.

    • I’m not against her being a divorcee, I’m against her appalling behaviour with Charles leading up to his marriage to Diana n after. N I’m not C of Experience, I’m Jewish

    • You must really hate that Lady Di Sheila. She had more partners you could shake a stick at.

    • Are you sure Ian but her husband was an asshole so she had a good teacher she was so totally innocent the royals corrupted her and couldn’t wait to be rid of her. Can’t stand camilla she is a total insult and as for Charles he is a hypocrite and leave Di alone she was just beautiful. And she adored her kids. But had to fight the buggers to try and give the boys a normal as possible life she paid the ultimate price and so did her boys

    • Well I went to a wedding in C of E church and the groom had been divorced. He married my niece and they have been married for about 26 years

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