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If you’ve ever wondered what Donald Trump would look like without his trademark locks and his orange complexion, wonder no more.

Starts at 60 is not sure who did it, or why they even bothered, but this photo of a hairless and ghostly Trump is making its way around the internet at the moment and it would have been rude not to share with you.

First and foremost, the image has been photoshopped.

But if Trump ever wanted to look like he could care less about his appearance then this is probably an accurate representation of how that might look.

No hair, no tan… Not so bad.

Maybe this is an artist’s impression of what spending time in the White House will do to a person. Starts at 60 can think of several politicians from around the world who suffered in the hair highlights department as a result of ‘time served’ — John Howard, Kevin Rudd, Barack Obama, here’s looking at you.

Is it possible that Donald Trump looks better in this clever photograph? Who are some other follically challenged politicians?

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  1. Still has the mean eyes and pugnacious expression. Just a cranky old man really

  2. Donald Trump is trying to do his best to pull America up by its boot straps. Each country has its faults & its people has its faults but…Americans have done their fair share of giving and yet people are so ungrateful. While Americans take they have also given. I know Americans as generous, friendly, natural people. God Bless America. All the flak thrown at the Americans comes from the older generation passing on their stupid opinions of Overpaid, Over sexed, and Over here. I had to correct my Father with this opinion. I thank God I think for myself and refuse to be influenced. If Hillary Clinton comes in as President God help America and the world. Hillary is a liar, a cheat, she had the temerity to take articles out of the White House. How low can she creep? puts up with a philandering husband to further her own ambitions. Hopeless woman !! And I am a woman.

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    • With all past wrong doings and corruption, Hillary should never have been allowed to run for president, never mind BECOME president! Heaven help the world if she does!

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