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Cadbury is one of the great Aussie brands – almost everyone in Australia has had an enjoyed a Cadbury chocolate at some point over their lives, but this time Cadbury has done something so sneaky and displeasing that chocolate lovers are getting outraged.

The iconic Freddo Frog has shrunk in size by 20% to just 12g.

Two years ago it was a 20g chocolate before downsizing to 15g last year and the latest cut this year.

The sad thing is that the price is still the same. The company has claimed it is due to rising costs and it’s parent company, Mondelez, had a spokesman say, “We’re making a change to the size of the product because of manufacturing cost increases that we can no longer absorb.”

It is natural that things get more expensive to make and therefore consumer prices also include, however after recent media attention for paying for what a lot of people consider unnecessary certification, is it right for Cadbury to do this now?

So tell us, are you still loyal despite the many cuts to value for money in their products? 

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  1. Same with Daryl lea Easter egg this year after the take over. What’s more they placed a piece of gold paper in front of the egg so you couldn’t see it was smaller

  2. OK. But I don’t need my chocolate halal certified anyway. Lindt all the way

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    • No, but we have very few Australian owned chocolate factories now and Cadbury is not ours either.

    • Lindt also uses halal certified ingredients. Just because the brand isn’t halal certified doesn’t mean that the ingredients they use aren’t.

    • There is still a Cadbury factory in Tasmania. Do you want to put those people out of work. Tasmania already has the highest unemployed in the country. Do you want to make it worse for them or are you from another state and don’t give a shit about anyone else.

    • I read Ruth post earlier and I think she said the sugar and cocoa.. scroll down and have a look..she may be eating dinner now

    • I read Ruth post earlier and I think she said the sugar and cocoa.. scroll down and have a look..she may be eating dinner now

    • This what she said in her post but she can correct me later when she gets back if I am wrong Sugar is supplied by CSR and cocoa by NESTLES. Both halal certified companie

    • No idea Jeanette … LOL seems like the joke is on Muslims? Try googling halal…I could not find any reference to chocolate…or coffee beans…

    • halal means it does not contain alcohol or pork, nor has it come in contact with these things

    • People we can cure this problem, by asking for these so called independent companies to be Christian Certified and they can pay our Government for the Licence and I bet you the Muslims will boycott those products. Then the government will be put on the spot to try and explain to the Muslims why they should not boycott the Christian product. SIMPLE. 🙂

  3. Combine the reduction in quantity with Halal and it’s goodbye to Cadburys from me.

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  4. This apparently is due to drop in sales. Which would be due to their halal certification. I will never buy it again for that reason.

  5. I don’t understand the whole halal certification problem, please explain?

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  6. Cadbury. One of the great Aussie brands? Cadbury is part of a USA company.

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    • Cadburys provides a lot of employment for hundreds of people in Victoria and Tasmania. DON’T FORGET THAT!

    • They are Halal Certified. People are paying more for less. They are going to see the effects of all those boycotting them soon. Serves them right.

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