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A beautician from Brisbane has become a champion for disabled people everywhere by shaming drivers who park in the disabled spots in the small shopping centre where she works.

But we’re not just talking about people sneakily parking in a disabled spots, take a look at how completely lazy and disrespectful these drivers are:

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Nicole Tishler, who works in Kingston, Brisbane, has owned her salon for five years and watched as people shamelessly parked in the dedicated disabled spots.

But earlier this month, she decided she’d had enough when this guy, in his expensive car parked across two spots:

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She decided to pull out her phone and post the photo to Facebook, writing, “Check out this loser. Not only one disabled park but two… Then he informed me i was scumbag for taking the photo…”

Nicole told News Limited, “It’s definitely not the first time it’s happened, it’s all the time. But I just thought, I’m going to shame these selfish bastards on Facebook.”


The post has been shared more than 20,000 times on Facebook but, sadly, hasn’t done much to deter people from parking in the disabled spots.

Here is a recent encounter Nicole had with a young driver who abused her for filming as she returned to her car, which was taking up both spots. Meanwhile, Nicole’s client’s husband was further down the car park, hauling a wheelchair out of the back of his car.

Amazing yet again. we here at CREATIVE EDGE HAIR NAIL AND BODY see this daily . Its about time the council done something

Posted by Nicole Tishler on Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Does this make your blood boil? What should be done about these people who have no respect for the disabled? Has this happened to you or someone you care about?


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  1. I have a disabled permit as my mum is in a wheelchair. I see people abusing these parks all the time. They should try getting an old lady into a wheelchair in a normal park. Very stressful for us both

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  2. Sometimes my sister or myself are driving my Dad ( age 93 ) to appointments or shopping . Occasionally if no close spots are available we drop him off close to the entrance whilst we park the car . The number of times we have been abused or given a dirty look is incredible ! We would NEVER abuse the privilege of disabled parking and wish people wouldn’t jump to the wrong conclusion !!!!!

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    • Then he should be entitled to a disabled parking permit that you can use when you transport him.

    • He is ! That’s my point . We drop him at the door and go and park in the nearest disabled spot but it’s only my sister or I and it looks like we are alone cause he’s already got out !

    • I would always assume that if a car has a disabled permit on it then, no matter how able bodied the occupant seems, it’s legal. I’m not their doctor. It’s when there’s no permit showing that it bugs me.

    • You do have to be careful though I have a friend who is disabled and in pain all the time she has a disabled permit and people often abuse her because she looks ok even though she isn’t. She gets shouted at and sworn at and it’s very distressing. You can’t always see what’s there

    • many people are the drivers not the disabled. Clive gets dirty looks when he’s driving me, then they see me hobbling out

    • Not all disabilities are visible …..could be a heart condition that brings on shortness of breath, severe arthritis, fibromyalgia (Both very painful) just to name a few……I have seen parking abuse all the time……yes I am disabled

    • People need to realise that the disability permit belongs to a person , not the car therefore any person in the car could be the recipient !

    • This has been happening as long as i can remember, and i used to be a “disability parking police” chasing folk up north if they parked in one. ..people like fit young mums etc worse are tradies and even shop owners. But i never said anything until i made sure that they were able bodied, then i would say something.
      I now have a disability sticker of my own and yes i have been abused for daring to park in a disability park, even before i get out of my car. Even had one oerson come to my Window. Because even though i have walking aids they think i have no right there.
      My understanding of the law is that the person who has been issued with the permit must be a passenger or driver of the vehicle the permit is displayed in. If the permit holder is not a passenger or driver of said vehicle then that permit can and will be withdrawn if caught. It is illegal for anyone else to use the permit unless permit holder is with them, this is part of the rules you are given so anyone conected with you knows the law but there are those who will use their loved ones oermit.
      Its wrong and yes makes my blood boil

  3. It’s about time security guards at shopping centres crack down on these people especially with xmas coming up.

  4. That is disgusting and where are the Police or Parking cops when you need them, they will quickly book us for over staying a parking meter by a few minutes

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    • Don’t know where you live Rosalind but here in Townsville Qld Police don’t seem to worry about shopping center parking too busy doing other things

  5. $1500 fine and 4 demerit points for first offence then $3000 fine and 5 demerit points for each subsequent offence. Something harsh needs to done to get people to show respect to others.

  6. It’s hard enough at anytime trying to find disabled parking because our local shopping Centre in their wisdom actually took some out and put in PARENTS WITH PRAMS which I thought these parents were quite capable of walking further than people with disabilities, however it is common to see trucks and work Utes parked in these spaces at times which are wider for people to open their doors completely so they can get in or out of their cars.

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    • it is legal for disabled to park in a pram spot but it is not legal for people with prams to park in a disabled spot

    • Thanks Libbi, I must look into that here in Victoria as I have never been told that and it’s not printed on my label.

