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She’s never been one to back away from her opinions, so Pauline Hanson’s appearance on Sunrise this morning was bound to cause a stir. Pitted against shock jock Derryn Hinch, the former One Nation leader seemed anxious to get her message across.

Ms Hanson has always insisted she has the confidence of everyday Australians, many of whom hold views that may not be popular with the media or city-folk, and her continued presence in the political landscape proves that she has a certain level of support.

But her comments today have been widely criticised – by the Sunrise hosts, Mr Hinch and all over social media.

Ms Hanson had a list of examples she claimed proved that Australia should not take any Syrian refugees, who are mostly Muslim. She said she has travelled Queensland extensively and spoken to people about their fears and concerns.

Her examples included a story about refugees taking jobs in a meat works in Rockhampton, and that refugee children in high schools were abusing and making death threats to their teachers.

“On a per capita basis we take in more refugees than any other country throughout the world,” she said.

“If you want to have peace and harmony in this country you cannot keep increasing the Muslims, Islam, in Australia … we will have huge problems down the track. There are millions of Australians that are concerned about this, so go and speak to the Australian people because that’s exactly what I’ve been doing.

“And I warn Tony Abbott, he will have a backlash if he takes a lot of these people in at the next election, so he better prepared for it. You better be prepared for what’s going to happen in this country because a lot of people are going to suffer,” Hanson said.

David Koch accused Ms Hanson of “cherry picking the bad facts” of a small minority of refugees in Australia to justify her stance. Meanwhile, Mr Hinch barely let Ms Hanson get a word in, as he exploded in anger and later said he wished he’d never appeared on the show.

This raises the question – why bring Ms Hanson on the show if you’re not going to let her speak?

To her credit, Pauline Hanson ploughed ahead, reiterating her list of examples and the fact that she has spoken to real Australia.

Do you think Pauline Hanson has a better idea of how real Australians feel about taking on more refugees than the policy makers and media? Share your thoughts. 


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  1. Pauline has it right .

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  2. Go Pauline shut up hinch

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    • Yes I agree with you 100% I’ll be gone! but my grandchildren and great grandchildren will have a different way of life to live.

    • Darren Hinch did a mean and nasty thing on Sunrise this morning. I was absolutely horrified at his behaviour and Koch was’nt much better. Shame on them both.

    • Pauline came to my house to meet my mother the first year she formed her party, mum was smitten with her. She was very respectful to mum, had a cuppa and left probably there for 20 minutes I think mum was her first WA party member.


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    • ‘We will give people refuge’: Tony Abbott pledges to help Syrian asylum seekers as Labor requests intake boost “I can inform the House that it is the Government’s firm intention to take a significant number of people from Syria this year. We will give people refuge.. on the news 🙂

    • Why is that we cannot house a lot of our Aussie street people, that have lost their jobs and homes through no fault of their own.

    • Oh no Colleen we are not allowed to mention them as we don’t get brownie points for looking after our own people and there are many in that situation. It is a national disgrace. Many of the people that have lost their homes, cannot get Centrelink, they have to wait for ages. I wonder how many of the do-gooders on this post actually do any volunteering to help any organisations etc. They just like to be seen to be “caring.” They should take the refugees to their places and pay for them so that they don’t need us taxpayers to have tax increases to pay for their Centrelink. OOO that would be a different story now – wouldn’t it? Of course they wouldn’t want them at their place!!

    • I was disgusted that Derryn talked over Pauline all the time she was trying to get a point across, just what we all are thinking, but he got into name calling and really lowered himself in my eyes, he can’t stand for Pauline to put her view across, how rude he can be!!!

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      • Derryn always talks over the top of her; he is rude.

