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Yesterday, Ian Yates from the Council on the Ageing released information claiming that pensioners are open to discussion and change on the pension. Based on the feedback we’ve heard from Starts at 60 users, this statement is somewhat wrong and we’ve heard that pensioners are quite opposed to pension changes. So tell us today, how do you really feel about the idea of pension changes?

Mr Yates said to Fairfax media, “What we are signalling to the government is that there are areas about pension eligibility that one can have a legitimate conversation about.

“You can’t say that we won’t discuss things to do with the pension at all if you also, as we do, want to argue for increased expenditure on Newstart or in the health space,” he said. “These things fit together”.

He expressed particular understanding at the concept of Australian seniors being open to changing pension eligibility however he stated that any changes to indexation, particularly slowing down indexation, was not something that seniors were comfortable negotiating.

It’s interesting that without a poll on Australia’s largest online community of baby boomers or any direct communication with you – the Australian over 60s – the Australian Council for Ageing has decided to speak for the majority.

From our experience with you all, their statements don’t quite align with the real story. So tell us today, where do you really sit when it comes to pension changes? Do  they have it wrong? Or are you comfortable speaking for all of us? Share your thoughts in the comments below… 

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  1. The pensioners have got this country up and running so stopvwasting money overseas and help our people here

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    • I agree with Robert Cole & yes some of us lived through the Depression , is it really necessary to put us back through those years ? Or very similar to ??

  2. Should nit be paying pensions to people living permamently overseas too

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    • If they are australians then they are entitled if they meet income criteria. Other countries have similar arangements.

    • I came to Australia from England in 1964 and have lived here ever since. When I applied at Centrelink for the aged pension they required me to apply to the UK for a pension before they granted me the pension over here. I was young and single when I arrived here and had only worked over there for 5 years or so and didn’t think I would be entitled to anything but Centrelink stated they needed the letter from them stating that I was not entitled. To my surprise I was granted a small pension from the UK which I receive monthly. However my Centrelink pension is adjusted according to this payment. It is NOT extra money on top of the Australian pension and I am on what is termed “a part pension”. So when everyone talks about “part pensioners” please bear in mind they are not all wealthy!!! As I receive my UK pension on a 4 weekly basis and the Australian pension is adjusted fortnightly I actually have what I call a “poor” fortnight and a “rich” fortnight. If I had had a choice I would not have requested anything from the UK government as I have spent two thirds of my life over here working and paying taxes plus bringing up 3 Australian born children and 8 grandchildren.

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      • yes Bridgette, I didn’t work the required time needed t get a pension BUT it was calculated on my husbands length of years working. Amazingly it was still granted although I had been divorced a number of years. A minimal amount but ha every little helps

    • I know someone from Germany who had to do the same thing. His Centrelink pension is adjusted accordingly so he does not get the full Aussie pension. I was surprised that it is a requirement to actually apply for your homeland pension.

    • NO. They are no longer paying tax here, and probably havnt been for years, so why should they be eligible for the Aussie pension. If they are permanent citizens or permanent residents of the country that they chose to live in, then apply for a pension in that country. Why should tax payers of Australia be burdened with that cost? It was their choice to move overseas.

    • Why shouldn’t they if they worked all their lives and paid taxes in Australia? Come retirement time it is much cheaper to live in some overseas country where their money goes a lot further. My parents got part pensions from the countries they worked and lived in until coming to Australia (Dad from England and Mum from Germany). Why should pensioners live in poverty in Australia if they can have a better life somewhere else?

    • What bothers me is that there are many immigrants who have been and worked in Australia and never took up Citizenship yet they get a Pension. How about telling them that if they want a pension then they MUST become Australian Citizens like the rest of us. After all we gave them the chance to live, work and play in our country plus possibly own property too yet don’t want to become Australian. This should apply to all people who have worked here more than five years minimum allowing for grace.

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      • I. I couldn’t agree more if people are here for more than 5 years they should have to become Australian Citizens. If they don’t they should be deported back to the Country they came from.

  3. A good start to keep us oldies at work is to stop taxing us or give a bonus rebate Still much cheaper than a pension. Im still wirking at 67

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  4. I would like to see the pension remain the same regardless of what people earn. Their earnings could then be taxed a little higher as a trade off. When my husband works, I lose my pension and I feel this is unfair as I worked for fifty years and I was never a dependant during this time. If this was implemented, the government would save a lot in wages fro employing people to keep checking up on pensioners’ wages all of the time.

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    • The pension is for when people are not working. You are allowed to work for a few hours without losing the pension, but when you go over this amount then, quite rightly, the pension is adjusted or stopped. Happens to us too.

    • I think at 65 if you retire you should get your pension. If you dont retire and continue to work a few little incentives and benifits are nice and help. Depends if your partners wages goes over a certain point whether your benifits should be affected. Too hard for me im struggling to understand how to get through every day. Things change so bloody fast and furious and i cant stand whats going on and i cant stop it.. or slow it up.

    • Again a John Howard government implementation. My mother got a penion at 60. I am now sixty and expected to work volunteer or work. I stayed home with my children. Not fielded out to others. I have health issues. I think it is outrageous, we got nothing when we were young and still get nothing.

