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The majority of us will change our lifestyle and living arrangements as we get older. But, many of us struggle to find the right option for ourselves. Do we want a lifestyle resort? A high-rise village? An apartment in a sprawling complex or a small townhouse with care available? Do we want two bedrooms or one? Perhaps even more?

Well, an Australian architectural firm has designed the most incredible apartments that can be architecturally adjusted to suit your needs! Rothelowman has been inspired by Japanese interior design to create apartments that can be completely converted to something different in just a few minutes.

Right now, they are being used as answers for low cost, high density living in Melbourne, but we think these apartments could serve the same purpose in providing cost effective retirement living. As some options are too expensive, this could be a way to enjoy a flexible, carefree and stylish home without paying a big price. It also means that we could turn our own private small spaces into open plan entertaining areas when we have the family come to visit!

Take a look at how the technology is being used for apartments here and tell us, would you consider a home like this for retirement?

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  1. I love this, and am closely following movements like the Tiny House movement. I would strongly suspect, however, that the set up of convertible space would still be beyond the budget of many of us.

  2. I just love the concept of being able to change the room from day to night and changing to suit when the children and grankids drop in. As l have become older ( lam 62 ) l realize that l dont need, nor do l use what l have , ie three bed, two bathroom , formal lounge living room large dining room, kitchen and so the list goes on. Seems such a waste. A unit built with this concept and a courtyard garden would do me fine. Plenty of room for two permanents. Cheers.

  3. Think I might like it.. IF I could have seen the full screen with out all the bloody adds that covered half (well maybe quater)of it.. AND I could not work out how to get rid of them.. Soon as I managed to deleted 1 another one took its place.. I HATE This!!!!

  4. Work will begin on my Granny Flat next week. I purchased a 4 bedroom 3 living area home for my daughter & family to rent from me. At the end of the house is a carport, perfect for my kitchen/lounge, bedroom, ensuite and walk in wardrobe.
    We get to have each others company without being in each other pockets…perfect solution….Btw I designed the flat myself.

  5. I converted a large garage into a two room flat. Have plenty of storage, lovely garden views, fresh air, lots of daylight. Still working hard though on not gathering clutter. Bathroom and kitchen perfect for one. Refugees living in the house. Just wonderful.

  6. Yes, very nice..BUT…the body-corporate fees will KILL you!! WAAAAAY too high in OZ!

  7. I think these apartments are terrific. Over the years I have noticed that Melbourne is far more progressive than Sydney in terms of architectural design. These are exactly the sort of properties that should be offered in the Sydney CBD and the new developments proposed in Parramatta. I think the idea could be extended to dual key properties that offer larger floorplans that would allow owners to reduce their floorspace over time by renting out the smaller area or by putting the ownership on two titles selling off one of the two properties. A sort of granny flat in the sky. We seem to be condemned to the unimaginative offerings of a few large developers.

  8. Love this, AND you’d HAVE TO DO THE WASHING UP before you went to bed after that big lunch!

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