    • Colleen Hardwicke, Rhonda Eyre. have you given anyone a bed lately? are you aware there are people sleeping under bridges who actually own rental properties because they do not wish to live within boundaries or be burdened with responsibilities, we give every person in Australia an income, what they choose to do with it, is their choice. I choose to pay for a roof over my head, others choose to by drugs or Alcohol others choose to take it to a race track or casino. Many new migrants will open new business’s, or become workers, doing the work Australians are to lazy to do, they will eventually contribute to the economical stability of our great country, instead of bleeding us dry like some of our privileged welfare recipients do. I’d swap a deadbeat for someone who wants to make a fresh start any day.

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      • Jean Anderson Campbell. I agree with all you say. I agree some homless have illness they cant controll and i think they need help but I am sure noone in Oz are suffering like these tefugees. Pauline always pops up around election time each year. You shouldnt be allowed to stand again after so many fefeats. By the way I am not a Derryn Hinch fan either

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    • Well why dont you fight along side our Aussie soldiers that are fighting for those so called refugee men ,that are running like rabbits, while some of our soldiers are being killed Jean Anderson Campbell . Not all of those people that have lost their homes are druggies , dont say Aussies are lazy, you know it all , just because you are lucky to be sitting safe.

    • Jean Anderson Campbell Spoken like a true brainwashed idiot, taken in by all the rubbish spread by other idiots. Did you see the segment on 7 the other night where Tony Abbott was at a meat processing plant in Murray Bridge in S.A? 500 employees, mostly on either working holiday visas or some other type of visa. Management of the meat processing plant wouldn’t employ locals because they can get this other labour cheaper. Is that what we want to turn Australia into? A country where businesses employ foreigners so that they can take advantage of them rather than give Australians a fair go?

    • Graham Jackaman spoken like a brain washed socialist, gimme, gimme, gimme with no regard of where it comes from in the first place. so some migrants own a business & give their employees a chance to EARN a living, instead of paying them to sit around smoking whatever, & drinking cups of tea. BLOODY SHOCK HORROR, how dare they???

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      • Who is the one who has been brainwashed? If your son or daughter worked there would you be pleased they were sacked to give a fly in foreigner their job. I’m sure your child would not be coffee drinking, slacking smoker would they? and therefore to deserve to be sacked ?

    • I would like our Aussies to own their business? And then then they can do the employing, and work may be available to our kids then? Jean Anderson Campbell. Then theycan spend it how they wish ,even have a coffee,or smoke

    • Colleen Hardwicke , been there done that & believe it or not, still doing it & have the scars to prove it, Not all soldiers deployed around the world are men, nor are ALL refugees, men, please seek help for your paranoia, not every migrant is a boogie man, you are assuming the only refugees in the world travel the seas in fishing boats. put your brain into gear for once in your life, & give some credit to those who are going to be processing the applications & hold the front door open, it just may save more than 1 bloody life, & will help develop the vast interior of Australia, that is gradually being dug up & shipped overseas truck loads @ a time.

  4. Agree with Pauline 100 percent , time to listen to what the people of Australia actually want .

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    • ‘We will give people refuge’: Tony Abbott pledges to help Syrian asylum seekers as Labor requests intake boost “I can inform the House that it is the Government’s firm intention to take a significant number of people from Syria this year. We will give people refuge.. on the news 🙂

    • She does not speak for me and I am one of the people. We have heard all her garbage before, the Italians, the Greeks, the Vietnamese, the chinese all had their share of scare tactics when they first came here.

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      • at least the Greeks, Italians and vietnamese are hard workers and didn’t try to change our way of life, a huge percentage of immigrants will be on welfare forever. Our services get cut back and suddenly the government comes up with millions of dollars for these people, what about helping our own??????

    • Leonie Loman All those other immigrants have assimilated into the Australian way of life. I have only ever heard Pauline warn about Muslims … and I think she has a p;oint.

    • so true Yvonne , i certainly wont be bowing to the muslim way of life thats for sure . Sharia law can buggar off in our beautiful country .

  5. I am not ashamed to say i joined her party and then as we all know Abbott got his way and she was in jail. That will teach people to speak out against the 2 party system.

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