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If Bronwyn Bishop thought offering to foot the bill for the helicopter flight that taxpayers cost more than $5000 would be the end of the story, she has another thing coming.

The Labor leader of opposition business, Tony Burke has said Mrs Bishop may have actually broken the law and would therefore have to be evicted from the speaker’s seat.

Mr Burke has called for the release of a document Mrs Bishop should have signed before chartering the flight from Melbourne to Geelong last November.

This standard government form says “office holders may use charter transport (including aircraft, helicopters and other vehicles) for their personal transport in connection with their office holder duties”.

Labor says attending a Liberal party fundraiser does not equate to “office holder duties”.

If Mrs Bishop signed the form, she certified that she “travelled on the charter and it was provided for official purposes”. She also agrees to understanding the statement that “knowingly giving false or misleading information is a serious offence under the Criminal Code Act 1995” .

Mr Burke said on Channel Seven’s sunrise program this morning that Mrs Bishop should release the form, if it was signed.

“The normal form would say this was official business and would also say that there are serious criminal penalties if this is put in error,” Burke told Channel Seven’s Sunrise program.

“Now, if she signs it off in the normal form and it is, you know, a Liberal party fundraiser that she’s gone to, then that’s the end of the matter, she can’t stay as Speaker, absolutely no way.

“People make honest mistakes and we all know people can make honest mistakes but you don’t accidentally get on to a helicopter and turn up at a Liberal party fundraiser, so we need to find out and the government needs to release this document for us to work out exactly what it is that Bronwyn Bishop has claimed she has done.”

 Do you think this could see Bronwyn Bishop lose her her position as Speaker? 

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  1. Let he without sin cast the first stone, this doesn’t mean I support Bishop,i believe all of them are the same

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    • Agree Norman – but rather than ignore it because they all have their snout in the trough, we should be pushing for all of them to be held accountable.

  2. Here here, until they all stop this ripping off the tax payer, why should we be expected to cut costs. They need to show an example, if the debt is as bad as we are told.

  3. Of course they are all the same – the unlucky ones get caught out. This trip was to a Liberal party fundraiser – nothing at all to do with running the country. There is no excuse for this at all. You can’t tell pensioners the age of entitlement is over, and then do things like this!

  4. There may well be others who have also “bent the rules” on expenses. That does not excuse Bishop for being so arrogant and “entitled” that she used OUR money for essentially personal business. As Speaker she has been quick to castigate others (funnily mainly opposition members) for their behaviour in parliament. She should go!

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    • Please keep it in mind that this is not Bronwyn Bishops first time in Government and how much else has she rorted and got away with over the years? she should be sacked

    • And what about her private party room parties in her chambers that she books up to government expenses……

    • The president has been set when Peter Slipper claimed he he was experiencing a lot of stress because of the misuse of taxpayers money to attend winery’s around Canberra , HE WAS EXCUSED .
      Just as Mark Dreyfus was allowed to repay his $500 dollar misuse of taxpayers many .
      Craig Thompson enjoyed the full support of the Labor Party because without him they would not have had the numbers to retain office , we will never know how much taxpayer money he used. as for the claim she had private part room parties that is bull shit but you can rest assured that the visits by Craig Thompson to brothels and his miss use of the unions credit cards were not .

    • You lot were awfully quite about this one, Between July 2011 and mid-2013, Labor Senator Polley racked up a bill of $23,000 on return flights from Launceston to Hobart.Is she going to repay this??Probably Not.

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      • Launceston to Hobart is significantly different to Melbourne to Geelong.

        The Senitor would also have to have got pre-approval. Because of her position as Speaker, Bronwyn didn’t have to get that approval and has it seems abused her level of authority.

    • We didn’t hear about it John, we did hear about Whiney’s $30,000 overseas family holiday though. This is why we need a federal ICAC, I don’t care which party a person is from, if they are rorting they need to be stopped

    • John, the trips from Launceston to Hobart have already been canvassed, on Sky News no less, and been deemed to have been official business. Not a Labor party fundraiser. So stay relevant.

    • My position is quite clear. There should be clear rules and procedures and anyone who breaches those rules should be punished. That others have also interpreted the rules rather loosely does not excuse Bishop. She should go.

    • Rubbish, the fact there are no clear rules, as you say, although I believe there are, it’s a point of interpretation that’s at issue. All claims should be reviewed by a suitable agent of the government. That maybe how this came to light we don’t know.

    • Who would want to be a politician when you have to work so very hard and be continually critisized ….travel is a long and tiring part of their job for goodness sake, they need to get around quickly and we should pay for it if it part of there job and I believe as she has a high position in Goverment travelling to work with her peers at a fund raisers should come under that banner.

    • Really Beverley Sheean : surely you jest. No one, but no one makes any person stand for Parliament. SHE wanted to be a politician. No one made her do it. She HAS to be held accountable. Fund raising for her political party is NOT anything to do with Government. She cheated. Simple.

    • Long hours Beverley Sheean? You’re kidding, right? They work 6 months of the year, if you’ve ever watched QT you’d know half of them don’t bother to turn up, our idiot pm spends half his time in parliament asleep, not from hard work but because he was drinking the night before. During the 6 months parliament isn’t sitting they’re like an extinct species, you never see them out and about in their electorates. For this we pay them obscene amounts of money, then they rort the system!! They have a sense of entitlement that apparently us ordinary plebs are not allowed to have, in fact we’re not even allowed to expect help when we need it, even though the help we get is a drop in the ocean compared to these arseholes. A small enough drop in the ocean that it’s less a fortnight than Hockey claims in one day for travel and meal allowance. Give me a break Beverley, they’re no better than us, they just think they are

  5. did Bill Shorten,Mark Dreyfus, Senator Polley,Peter Slipper, Nick Sherry or Craig Thompson NO they are enjoyed Labors full support. the only dif. here is if you are a Liberal you can go for as little as a bottle of Wine , where as the Labor Party noes no bounds .

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    • So she should go? Yes! And others with their snouts in the trough should also go. I don’t care what side of politics they are on.

    • as your face book page shows you are a Green supporter would that mean Sarah Hanson – your who is at present wasting taxpayers money on a overseas trip be forced to leave as well ?

    • Phillip Motbey, you do draw a long bow mate from what you can see on my facebook page. I stand by what I said. Any snouts in the trough should go. Perhaps the standards/rules should be reviewed and tightened up first.

    • I agree, I don’t care what side or where they come from. If they have misused our money, “they are the weakest link………So goodbye”!

    • Phillip, your demands will almost certainly wipe out most of the ALP/Greens’ seats in Parliament! Of course some libs abusing the privileges, like Bronwyn, would also have to go. Still you will end up with very few ALP/Green railway comrades of yours being there.

    • So, Phillip, because you say that Labor supported Labor figures (except Slipper who was actually a Lib) are you expecting the Libs to throw Bishop under the bus to retain the moral high ground?

    • Why is it that any LNP apologist knows no other way to define themselves or their actions without reference to Labor. After nearly 2 years in government, to still need to define yourselves by reference to Labor is pretty appalling.

    • another staunch Labor Green supporter it is not a matter of referencing my self to Labor because I know we are better then that , maybe it might be a case of getting a bit close to the truth Chris

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