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For the past few weeks, tensions between consumers and humble brands have bubbled over, with the past few days reaching breaking point. Cadbury is the latest target in a long line of products being ditched by Australians. No, not because they’re on a health kick, but because some in our society are concerned about the Halal certification on the label.

Yesterday the Cadbury Dairy Milk Facebook page was inundated by angry commenters who slammed the chocolate company for their Halal contribution.

Here are what the consumers are saying, in defensive of their refusal to buy any more Cadbury products:

  • “Dear Cadbury Dairy Milk, this is my chocolate purchase for the fortnight, traditionally it would ALL be Cadbury, as it has been for many MANY years. But due to Cadbury being Halal Certified, Lindt will have my business from here on in”
  • “It’s not racist, no Religion / Ideology is a race”
  • “It’s about having things forced upon us, against our will. I want to be informed about what I buy. I don’t want to support ANY Religion / Ideology, as I don’t believe in it”
  • “Cadbury off my shopping list now too!”
  • “I trusted you and now you betrayed me”

Others were appalled by what was said and failed to see the connection between Halal certification and how that affects their chocolate buying decisions:

  • “Chocolate is chocolate! So stupid how people make such a big deal over things like this. Some adults are worse than children!”
  • “Boycotting vegetables as well. Can’t stand those pesky vegans forcing me to eat stuff that’s got no meat in it just cos they don’t eat meat. It’s an outrage”

Other Aussie brands were attacked last week, including Four’N Twenty, Anzac biscuits and Vegemite. There is also a Facebook page called ‘Boycott Halal in Australia’ with over 20,000 followers who do not want to fund Islamic expansion and terrorism, which is what they’re claiming Australian brands are doing.

Is this overkill and unnecessary? Or should we be boycotting these brands? Which side are you on?

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  1. I agree, why do they have to have certification, no other religion asks company’s to pay for this so why should they. If they are 1% of the population of Australia it sounds rather strange that all these companies pay so they will buy their products.

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    • They have the certification because contrary to popular belief, Cadbury is NOT an Australian brand, nor has it ever been an Australian brand. While the percentage of people in Australia who identify as a Muslim is 2.09% as a global brand Cadbury has to look at the OVERALL population. The Muslim community make up 5.02% of people in the UK (Where Cadbury is actually from.) Now, with a general population of 64.1 million people living in the UK, you can see how 5.02% of 64.1mil is a significantly larger number of people compared to our 2.09% of 23.3 million people.

  2. This is ridiculous – for years the same products have had Kosher certification which is basically for the same thing. It does not make any difference to the quality of the product. I really think that people do not understand what is involved and are just expressing their dislike of Muslims in the community in a way that they would never say up front.

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    • I object to Australian companies PAYING to have the halal certification. I am paying more for my chocolate so Muslims can have their little mark on it. The other thing is – who ends up with the money Cadbury and others pay to Muslims? I guess its used to spread their religion.

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      • Cadbury is not and has never been an Australian company but sure continue spewing out your vitriolic ignorance.

    • Kosher food has always been sold in supermarket in a specific section clearly marked kosher and the Kosher killing of the animal is different to Halal in Halal they do not cut the spinal cord so the animal is in severe pain for minutes before the blood is drained, with Kosher the spinal cord must be cut to effectively cause no pain to the animal and it dies quickly, and it must be done with one clean swipe of the blade not the sawing action I have seen in Halal killing

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      • I think you better search again. (Keep in mind I am not favouring anything here) From the experience I had in one of the slaughter house I use to work when I was broke 🙁 According to Halal way or Sharia way one has to cut the large arteries/veins which carry blood to the brain (and these veins are infront before the backbone – which is a amazing fact) and as soon as blood stops going to the brain it (brain) dies instantly so no pain is felt by an animal.

        Its better if you checkout this videos below (Its in three parts).

        Part one:

        Part Two:

        Part Three:

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