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Yesterday, Julie Bishop made a big announcement and it is incredibly relevant to anyone reading this right now. She said, “60 is the new 40” and called for employers to better see and understand the value that over 60s can bring to the Australian workforce.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, our Foreign Affairs Minister said, “I believe 60 is the new 40, I’d like to say 30 but that would be ridiculous.” Julie frequently works 20 hour days at the age of 58 – like many other “older” Australians so she understands what a busy working life is like.

“I think it would be good for there to be an acknowledgement that experience and the wisdom that comes from experience actually should count for more than it does.” Julie said.

Minister for Ageing was her first Ministerial appointment in 2003 so this is an issue Ms Bishop has worked closely with in the past. “I had a lot to do with this issue and the fact is employers and others in the community think people have a use-by date just because they reach a particular age,” she said.

“I think it should come down to an individual’s capability and capacity to continue to perform at a high level.”

Ms Bishop also shared that the thoughts that age limits imposed on commissioners at the industrial relations body Fair Work Australia could be counter-productive because “some of our best legal minds are just hitting their peak at age 65”.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, research by the Deloitte Access Economics commissioned by the Age and Disability Discrimination Commissioner Susan Ryan in 2012 found a five percentage point lift in the participation rate of workers 55 years and over would result in an extra $48 billion in extra GDP.

Other research has found 35 per cent of Australians aged 55 to 64 years and 43 per cent of Australians aged 65 and over have felt discriminated against when trying to get into the workforce. Seniors Australia CEO Michael O’Neill welcomed Ms Bishop’s “well-informed” comments on older Australians.

After working as a community day in and day out, we know what it is like for you and want to help you fight for better employment opportunities and workplace equality. So we want to know, whether you love her or aren’t a fan of her, do you agree with Julie Bishop’s statement? 

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  1. Stupid bloody bitch,how in the bloody hell if you are 60 you can feel 40. just goes to show how stupid the silly bitch is ..

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    • Del. Did you not read the commenting guidelines in regard to the use of abusive language when commenting.

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    • Maybe changing your attitude would go along way Del!

    • A bitter old person is the crowning work of the devil, this is a discussion! Personal attacks are not how a mature person acts

    • I wonder Del who is the stupid person , I am 67 years old and I still work . I have a small onsite manufacturing business and I am in and out of the back of my 6m , 4.5 tonne truck 100’s of time a day . I do not say or I do not look 67 . I am 45 or 50 , and that is what people think as well . If you want to act and think you are OLD , then you are OLD . Are you waiting to be put in the box ?

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      • I am 68 & still working as well,I don’t look 68 but my body sometimes does !!!! but I am not ready just yet to give it away.!

    • Lovely language Del. You certainly wont get a job anywhere no matter what age you are.

    • OoAnyone who is 60 can of course feel younger. Unless you have some medical condition you are “only as young as you fill’ mentally. Being positive is good for you too, not being so negative as a lot of people are today can age you. Joy, Love and Peace to all.

  2. Doubt 40, maybe the new 50 – but would like the looks to be still that of a 40 or 50 year old. Still in the workforce but believe it’s hard to get a job past 50.

  3. Get out and do something physical,and see how long she lasts.

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    • Her schedule would be particularly ‘physical’ and exhausting, then of course there is the stress of her position in government. Think about it – if you WERE CAPABLE of this type of position I.e. after many years of studying to become a lawyer, succeeding, no, not overnight, doing the hard yards and THEN pursuing a political career how would you shape up. Julie has already lasted the distance and I imagine she has much more left to give to herself and country.

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      • I don’t think anyone can generalize on ones capacity to work past 60 or pension age, everyone is different, (in their ability), be it physical or mental or both.60 being the new 40? ..NO.maybe 55 or 50 would be closer to the mark Julie, many of us have had very physically demanding jobs,and raised children along the way also… sorry but Julie will NEVER understand what that is like, try being a single mother,60 + struggling to get by….ok lets make her work another 10 or 20 years….

    • kris its hopelees we are amongst the bitter sad and envious on this sight .at no time did bishop say you should work she was asking employers to employe more older people .are you so blinded by

    • the hate you have for the wealthy . .one long haul plane trip exhausts she does one after another no sleeping off the effects of jet lag straight to meetings overseas .or parliment back here .give credit where credit is due or sound like bitter old grouches .

    • So employers shouldn’t value workers over 60?
      People have a use by date?
      People shouldn’t be judged on their individual capability or capacity?
      I think you should re-read!

    • not sad or bitter Condonely..I’ m just practical, won’t matter who leads the Liberal Party, they will be voted out unless they change their policy’s

  4. The only time I agree with her. Of course it might be different if she wss working in an ordinary job at a basic wage like most 60s trying to make ends meet & paying off the mortgage!

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    • Chris Wills.
      It’s never too late to PAY OFF your third or fourth HOUSE!

