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Yesterday swimming legend Dawn Fraser was in the news for comments she made about the behaviour of Nick Kyrgios at Wimbledon.

The comments were widely read as being racist, a term used by both Nick and his mother in reacting to Fraser’s comments on the Today show.

Later in the day she back-pedalled, telling Fairfax Media:

If you take (my comments) that way then I’m sorry that you take it that way, but I’m not racist at all. I said, ‘If they don’t want to be Australians then maybe they should go back to the country where their parents come from’. That’s not being racist.

That is what has become a modern version of an apology, not so being apologising for what she said, but rather saying essentially that ‘I’m sorry that you were offended’. Have you noticed this form of apology being used a lot lately?

However, Fraser has now made a more complete apology, still somewhat apologising for causing offence, but a more complete apology all the same:

I want to unreservedly apologise for any comments that I made this morning which may have caused offence to my fellow Australians including Nick and his family. The live to air clip was part of a larger un-broadcasted interview however this does not condone what was said.

Australians have a rich sporting heritage made up of individuals from a variety of different countries of origin.

My intended message, which was not delivered as articulately as it could have been, was on a purely sporting level rather than meant as an attack on Nick’s ethnicity. Nick’s representing Australia and I want to see him representing Australian tennis in the best possible light.

Australia’s Race Discrimination Commissioner Dr Tim Soutphommasane Dr Soutphommasane also addressed the matter in his address to the National Press Club on Tuesday. In saying that multiculturalism was good for Australia: “Contrary to what the likes of Dawn Fraser might say, most Australians do not tell migrants and their children to go back to where they came from.”

​He said of Fraser’s words, “They were intolerant and I would like to give her the benefit of the doubt. They do capture sentiments that are not acceptable in Australia’s contemporary multicultural society.”

Nick’s brother has said that Fraser’s apology means nothing… what do you think? Should the issue now be considered over?

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  1. Why should she apologise his behaviour was appalling

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    • His behaviour may have been apalling, but that does not excuse intolerant
      racial comments, which is what they were.

  2. if you said someone was having a cup of T……..somehow someone would make it into a racist remark…….

  3. His behaviour was appalling but what right does dawn Fraser have to go public with saying he should go back where his parents come from very unaustralian

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    • Dawn was asked to make a comment on 2 Australian Tennis Players shocking unAustralian behaviour at Wimbleton by Channel 9. They approached her not the other way around. They used her and media have since edited her comments as they often do to get a news headline. Anyway it doesn’t matter much as Kyrgios probably won’t even get fined for his spoilt brat behaviour and disrespect for the officials or tanking in his last match. Probably Tomic’s rudeness will get treated the same. Anyway it seems your SAS is just wanting to carry on the matter for your own ratings. It’s time to let it go. Two very rude unAustralians have got away with their spoilt brat behaviour and one respected Olympian has been made the fall person for simply pointing out that if these two don’t want to play for Australia, they have other options like playing for their parent’s place of birth. Jalana Dokic was another one who treated Australia with disdain when Australia Tennis stopped paying her heaps of cash. It’s about time these tennis players realized that they have a responsibility to give back after all they have had to get them to where they can complete on the world stage. They hand out rudeness and expect respect!!! You only get respect when you show respect and manners.

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      • Both Bernard and Nick’s behaviour has been atrocious. They are representing their country and should feel privileged and act accordingly – there is a time and place for everything and they have to learn this. Too much too young I think!!

      • We. Well written Irene, totally agree with your comments. Heard on talk back radio, that a lot of money goes into young players from tennis Aus, to get them to the level, that money would come from sponsors, ticket sales, so I feel these two arrogant disrespectful young sports……(I will use the word Atheletes) should put their racket where their mouth is , and use their angry energy, to entertain people. maybe they both should sit 5 sets in the umpire chair, to cool their heels , so to speak.

    • If you watched the news last night Deidre Lobb she apologised. What she meant to say was that if he didn’t want to play as an Australian play under the countries where his parents came from. It just came out wrong. She was not racist at all.

    • Yes – I totally agree! Every body pulls out this bloody racist card like it’s a new fad or in vogue or some god damned thing that says U’ve got the POX! He was being an ignorant arsehole!!

    • Since when has Australia not had freedom of speech…..Very un Australian!!!,lived in this country for 76 years never heard of this ridiculous new word until the last few years,if anything it is the Australian way to say what you think but they are trying to kill it off,it’s called Freedom of speech,they carry on like spoilt brats & Dawn called it….And why is it that Aussies are called Racist every time they open their mouths but reverse the situation & nothing is said that’s ok,Dawn is not racist neither am I but you do get over it…..Apologised for what!!!!!!

  4. I think she was right he tanked the game, I also think that while she could have phrased it better and left out the comments of his country of origin, that if people want to represent us and our country , then they should make sure they are well behaved, this footage goes right around the world. His behaviour is embarrassing

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  5. Dawn u dont have to apologise to a pig of a man like that at least u have guts to say it

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    • yes she does; her comments about his appalling behaviour were correct; her reference to his cultural background was not; it did however highlight her bigotry and why Australia is vying for the title of the most racist country on the planet.

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      • It is strange how people take the context of what people say in different ways – I took it that if he didn’t want to play for Australia he had the option to play for his parent’s countries – and as a much older Australian I am getting slightly sick of the “racist” word, it seems to be used as an excuse to pick on people of all nationalities.

    • Lyn,Penny& Julie I’m sorry u feel that way Nick’s behaviour wasn’t acceptable but nor was Dawn’s comment. If you feel the comment about going back to where his parents came from u should take Dawn’s advice and go back to the country of your forefathers. U won’t be happy in Australia because that attitude is out of step, that’s why she’s apologized

    • She was merely pointing out that if you your behavior is not up to Australia’s expected standard then perhaps you should not be entitled to call yourself an Australian. Especially if done whilst supposedly representing this country.

    • Trevor Salmon that was not what she said. “Go back to where you came from” is not the same as saying something is not acceptable. It’s a world away from it.

    • Margaret Byron, she actually said that if you can’t behave in a manner acceptable to Australia then perhaps you should go and represent the country your parents came from.

    • Penny, deep fown you know that racism is s sickness and you are judt as sick gor sgreeing with hrr comments

    • His bad tennis does not have anything with his ethnic background. Dawn has to learn to separate the two. She has once again reinforced the fact that there is still a lot of bigotry in Australia. Hope she doesn’t drink cappuccino or eat sushi or stir fry. All contributions from ethnics. I am angry. Have never been angry about these remarks before just laughed but this time I am angry.

    • The symptom witj racism , Penny, is that the people that have it can’t recognise it … sounds familiar … that is why they need

    • All this harping about racism. Whats racist about what Dawn said for God’s sake. If she said he was a spoilt Greek prick, well that would be different, but she said nothing of the kind. So leave Dawn alone, she only said what other people think and then apologised and then the same old handful of nitwits start sqwarking racism.

    • Neil only sick people like you would think this way… stoo defending thr indefensible

    • Dawn Frasers family came from Ireland so perhaps she is thinking of moving back there to live.

    • Penny do you know Kyrgios personally to call him a pig. You are a horrible person and you have no right. You have shown your true colours and who you are.

  6. Im with you on that Carol Young ……his behavior is of a spoiled child who couldnt get his own way ……needs to revisit his manners…im sure he was taught them….to big to fast to full of himself

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