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Last night Bill Shorten delivered his 2015 Budget speech in reply to the Budget shared by Joe Hockey just two nights prior. A well-read speech that was probably longer than Mr Hockey’s, it did a lot in revealing exactly what he perceived as “wrong” with the Liberal budget. But in doing this, he seemed to hide the strategic economic plan he was bringing to the table. So today we want to know, do you think Shorten delivered an alternative budget? And is it one you’d actually vote for?

The first 12 minutes at least were spent on explaining why the Liberal budget is bad. In fact, he actually said, “Yes Madam Speaker, it is a bad budget”. The speech was very well delivered and at some points, pulled at the heartstrings by referring to his mother who he called “one of the best” teachers when he explained their funding plans to education. He then had the very noisy gallery laughing as he declared that the ‘have a go’ budget “doesn’t even have a go at apologising for the last budget!”

The majority of his speech was spent on stating that this years’ Liberal budget was last years’ cosmetically disguised but in amongst the strong critiques the following spending measures were announced;

  • Write off the HECS debt of 100,000 science, technology and maths students
  • Boost the skills of 25,000 primary secondary teachers
  • Train 25,000 new teachers in this field
  • Create a $500 million Smart Investment Fund to fund Australian start up companies
  • Make digital technologies, computer science and computer coding compulsory across all schools as part of the curriculum
  • Spend $353 million on a jobs plan
  • Give small business a 5% tax cut bringing it down to 25%

These are all great measures and he gave his support to the Liberal Government for the small business tax breaks – however there was one very important thing missing… How is he going to fund all of this?

There was no mention of savings methods and in the lead up to the budget the only two discussed and shared publicly were cutting superannuation tax concessions and tightening legislation around multi-national companies avoiding tax.

His speech provided a lot of aspiration, positive and very beneficial measures but it didn’t seem to explain how they’ll be funded or at what cost these could be implemented.

It was an interesting budget reply. One filled with passion and commitment but as a country, we have to ask the question, is it a strong enough budget filled with strong enough economic policies to actually win our vote? Share your thoughts in the comments below…

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  1. Is he going to rewrite curriculum Govt has just spent millions on New National Curriculum and not all phases have been implemented and he already talking of introducing new courses Sounds to me he has not really thought this comment out and is grasping at strawsAlos what is the point of training more teachers when so many cannot find permanent jobs

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    • This Abbott Government undid Gonski believe me no one in the field of education is happy about it.. the gallery clapped and teachers will be cheering

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      • The Abbott Government did not undo Gonski, the former Rudd/Gillard/Rudd government talked about Education reform BUT DID NOT FUND THEIR PROMISES. Everyone would like government to fund their pet projects, but those same people don’t believe they should pay any extra tax. Those same people believe “Someone else” should pay extra tax. A search of the White pages failed to find either a Mr or Mrs Someone Else

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        • OH !
          Is that why Abbott managed to double the debt in less than two years’?
          I see some one else’s fault again.
          Alway’s got to blame some one Eh!
          It is easier than making a decision that they will actually act on ,
          So many back flips and changes in direction no wonder even their own party does no know what is going one.
          Take the hint if Tony shakes your hand make sure you have all your fingers afterwards.

    • The LNP didn’t undo Gonski. Labor introduced it towards the end of their term without funding it. There was simply no money available for it. Besides, it wasn’t universally accepted as a good idea.

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      • Dear me , I always thought that is what the budget is for, to finance Education.
        If as you say it was not funded then why did Abbott take millions out of education and health??
        The money was there until they did that.

    • The teachers are wanting these tests that have to be done to be gone do they can do better and more teaching on other subjects.

  2. He is in opposition it is very rare for oppositions to be really specific. The LNP is doing a pretty poor job of funding their promises, robbing one area to fund another. I will probably vote Labor but not for what they are doing but because of what the LNP is not. It would be great if there was a really credible other option than either of the major parties.

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    • I have voted Greens in the Senate but the area I live is a rural area and a pretty safe Liberal seat, so it is highly unlikely voting Greens in the lower house would achieve much. I never vote with either major party as my first pick in the Senate. I don’t want the senate ever again to be a rubber stamp to hair brained ideas formed in the lower house. I don’t think voting Greens is necessarily a vote for Labor, but the LNP is so environmentally irresponsible it is unlikely they would support the LNP with the LNPs track record so far.

    • Must be John Langborne, criminal of me to want good government. Just imagine if the LNP had control of the senate with their last budget. Personally I am very glad some good sense exists in the senate, mind you there are a few lose cannons, but some of those belong to the major parties.

    • If you are over 60 and have Superannuation, just remember Bill Shorten wants to raid superannuation accounts

  3. NO- he is short of an intelligent brain- that’s why his name is Short-in!.

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  4. Oh dear has he lost his brain? Never comes up with any decent policies.

