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A gun-control organisation set up a fake gun shop in the heart of New York City, hanging signs in the windows to draw in first-time gun buyers.

The customers who came into the shop were typically looking for a gun for “protection” or “safety” and hidden cameras captured their reactions as they were given a lesson on the history of the gun in their hand.

The very believable salesman listens to his customer’s needs, pulls out a gun and gives the sales pitch: “it’s easy to use, 22 calibre, it’s our best seller…

“It’s also a gun that a five-year-old found in his parents’ bedroom and went down and shot his nine-month-old baby brother with it”.

The reactions of the customers, needless to say, are fascinating.

Each gun comes with a tag detailing its use in accidental deaths, mass murders and suicides. Statistics have shown that owning a gun increases the risk of all three occurring.

The shop also has an “online store” which targets first-time buyers.

This viral video that has been viewed 11 million times and shared more than 250,000 and suggests that education is the key to bringing America’s gun problem under control.

There are scores of comments on the post from both sides of the debate.

One Facebook user says, “How about all the guns with tags on them where the history was something like:
‘This is a gun that could have prevented someone from killing multiple soldiers on their base, but it was locked up because of the REAL gun nuts who think gun laws protect you from criminals with guns.'”

Another says, “Some of the comments on this post are a terribly sad reflection of the wilful, even hateful ignorance this country has about guns. How you could watch this and not feel guilt cut you to your bones about the damage your views are doing is beyond me. It’s inhuman. There is NO logical argument for the gun laws you’re defending. You just LIKE guns. That’s it. It’s pathetic.”

Watch the video below and share your thoughts.

This organization against guns opened a gun store in NYC to make a point. What’s your take on it?

Posted by New Yorkers on Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Do you think better education on the dangers of owning a firearm would bring America’s gun crisis under control? 

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  1. Ban the riflemans asc.they are half the problem.also the septics all seem to hate each other .that doesn’t help

  2. Sadly there have been too many incidents of violence with guns in America. Children need to be educated in school of the dangers of guns in fact violence in general. The education system does not prepare children with self development if more of the practical things were taught in school rather than subjects that the average person will never touch again once they are out of school. Self development is the key to a better world of Peace and Freedom.

  3. I did not know that guns used in a crime were allowed to be put back into the public arena. What a load of crap! A set up controlled situation to prove a ridiculous point.

    8 REPLY
    • did you read the story?A gun-control organisation set up a fake gun shop in the heart of New York City, hanging signs in the windows to draw in first-time gun buyers. start to read before you comment , you just sound silly

    • Maybe so Libbi. Yes I am silly but I am cute. I will not condone scenarios that are set up to prove a point by suckering people in to a FAKE gun shop and then playing with their conscience. I don’t get the point of the exercise. What did it prove? If it was set up by independents who have no connection to gun control lobbies or gun owners then it may be more believable. This is a biased exercise purely by the fact that it was done by a gun control organisation.

    • I am not an American, I am Australian and read it as an Australian who does not have guns for sale on every street corner, they are having some shocking gun crimes in the USA, if it makes people think twice about buying their first gun, then I can only see that it is a good thing..sorry… am glad your cute 🙂

    • I agree with you on the American lack of laws Libbi. I hope it does do some good (I doubt it though). The problem is the NRA (National Rifle Association) they are just way to powerful. These things would carry more weight imo if they were done by independent people who have no bias. It is good to have debate in here and also good that we can keep it civil. 🙂

  4. Not at all they have always had guns and always will we all forget that that country was founded by all the bloody rebels that bucked against English law haha

  5. I think it was a good video ,perhaps they should do more stings like this in the USA, it may turn people off guns

  6. I don’t know how they will get over their fascination with guns. They seem to live in fear every day. I am trying to imagine a situation where I felt I had to own a gun to feel safe. Can’t get my head around it.

  7. Hate guns ,the only people who needs a gun are people who work on farms,hope that video stop people buying guns

  8. I am not into guns either, I have never even seen a real gun !! I live in the city and have no need for guns, all the wild Tigers and lions must have packed up and left years ago 🙂

  9. This is about the USA, it is not about Australian gun owners, every man and his dog has more thn one gun in the USA and many of them are used in crime

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