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The horror of the reality the O’Keeffe family of Melbourne are living right now is unimaginable: their son Daniel left home without a trace almost 5 years ago, aged 24. He was never seen again, until this Monday, when his father Des made a grim discovery at the family home – he found the bones of his son while he was digging around the back of the property.

Since then, and really since the beginning of this sad mystery, the family’s story has been in the spotlight. Questions were raised about how the bones got to the place they were found, and how no one in the family realised.

While we mightn’t know that, what we do know is that the family are grieving the loss of a young man with so much promise, and whom had the world at his feet. They may never come to understand what happened, or if it was a terrible accident or on purpose.

But after days of questioning from the public i.e. “wouldn’t you have smelt it?” and “the father must have been involved somehow”, a family friend has used the Missing Person – Daniel James O’Keeffe page to make a statement and clarify the reports.

As a friend of the O’Keeffe family, I wanted to clarify a few facts around Dan’s disappearance.

The family home was built 20 years ago and the back half was dug out of a limestone hill. Dan was found in a tight space between a wall of the house and solid rock earth – a space that is very difficult to access. This area of the building is extremely cool, and would have been especially cold over the first few (winter) months after Dan disappeared.

The family is incredibly grateful for the messages of support received from the community. There are no words to adequately express the depth of their grief.

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  1. Perhaps this lovely lad decided he was unable to stay but wanted to always remain with his loving family. May the family now be given privacy and respect to mourn in private.

  2. You guys deserve as much love and understanding we as a society can give

  3. My grandfather was Daniel O’Keeffe could we somehow be related

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  4. seems the family is somehow involved in the death of that lad. rather strange that his body was hidden on their ground???

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    • Don’t be so cynical Walter. Don’t accuse when you like everyone else has no idea what actually did happen. The parents and family needs heaps of sympathy and support at this moment and not nasty comments. The police would have worked on this case with many parent interviews and been suspicious if there was anything untoward.

    • Walter, I am a family freind of the O, keefes and from the outside it could look like that but I, ll tel you right now there is no way that what your saying is true! They have done everything they could to find Dan when he went missing the police searched the grounds and found nothing.They have all put their lives on hold to try and find their son and they are devestated.

  5. God bless you Daniel, may you RIP. At least now your family can now have some closure, what a traumatic time for them, my thoughts and prayers are with you all

  6. My only wish is that people instead of playing the shame/blame game and making accusatory statements would instead have some empathy for the family….
    They are having to deal with the reality of the discovery of their sons body so close to home and having to read others ignorant opinions will create even more pain!!
    Please stop being amateur detectives and keep your hurtful opinions to yourself!!!

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