  5. well yes, that is true, by what I see around the place and in customer service… what a waste of intelligence these leave over 60s on the shelf. Physical work – no… if you have dug ditches etc manually for 20 or 40 yrs or so your body does give out… but other jobs yes, we can do them for a long time after 60.

  6. Probably the smartest words to come out of her mouth but it’s the employers who have to change their opinions. Until they do nothing will change

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    • Thankfully my emitters love us more mature women, we are reliable and have better work ethics.

    • Carmen – I agree whole heartedly, until the men get their brains out of their pants then the younger ladies win every time.

    • I tried many times to get a job when I was made redundant from a certain council after over 25 1/2yrs of faithful work.. only job I could get is a lollypop job..

  7. I agree but know how difficult it is for older persons to find work if suddenly unemployed. I think people in work are valued and at 64 i am still working full time in a high level job and health permitting will continue till 67/68. But I have no illusions that finding something else would be almost impossible if suddenly unemployed!

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    • I retire from a high-level well-respected job next week – two months short of my 67th birthday. I feel I still have much to offer, but my partner has recently been diagnosed with brain cancer and I’m finding it too stressful to continue working at this level and take on carer roll at same time (he’s not allowed to drive which severely limits his options for getting to daily radiation and other appointments). I am under no illusion as to how difficult it will be to re-enter the workforce should I choose to do so. This is not something we planned for – just as people don’t plan for redundancy.

    • Wishing you and your partner all the very best Di.Totally agree…sometimes life throws these things at us;things that are unexpected.My hubby was made redundant at 61,he was planning on working for another 7 years,no one will even consider him for another position,despite a great work ethic.During this stressful time,i gave up work to care for my dying father,and my Mum,who was diagnosed with Alzheimers.After caring for her for 2 years,she was placed into a nursing home and i tried desperately to return to the workforce at 60…no one wants to know me.So Julie Bishop can say this,but the reality is way different !

    • My thoughts and prayers are with you Di. I am sorry to hear about your husband and wish you both all the very best.

  8. Apparently she has never done a hard days work she should try doing 40 years of it

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    • With the Business sector wanting to remove penalty rates, why would an older more nature better stable work commited person want to work.

    • Are you serious ? You really think she got to where she is without years of hard work ? Your ignorance astounds me.

    • Some may say that in any work area? However I’m sure the shop keeper the nurse doctor fire fighter farmer you name it , they may assume you are a idiot that has never worked period !!!!!!

    • To Mia caple Jackson show me one politician who as worked and if don’t mean sitting on there ass all day taking shit

    • billy, I regard Julie Bishop as the only person I would vote for in the liberals, an intelligent hard working person with lots of diplomacy and common sense.

    • The work of a politician is a damned sight easier than any physical labour, vastly better paid & the support staff & retirement benefits far outstrip anything the average working person ever experiences.

    • So absolutely AGREE with Bronwen Bannister comments as follows….. The work of a politician is a damned sight easier than any physical labour, vastly better paid & the support staff & retirement benefits far outstrip anything the average working person ever experiences.
      I have worked both physical and office work, I would much prefer the office work at my age!!!

    • no one is saying physical labour is easier, but Julie Bishop puts in 20 hours that is tough regardless, and I have worked both, and I can assure you at this age the mind can struggle under pressure and then the body feels it as well. It is all linked at the end. Tired is tired, whether mental or physical and most times you get both. As for health you are better off moving about then sitting all day, however heavy physical labour can reek havoc on a young body as well as an older body. Then their are those people who are blessed that never suffer any illness regardless of their jobs. It is an individual case, clearly if you are unfit, unwell, you will struggle at everything. As for Julie Bishop at her level if it was so easy why are we all not at that level?

  9. Do agree with about everything she says and definitely smarter than our last female leader. A breath of fresh air.

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    • No evidence to suggest that you are correct. History will tell what a capable PM Julia. Gillard was and what a great intellect she has.

    • What a shame so many women choose to pull down other women in positions of power. They should be proud that one of their own gender is doing well.

    • Im sorry but what possible relevance to the quality of politics is her being a woman?
      So it no longer matters whether a person is good at the job its about gender.

    • She is most definitely not smarter than Julia Gillard !!! People should form their own opinions instead of letting the one eyed media do it for them !!

    • Why is it when Julie bishop gets vilified for being a female politician? All the misogyny uttering are about. When Julia Gillard was PM she was treated shockingly and without respect. What happened in Canberra with Tony Abbott in attendance was disgraceful.

  10. Prob only thing i’ll agree with her on. But doesn’t acknowledge the hard physical yakka that some are doing and that won’t be so easy at 60. Even ‘simple’ jobs like waitstaff in pubs hard on body. Let alone brickies etc and other trades.

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    • Sitting on your backside, talking, flying around the world, first class to have dinner in New York. A bit of physical? off to the gym. Bit different to get this car finished because in 2 minutes there is another coming along.

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