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The Daniel Morcombe case hit home for almost every Australian as when, on 7th December 2003, 13-year-old Daniel was abducted and murdered on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. It sent shockwaves across the nation – how could a young boy be taken in broad daylight?

In 2013, Brett Peter Cowan was convicted of the murder of Daniel but still, Daniel’s family’s lives would never be the same again. Denise and Bruce Morcombe have been fierce campaigners for child safety since their son went missing and today it has been revealed that they hope their story can save others – it is going to be made into a feature film.

According to the Sunshine Coast Daily, Bruce and Denise Morcombe have signed a feature film deal with Heritage Films and at their annual Dance for Daniel event – attended by Tony Abbott and MC’d by Andrew Denton – last night, Bruce said, “Denise and I feel we have reached a place where we can finally reveal our story in a different way.

We have found a production company and director we trust and with whom we have a great connection.

We believe in their hands the world will discover our story and the legacy of Daniel from the unique perspective of a feature film”.

Producer and Heritage Films founder Rod Hopping told the Sunshine Coast Daily that they are currently getting investors and are hoping the film will be an international success. He also said that a script is yet to be developed and a cast has not yet been decided, though filming is expected to take place next year.

Watch the teaser trailer for the movie below and tell us, will you see it?

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  1. Don’t forget me.

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    • No … Who could forget little William … How anyone could be so cruel as to snatch a child from ‘home’ …and… Is beyond me …

    • I don’t think any of us can forget the children that are taken. I will never forget 3 children disappearing in Adelaide when I was young. The Beaumont children will never be forgotten, just as William will not be forgotten. Time to make the perpetrator pay with their lives. So sick of people standing up for these criminals

    • Yes I keep saying that..about little William..Also a 9yr old lttle girl went missing few weeks ago in Melbourne never heard anymore…
      Only saw the father.Maybe the Mother took her away but dont know!!

  2. No, it was heart breaking enough seeing & reading all about it over the years, I think for me it would be very upsetting, but I admire the family & the way they never gave up their fight for justice for Daniel & the wonderful work they have done for other children & their safety.

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  3. No, I still get flash backs about murders, suicides and bad accidents I dealt with when I was young. I remember them all and wish Daniel’s family whatever it takes to get them through each day.

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  4. The Morcombes attend the funeral service for Mackay girl Marilyn Wallman. This funeral was so sad because even though this poor girl would have been 57 the funeral was all about an innocent 14 year old whose fav colour was yellow. So sad also. I would prob see a film based on a true story.

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