    • My wife managed quite well Marlee without a pram spot and in those days many women caught buses and had to walk it from the bus stop

    • Marlee we had prams we put them in the boot in the back of the car !! These young women are fit enough and can walk and many of them are overwieght, a walk will do them good

    • Yes we have noticed that to. Not that I am againbst Parents with prams but they do not need to be close to the door.

    • The Prams parking at our local shopping centre is no wider than normal parking. However, they seem to think that parents with prams have more trouble walking into the centre than seniors, who, if there are a couple of spots made available, are further away.

    • This prams parking spot is nonsense , I can remember taking my babies on the train, I had to lift them out of the pram to get on the train, fold the pram up , then unfold it at the stop, somewhere managing to hold onto my 2 children and get out of the railway station to go shopping..kids today are soft and spolit

    • I would never park in a disabled spot but, if it suits me at the time I will park in a prams spot. If anyone challenges me my answer will be “oh dear – I thought it said “seniors”…..”

    • I have just called my local Council and they explained to me that the parents with PRAMS are only curtesy parking spots and that I am able to park in them, also if you have disabled parking the parking time limit is doubled.

    • Marlee I had three children and I never needed to swing my doors open completely however they are not as wide as disabled parking so you can’t swing the door open completely anyway, please call you Council as I have just done and you will learn a little more.

    • good Trish, I am in N.S.W and I know here disabled can park in them , I am so pleased you found out 🙂

    • Thanks again Libbi, they also explained to me that anyone can actually park in the Parents with PRAMS as they are only for curtesy and the parking inspectors don’t have authority here in Victoria to book you for it.

    • People who park acrross accross more than 2 spots are either stupid or thoughtless. Tis not only happening to disabled spots. What irritates me too is finding all car parks full for miles but dozens of handicapped spots lying empty at close proximity to the shops. Pram.parks i treat as normal car spots any as the majority are the same width as a normal car park anyway.

    • Gee Carmel, I don’t know where you live but there are not dozens of disabled parking in any of the shopping centers near where I live.

    • I understand that parents with prams may need a wider park for getting children into car seats. I do not see the necessity for those parks to be close to the shops. I have a disability sticker because of medical issues including issues with my feet and legs. I need a wider park to enter and exit my car. If the general public park in a disabled spot, it often means I have to park quite a distance from the shops so I have an chance that no one parks next to me. There are no laws in Victoria to enforce fining someone for parking ‘without a pram’ in parking with prams spots.

    • I park in the parents with prams when I have my grandchildren with me as most parks are too narrow to open the door wide enough to get the child out of the car seat, we didn’t need them years ago as there were no cars seats and I’m sure all parking spaces were wider.

    • There are family spots in the underground car park where i go. They dont seem to need a sticker or anything. It doesnt even clarify what denotes a family and they are right in the middle of disabled parking. I constantly see cars with no stickers in both.

    • Actually Annette it is just that most people drive SUV’S these days which are wider than what we use to drive years ago, I don’t know how old your children are but mine were born from 1970 and it was compulsory for them to be in car seats.

    • I suspect that the ”parents with prams” spot came about because young parents spend more money than disabled people.Good to read that anyone can park in those parents with pram spots though.

    • The local coles in my area converted a parents with prams spot into a disabled spot on the basis of my complaint.

  7. That is so wrong, he is fit and does not need one disabled spot let alone 2..good on the lady for putting it on facebook, these people should be named and shamed

  8. Get their number plates on film and the let the police know and they should be fined heavily with that type of proof. Name and shame is the only way this can be policed.

  9. Ihave seen a lot of people parking in disable zones its not right some age people have wheel chairs why dont the police charge them for it cant people read sign no parking

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    • The Centre has to call the City Council Parking Inspectors to issue parking fines. Generally they just don’t bother.

  10. There are way too many of these allocated parking spots empty while people drive around looking for a spot to park its ridiculous

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  11. I chatted a youngish lady this morning about parking in the disabled park, she said that she has a sticker and needs to park there, now she tells me she has a bad back and hips, well she can work all day in a dress shop, and wears high heel shoes, she told me that it had nothing to do with me, I suppose it has not , BUT, my husband has cancer, has has strokes and heart problems can hardly walk any way, (end of bitching) and it is the likes of these people that can get away with it

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    • Verna check her number plate and speack to the local police and let them check out her medical condition just maybe she could and will be find if she is telling a WHOPPER

    • I would gladly have someone check out my hubbys medical conditionb even though he is entiled to one he doesnt have one. but if he did i would be happy for them to check him out. Most would say wow. How lucky is he to still be here.

    • It doesn’t come into it. If the person has a legitimate disability parking permit, then he/she is entitled to use the space regardless of what others may thinl. Just because one can’t see a disability doesn’t mean the person doesn’t have one.

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