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Julia Gillard has been recruited into an interesting new role, appearing alongside diplomatic heavyweights from around the world, including US president Barak Obama and former secretary of state, Madeleine Albright.

The former prime minster of Australia has popped up in a video for US presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, endorsing her for the top job and praising her achievements as secretary of state between 2009 and 2013.

Ms Gillard was presumably chosen for being the first female to run our country, with the hope that her support will convince Americans to let a woman run theirs.

In the video, she praises Ms Clinton’s determination to see women “take their places as political leaders”.

She says, “Hillary Clinton understood in her heart how important it was for girls to get an opportunity, but she also understood in her head that if we want to build peaceful, economically prosperous nations then we have to educate girls.

“She was determined to see that women take their places as economic partners in their community and take their places as political leaders in their community.”

Later in the video, Ms Gillard praises Ms Clinton for her diplomatic efforts in the Asia-Pacific region.

“It fell to Secretary Clinton to build and renew the relationship with Japan, with Australia, with South Korea,” Ms Gillard said.

“Through her engagement with so many leaders, but also the calibre of her intellect, she was a shaper of conversations and that’s going to be remembered for many, many long years to come as a diplomatic breakthrough for the US.”

Hillary Clinton is the frontrunner to become the Democrats candidate, the first step towards being the United States first ever female president.

Why do you think Julia Gillard was chosen for this role? Do you think her words will have an impact?


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  1. I guess she is relising her profile being out there and the fees she will reap from her appearances. At least from there not too many people would know how bad she was as Prime Minister of Australia. Wonder if she’ll be paying her taxation to the ATO from the money earned?

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    • She was certainly more intelligent than that clown we had who still think we live in the 50and had no ideas at all to make life a lot better for the people of Australia but he was only thinking for himself!!!!

    • Why wouldn’t she? She’s not Turnbull. Ok, I know that was a low blow, but what a stupid comment about paying tax.

    • It’s the topic of the week about people paying their taxes and that includes current and dumped Prime Ministers.

    • Well Labor seem to think it’s important to drag people down, it’s their envy politics and Ms Gillard is rich on Australian Taxpayers Money even though she got dumped again by Rudd to install Bill Shorten as Labor Opposition Leader.

    • Oh..piffle, Irene…don’t be such a spiteful person! Labor is certainly no worse than the other mob! And Julia has more integrity than Abbott, Hockey and Bishop in her little finger!

    • If you think so and your entitled to your opinion just as I am entitled to mine without the name calling. I like people who can debate, not name call other people for having a differing opinion.

  2. Karma! Julia deserves all good things..she always held herself together with grace and dignity through all the turbulent times. Suck it up Tony Abbott..your attitude to our first female Prime Minister was appalling. Can’t you all just wish her well?

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    • She started with “There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead”. And within three months after she was elected, we had a carbon tax. She shamed the Australian government and she will shame the American people.

    • You would have to ask Hilary Clinton. Obviously she considers she would be an asset to her campaign for President of the U.S.?

    • Leonie…in my view, Julia is an intelligent, gracious, and very strong women. Her famous feminist speech has impressed people around the world . She has integrity and shows compassion and an ability to get on with ordinary people of all types. She would be an asset to any cause I am sure. My question to you would be..WHY do you ask why?

    • Julia Gillard was not elected prime minister. She took the prime ministership from Kevin Rudd by a party vote and lost it by a vote again back to Kevin Rudd. He lost the election and prime ministership to Tony Abbott who ran as Opposition Leader and became Prime Minister. Just short of two yearsinto his term he was cut down by Malcolm Turnbull, who is doing excellently in the polls ahead of Bill Shorten, Labor Opposition Leader, who has tanked down really badly. .

    • Yes…and so..what has all that to do with Julia,s new role? I repeat, she did not take the Pm ship from Kevin..Caucus decides and votes. That is their right. We elect a PARTY not a leader?

    • Irene we do not elect the PM. We elect the politician standing in our electorate. The PM is elected by the party. Please educate yourself before making foolish statements.

