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As much as most motorists hate them, speed cameras are here to stay and can be a valuable tool in reducing the road toll. But do we need so many of the things, particularly the covert cameras?

It seems the motorist has found a friend in an unlikely quarter: the Queensland Police Union.

The QPU yesterday in a story on ABC News criticised a call by the auditor-general for wider use of covert, or hidden, speed camera.

This followed the tabling of a report by the auditor general recommending better use of unmarked cameras to reduce the number of severe road crashes. He said the police were not using them as much as they were allowed to, partly to avoid any suggestion of revenue raising.

However, the QPU told ABC News covert speed cameras which motorists don’t see do not change the way drivers behave.

“It’s not about playing games and being sneaky with members of the community,” they said.

“We don’t need covert cameras hidden behind trees and bridges and all other places to catch people out – we want to modify the driving behaviour at that time.”

ABC News says Queensland already has 100 mobile cameras, 41 fixed cameras, seven combined speed and red light cameras, 74 red-light-only cameras and one point-to-point camera system.

In the past seven years, Queensland Police issued 3.76 million infringement notices and collected a hefty $667 million in fines.

So, in addition to make us more safety conscious when it comes to speeding, it seems speed cameras raise a hefty amount of revenue for Queensland’s state coffers.

The NSW government has also come under fire for its increasing use of mobile speed camera, collecting $8.3m in just seven months up until January of this year, leading to a protest from the NRMA.

What do you think: Does receiving an infringement notice in the mail days after being pinged by a covert camera have the same deterrent value for you as a visible camera? Do we have enough speed cameras already, or is it a case of the more the merrier if they can help reduce the number of serious crashes?

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  1. We already have the technology to detect cars in different zones GPS and automatically slow that car at speed zone changes to slow traffic so eventually these cameras will no longer be required except for revenue raising

  2. Sorry but I don’t contribute to their slush fund, and I have all my points so I guess by observing the speed limit your saving all way round, I’m not saying I’m perfect just that when I see I’m going to fast I slow down and stick to the limit and it has worked for me.

  3. It is just revenuing. It still doesn’t stop people speeding. If they really want to stop speeding then why not have speed limiters on cars. They could do it with lasers. On highways they have lasers set up that connect in some way with receivers in vehicles that will automatically adjust and control motor vehicles keeping them within the speed limit by turning back the acceleration. This would be good in school zones and make it mandatory for all vehicles. That might help and also develop magnetic technology so that when vehicles get too close and accidents can occur then the opposite poles of magnets fitted into cars can push the other vehicle away from the point of impact. Then there would be no need for coppers on the road anyway and then the coppers could go and do the real policing which is needed elsewhere. It will come eventually. Magnetic Technology in all vehicles and lases to control the speed of cars passing though different speed zones. The have the technology to do that now so why not. It is obviously a revenuing exercise.!

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  4. The cameras don’t tend to be in high accident locations, which negates their (supposed intent). Basically revenue raisers…

  5. a sneaky trick if you want to slow traffic down put more police cars on the road

  6. When the cameras were first installed they were preceded by the blue and white chequered signs , when you saw those you slowed down, slower traffic but no revenue!

  7. A valuable deterrent but we dont like it. It is a necessity. Most people will keep speeding.

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    • It is not a necessity. Just a money making scheme. The Govt knows this and takes advantage of it and us.
      Like you just put it, most people will keep on speeding … a few kilometres above the limit. Human nature.

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