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If you’re a fan of bananas then we have some awfully sad news for you. The Australian Biosecurity Authorities have all but confirmed that Queensland bananas are about to be hard hit by the soil borne disease, Panama TR4.

This is the disease that is responsible for wiping out bananas in Northern Territory in the 1990s. As Cyclone Nathan lingers off the Queensland coastline bringing torrential rain, the disease that was located on one banana plantation near Tully is likely to spread through the soil as rain helps it to travel.

While this is awful news for anyone who loves bananas, it is even more serious for anyone who grows them. Several hundred growers met with authorities last night and were told that the disease is more likely elsewhere by now, it just hasn’t been found yet.

In 2011 and 2012, Queensland produced 93 per cent of Australia’s bananas. So even if you don’t think you’ll be affected, it’s very likely that the whole of Australia will feel the impact.

This sad news comes with a warning for everyone: get your bananas now before it’s too late! We hope that the disease can be quarantined and that we can save Australia’s bananas but we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

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  1. Boy you guys are really negative, as I’ve posted before,why do you have to be such scare mongers??

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    • Read the news. It’s happened!! And now with heavy rain the risk of it spreading is tenfold. Ignorance is not bliss.

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      • It’s not in our control, just have to eat a wider variety of other fruits, I guess.
        4mths ago, oh dear, I just got this link, never mind, I will understand as the bananas deteriorate or go of-shore.

  2. Now bananas will probably go up for no reason

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    • Yes. No reason. The farmer is contracted for a price for his produce and the multinationals pay that price no matter how scarce the product is. There is no profit for the farmer in these high prices. Unless a lucky farmer has his contract due to be renewed after the shortage occurs.

    • What I was trying to say is bananas may go up in price just because this may be a threat. ( nothing to do with the grower )I hope this disease does not eventuate and I will not buy imported bananas no mater how much I want one. I understand that this disease will wipe out the trees

  3. David Wilkes in Melbourne they were over $12 a kg as the cyclone was still gong through Qld. We were totally ripped off by the retailers, even the local fruit shops made a killing on bananas that they had in stock BEFORE the cyclone. It was disgusting. As for stocking up. That’s funny. They don’t last five minutes before they go off.

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  4. It is all a scam, they grow everywhere for goodness sake.

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  5. That have most likely got cold storage sheds full of chemically sprayed bananas everywhere so they can sell them to us at ridiculous prices anyway.

  6. Never buy anything at inflated prices, I’m not a princess I can choose what is affordable.

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    • Yes. If they are too expensive we go without for a time. Hopefully not long, long term!

  7. Many years ago “Bundy top” I think it was called destroyed banana crops in northern NSW and wiped farmers out. My grandfather was one of those farmers.

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