    • Malcolm Turnbull wasn’t voted in as Prime Minister either but the knives are not out in the same way as they were for Julia. I think it is an inherent bitchiness that saw so many women knife Julia for just doing her best in a very, very tough male dominated workplace. Her choice of clothing, her body shape, the way she speaks, the colour of her hair were all major topics of criticism. It was and is not a level playing field and she copped it from a segment of the demographic that regardless of their political persuasion should not have engaged in such personal attacks.

  3. Thought Julia did a great job she just wasn’t given a fear go by her male colleagues.

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    • The daily life – Ruby Hamad makes the worrying observation that “when a does it, well it’s politics but when a women does it, it is unbecoming and sooner or later she will be punished”. I think labor got it wrong in getting rid of her because she just wasn’t given a chance.

    • No the Lodge was trashed instead not left fit for our Prime Minister, Tony Abbott and his family to live in during the last two years.

    • Irene Hough. The Lodge was trashed? The Lodge needed major renovations, but not from the fault of Julia Gillard. John Howard refused to live there. Preferred Kirribille House, which originally was bought for oversea dignitaries. Tony Abbott lived in the federal police barracks, necessitating expensive security there, while his wife and daughter lived in Kirribilli House with security there.

    • Irene Hough get your facts right for heaven’s sake there is pro Liberal and then there’s just plain stupid

    • Irene Hough is correct. I like wine too Julie Campbell but I would not help myself to what I have no entitlement. What has wine got to do with liking or disliking Tony Abbott?

    • Oh for heavens sake, who was the wine meant for if not the PM? You have no proof she drank it anyway. Libbi is right, you can become incredibly stupid when you blindly support a party without seeing any of their faults. And every one of them has faults!

    • Lyn Thomson. “I would not help myself to what I have no entitlement?” So why was Tony Abbott entitled to wine? Do you really believe when they start dancing on tabletops, and smashing them, it’s an alcohol free party?

    • I guess it was ok for Abbott to hold his reunion party at Kirribilli House, and for us to pay for it. And for the cleaning. Technically he wasn’t even PM then either

    • Libby and Sue name calling is unbecoming of ladies and for your information I never said that Julia Gillard drank the wine. She could be a tea totaller for all I know. It was that male friend that she had at the Lodge who used to invite his friends over and they got stuck into the wine cellar and drank some of the most expensive exclusive wines stored there. You know the guy, the one who used her Commonwealth car for his own business. Would be interestting if Hilary Clinton and Julia Gillard are now using John McTiernan (Mr 457 Visa Man as there was no one in Australia capable of doing the job as Publicity Manager in her PM’s office) as their Publicity Manager. For your information Malcolm Turnbull knew about the reunion that Tony Abbott had planned at Kirribilli House,which was his home when the function was planned. before he won the Prime Ministership and approved of it going ahead.

    • Irene Hough. I think the “male friend” you refer to is Mr. Tim Mathison, her partner. As her partner I think he would have the same rights as Mrs. Howard, Mrs. Whitlam, Mrs. Fraser, Mrs. Hawke, or countless other wives or partners of P.M.s I am sure Malcolm Turnbull would have known about the Riverview reunion, I do not think anyone suggested otherwise.

  4. Well, although she changed the course of history in Oz, albeit not for the best, I believe she will be able to do the same on a global scale – god help us!

    23 REPLY
  5. She was and still is the worst PM ever

    10 REPLY
    • are entitled to your obviously right wing and possibly sexist opinion,Barry but I and many others do NOT agree with you. She doesn’t come even slightly close to being the disaster that was Abbott!

    • Yes she does. Between the three of them, Rudd, Gillard, Abbott, they were without doubt the worst we’ve ever had. Id place them a tie for first.

    • haha no that was Abbott, but nice try, incidently both Rudd and Gillard had longer terms as PM than Abbott did

    • As opposed to all these broken promises Jane Whitfield..all Abbott did was lie worst PM this country has every had

    • David James anyone Labor could be wearing jack boots and you’d say theyre alright. JG and KR were equally as bad as TB, regardless of your bias.

    • Barry Baxter. “worst P.M. ever?” You obviously were not around in the reign of Bill McMahon. He and Tony Abbott about a tie.

    • Gillard is intelligent and was an excellent PM. She performed with grace and dignity under the most appalling sexist attacks from Abbott and the LNP. I cannot understand why anyone supported the dreadful behaviour of Abbott and his cohort.

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