  5. I am against any changes, it is hard enough now to survive, the small rise we get does not cover rising costs as it is. We will end up with a country full of elderly NO changes please

  6. I’d like to know where they go to discuss this with pensioners? I have never been asked. Every person over sixty should be given a survey sheet and EVERY politician should take notice of the answers.

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  7. Give the pensioners an increase or leave it alone. This Government is always trying to screw somebody. Give the pensioners a say on this. Very undemocratic.

  8. I am only agreeable to changes if it means a better deal for pensioners.
    Changing the indexation means a loss in the long run. Increases in the GST means that pensioners will receive less income but pay more for necessities.
    I agree with an earlier comment that a survey should be sent out to all àged and disabled pensioners to get their opinion.
    If Abbott can afford to spend millions on new cars tgen he can afford to get a survey like this done.

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    • A survey wont be what you expect and it wont have a good outcome. It would only make you sacrifice more.because your used by date arrived the day you retire

    • Abbott spent over a million on renovations on the house he lives in. He.wastes money and attacks pensioners all the time. We need to ask for a list of his spending

    • I just fell over, I am not having a good life and if Abbott was here in my house now..I would hit him over the head with the broom 🙂

  9. I am happy with mine, indexation won’t really make a difference. Someone has to pay for the many ,many ,many thousands of Illegals invading the country and are given a lot more than pensioners . Considering ,3 wives ,9 kids, 4 public houses to live in. 4 Welfare payments. Why should it always be the HARD workers who have to cough up. Most of these pay close to 50% tax, As half the country now are on welfare the tax received does not cover very much. We lived in an era where people worked at ANYTHING , as long as they had an income. Times have changed

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    • Your information is rubbish and sounds like you listen to the shock jocks and read the Murdock newspapers as well as listening to the LNP idiots.

    • No , sick of you lot who know nothing THIS man was on TV , smashing cameras shoving people as he got caught. People were outraged at what they received . The radio did have a rep from Centrelink on who confirmed what the reporter had said. They are allowed as it is their religion, many wives is OK for them but not us. & they can’t live together , If you listen to people who know, in NSW govt etc Pru Goward . The cases of Female G M are increasing as well as under age marriage, Looks like you just believe the rubbish ABC put out, leave out any parts that don’t suit them. & believe the lies from ALP . Surely you realise most will never get a job, as figures published recently on benefits 60% on welfare .after 5 years . I object to my payment being cut to support ECONOMIC illegals. The true ones are sitting in camps under a bit of canvs, begging for food & water & these here just winge & winge & demand. They manage to find THOUSANDS to get here.

    • Generalising . Generalising . Come on for gods sake . Her points are very valid . The flood gates have been opened too long. Its true they can practice polygamy have umpteen children they get the housing for each wife and child get benifits for each wife and child. Free education free medical free everything. Dont work . It is part of their take over bid. They teach their children their horror way of living . They are here to multiply . You can close your eyes bury your head in the sand. Whilst you do they laughing at you for being so dumb. “Dont offend” “freedom of religion ” lets shed a tear for the poor terrorist they have been brainwashed by their leaders they have been deceived by their cult. Poor things . Here have a tissue.. pppppppffffffttttt

    • Over the last few months the Govt has been putting out graphs & list of what comes in & what goes out. 900,000 Disability support pensioners !!!! as Julia felt sorry for those on the dole & transferred them all to DSP, more money. made the unemployment rate look good. . I don’t know where you get your info from but you obviously don’t watch 7,9,10, TV , SKY, ABC ,Paul Murray ,ETCor listen to a radio . So much is available on the Internet. I spend many hours a day looking for info. as do others on FB pages ,between us thousands we come up with so much info. I realised when I worked I knew nothing, I have learned so much since retiring.

    • Why would I say this if it couldn’t be found. Unsubstantiated , if you look on internet , Govt Depts etc it can all be found. As you don’t know anything it would be stupid of me to bother with you as obviously you couldn’t care less about the country you . Just tell me I am wrong.

    • Couldn’t care less what you think . I care about Australia, don’t want it turned into a Muslim state. If BOTH Govts have their way it will be.

    • Not social media, facts put out by Govt a lot of it. If you go to you find all the for & against . So many articles on there FROM Imams etc. My friend is the one finding out about the HALAL tax. has a lot to do with Ministers. Hockey & others have been on TV etc talking about facts on Taxation in & out & the figures for the 58 Welfare Benefits have been on many times

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      • How does a conversation about changes to the pension become one about race hatred? Because that is what is happening here.

    • Agree with everything you say Dawn Bruce. The research that I have done for hours a day has certainly made me be very afraid for the future of this country. There is so much not being revealed and hidden from the general populace and so much stuff the general population do not want to hear and actually take notice of. Aussies have lived in our little bubble part of the world for too long that they cannot believe that others would take advantage of their good nature. I hope that the awakening does not come too late but I fear it is already beyond repair and Islam will rule here within the next hundred years.

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    • What a load of rubbish! You really need to get your facts straight before you go spreading idiotic statements like this.

    • I also heard Dawn that anyone over 18 coming into our country that the government gave them $25,000 each to help them start! What about these families who have wives, 8 or 9 children! Add that up. And we australians can’t even get the lousy pittance we’re supposed to get

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