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    • Doesn’t need to just yet, no election has been called. LNP didn’t release it’s policies until after they won the election hence last years failed budget

    • He has come up with ideas, policies come later, many ideas in last nights speech, investing in science technology taking us into the future not back to the 50s

    • Yes ideas that will only drive our debt higher.

    • Well it never ceases to amaze me that Labor voters don’t believe that Labor and more to the fact that Mr Rudd caused our country all this financial grief.

    • Patricia and Richard! Science technology or whatever, all needs money. We can all tell fairy stories like Bill Shorten. But of cause reality is a different ball game. He was too busy being full of his own importance to come down to earth. He still hasn’t told the most important thing of all! How is he going to fix the huge deficit, that his cronies left us? We all know Labor knows how to spend money! Besides the surplus left by Howard, and the huge debt they left us with. When is he going to tell us? I’d say until the twelfth of Never!

  5. I thought his speech was fantastic, I sat enthralled watching it, it is early days and an election is yet to be called but he is the first opposition leader to give away some of his policies so early in the term. Abbott never gave us any policies till right before the last election and then they were all lies

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    • The Liberals have more than doubled the debt if you watched that speech..Shorten made sure everyone knew.. the Greens gave them a blank cheque..they do not need approval from the Parliament to keep spending

    • Must be disappointing to SAS when mature age people have to resort to name calling on a site that is for the benefit of us all.

    • are these people over 60? I would be horrified if my young grandchildren were calling people names, let alone my adult children

    • I just wish either party would tell the truth & if they don’t agree with something have a viable solution instead of back-handing & laying blame on each other. I didn’t see any alternate solutions. Maybe he can come up with some. Liberals went way too savage last year with trying to fix the economy too quickly & only hurt those who can least afford it.
      I am so sick of both sides of the parties really as I don’t trust either one. They still have to stop sucking up to the big organisations and make sure all taxes are paid.

    • Thank you Leanne a voice of reason, it’s tough reading some of the comments so blind to the truth of our current gov.

    • Kay I can understand why but if the ALP has not learned from Abbotts broken promises, they will be booted out and deservedly so

    • The Liberals are not governing. We could have elected a 6 yr old because the senate has blocked any chance of this country going ahead with hard measures. It is a now a country of “what’s in it for me”. Just keep spending, she’ll be right mate!

    • Agreed Janet Farmer, unfortunately some take a leaf put of the LNP handbook, if you can’t succeed resort to name calling

    • The Senate is blocking because they lied to get into Government..they were not elected on cuts to Pensions!! As a matter of fact they said the dead opposite..there will be no changes to pensions!!

    • The senate is their thankfully to prevent the LNP from wrecking Oz, Julia Gillard negotiated successfully with the senate not trying to bully her way through like Abbott.

    • Yes I def missed my calling, was told in 1962 at a school career class I should be a politician cause I talked so much and prob about nothing.

    • Most fair-minded & knowledgeable people can see the “forest” past the “trees”! Once promises made during election time, and, broken when in office, is more than enough for me not to trust them! I don’t expect ALL promises to be kept, but, at least keep 1 or 2 of them. ALL candidates would have had the “economic/financial state of our country” in front of them prior to electioneering, & know the score!!

    • Unfortunately it is always the LNP supporters who resort to name calling and insults. To me that simply shows their low level of intelligence. They can’t come up with a reasonable discussion on the matter so they resort to nastiness and name calling and insults. If you are ever in Canberra on a parliament sitting day, go and listen to the abuse that gets thrown around by LNP ministers while labor ministers are thrown out of Parliament if they so much as pull a face that Bishop doesn’t like.

    • well said Ruth and it all childishness and pettiness, they don’t don’t have the intelligence to say anything else

    • Really some over 60s are no more wiser than under 60s! I can see very clearly from what side of politics Leanna is! I find your criticism of the LNP quite childish and very ill informed. Promises like stopping the boats, abolishing the carbon tax amongst others were promises kept. And the senate is obstructing not negotiating almost every measure .Liberal is trying to get our deficit lower! It was Labour that caused the huge debt by introducing unfunded policies NBN & NDIS and allowing public servants 2 PPL and the denying the private sector woman PPL. I find Labour absolutely hypocritical and selfish. They profess to care about low income families but cut their pension and university funding was cut under them and there was no outcry. I think you will find what I have said is fact. So maybe you should be fair minded and stop bagging LNP and research both sides of party philosophy .

  6. Typical from Shorten, all piss & wind! I don’t know how he can even show his face in public, he is one of the weakest men ever.

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    • It doesn’t matter whose in Government they are all only there to feather there own nests and to make sure they get all there perks when they retire, it’s what you call the Jack Club bugger you Jack I am okay.

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