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Consumer confidence is officially up, but do you share the positive sentiment about the economy?

The official yardstick of how we’re doing – the NZ-Roy Morgan Australian Consumer Confidence  – climbed to 115.6 this week.

This reverses the falls in the previous two weeks and is the second highest reading in over a year.

The appointment of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is being credited as the major reason for the 15-week high.

However, the lift in confidence has coincided with a rise in equity markets and a stronger Australian dollar, suggesting confidence is also partially tied to financial market sentiment.

Sky News reports some experts believe the business conditions index is a more accurate gauge of how the economy is doing. If this is the case, the economy is not doing too badly in that respect either; the NAB’s business conditions index was steady at an elevated level of nine points in September.

The next big test of our economy will be how in performs when the dust settles on the change in prime ministership and whether the policies our new prime minister adopts can drive us forwards.. Experts say a bounce in consumer sentiment is common when leadership changes but the impact is usually short lived.

The Macquarie Bank has also just weighed in yesterday with some negative comments about the property market, warning house prices might head downhill in some areas from March 2016.

Are you feeling more confident about the economy? Does this survey reflect your views or do you have any concerns? Are you spending your money or saving for a rainy day?


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  1. Not were I Live Glencoe mine’s massive job cuts and more to come

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    • I live in Newcastle, we have the highest unemployment in the state of N.S.W, we lost a lot of Industry including BHP and Sulphide, the main work now is at the mines and like Glencoe they are laying off, I wish you all the best. Honestly I don’t know what the answer is and you will find there is a flow on effect, small industry around the mines will close too

  2. I was watching the new Minister for Social Security last night on Fox and he was going on about was how much the Pension and particularly the disability pension was that space I think they have more planned in the area of pensions

    22 REPLY
    • Funny, I was watching the news last night and I’m really ticked off about how much pollies spend on food and alcohol. Why can’t they buy their own food?

    • I agree and why such lavish meals with top quality wines, why not a pub counter lunch and an inhouse wine or what ever they drink

    • I want to know exactly how the system works. They all get TA, which I thought should cover meals, accomodation etc. They all have credit cards, is that deducted from their TA or is that extra. Then they can sign for travel costs, is that extra too? Considering there are hundreds of the rorting mongrels, this must be costing us a fortune. They need to go back to getting a wage and paying for everything a normal worker pays for. Entertaining OS guests is different, but entertaining work colleagues is their choice

    • Abbott left the taxpayer with a food bill of nearly $80k for a few days he spent up in remote Aboriginal communities..fair dinkum what were they eating to cost that much..imported lobster from Mars ?

    • LOL David, their palate’s have become accustomed to more than a sanger at Bunnings.

    • It’s really starting to get up my nose. What they spend in a week would probably pay for 10 pensions for a year.

    • They are aware many are living in poverty Rosalind Battles , they don’t care, they will just take more off them

    • Sue Todd We eat the Bunnings BBQ Sausage sanger brekky at least once a week.Cheap breakfast and the funds go to whatever club is running it that day.

    • I’m rarely in town over the weekends, but when I am I always get a Bunnings sausage. Onions, yum, lol

    • I was surprised to see the Mason’s running the one at Shepparton recently. I thought they were a ‘secret’ society

    • My last tax return failed to show exactly where the pollies perks fitted in. Were the costs included in ‘welfare costs’, or were they in the ‘others’ section? It’s something I’d like to know

    • It great to talk about how much pensions are costing. What about the cost of the retired politicians ‘super’ that is funded by taxpayers? Take it out on pensioners, and keep their un-earned wealth in check? Mongrels. Vote them all out and start again with real people who know what it’s like to work in real jobs.

    • Mandatory for each & every pollie to spend a minimum of 6 months of each term of office on aged or disability pension. Show us how it’s done.

    • It’s not just the super Barbara Duggan, it’s their pension too. What other employer, apart from us taxpayers, gives their employees 75% of their wage when they retire? Why do they get that, and why aren’t any of their entitlements stopped when they get another job?

    • Mandatory for each and every pollie to wear an electric dog collar. One that delivers a shock every time a lie is told. It won’t help us or the economy one bit but it will give us something to look at while they waffle on.

  3. We have told for 2 years how bad things are. I can’t see anything much that has changed except for the PM , we still have 800k unemployed and they are still making cuts

  4. I thought we had a problem with spending to the point we are told that we should be selling our houses to boost the economy. We do have a spending problem our money is all going on higher electricity, gas ,rates ,food and insurances just the survival stuff what little is left is under my bed.

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  5. My son is still with the Australian firm he started with 20 years ago. I think their head office is in Perth – and all the workers have been TOLD they are forthwith having a $300 per month pay cut. One couple who work there are therefore down by $600 per month. That is more than $86,000 spending dollars ripped out of our city of approx 60,000. Since Japan Post have bought out Toll – lots of staff cuts there. Toll doesn’t allow “couples” to both work for them so fortunately a year ago son-in-law saw another job advertised and got that. At least they won’t both be out of work. She can see the writing on the wall and has been looking around for a few months. Friends in the repair business have sales/service down 40%. They were hoping to sell and retire – they couldn’t give it away now. All over Qld our friends and their offspring are doing it tough. You can tell driving around towns all over that the number of cars with For Sale signs is overwhelming. Turnbull is just as big a Liar as Abbott – he just tells lies with more class.

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    • It seems the Business Council has been busy instructing business owners. Other firms in my city are also doing the above. Standard Liberal Party attitude. If you insignificant worms don’t like it – leave. Mind you, the multi million CEO’s are still getting rises.

    • coles have redusced their workers hours is Casino by putting in self service machines. I think unemployment is only going to get bigger plus the extra 20000 refugees coming into the country.

    • Yes that kine of cars for sale lining the side of tge road is a feature of life alk over Australia and has increased markedly in the last two years.

  6. Life wasn’t meant to be easy and we will have to tighten our belts. Wasn’t that the quotes mouthed by politicians. I don’t believe any of them and I trust them even less. Ever since Joh Bjelke and Paul Keating got together they have sold us out. Maybe we do need Pauline Hanson and some Baby Boomers in there to run this country.

    2 REPLY
    • Interesting i recall no marriage between paul keating and joe belke peterson just what did i miss out on.??????

    • Joan they were the ones who wanted to sell and buy telstra or rather telecom. They only wanted the eastern seaboard and not the far west. Farwest was run at a loss. I can’t remember the proper names so this is an example as to who was in it. Dubbo pastoral co. Owned by Packer. Kingaroy pastoral co owned by Joh Bjelke. Wagga piggery owned by Keating. The list went on and on but mostly owned by Keating Packer Murdock Bjelke and others of that ilke. Bjelke sold land to the Japs at Yeppoon so they could build a resort there.

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