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Clive Palmer’s political career looks to have come to an end after he ruled out a bit for the Senate at the July 2 election.

The outgoing member for Fairfax and the leader of the Palmer United Party said in a statement that he had not sought the party’s endorsement to stand for the Senate, and he also ruled out standing again in the lower house seat as polls showed he would likely lose.

“There are some excellent people who have nominated to be endorsed to stand for the Palmer United Party in the Senate in Queensland and I am confident the party will continue to play a significant role in Australian political life,” Palmer said in a statement.

He went on to say “Only Palmer United can keep the bastards honest” referring to the Coalition and Labor governments.

The 62-year-old MP described the Federal election campaign as “the most boring and lacking in economic policy in Australia’s history”.

His decision not to run for the Senate and his withdrawal from the lower house comes after much criticism of his handling of his Queensland Nickel refinery collapse and more than 200 job losses.

Palmer also took the opportunity to say MPs and Senators should be stripped of taxpayer funding entitlements after leaving politics.

What do you think about Clive Palmer leaving politics? Do you agree that MP and Senator entitlements should stop when a politician leaves parliament?

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  1. Hooray and Hallelujah, Clive Palmer is leaving politics…I reckon he went into politics to improve his business circumstances and not as he says ‘To keep the Bastards honest’. Can’t believe he hasn’t been jailed already given the circumstances surrounding the demise of Queensland Nickel.

  2. Palmer also took the opportunity to say MPs and Senators should be stripped of taxpayer funding entitlements after leaving politics……lets see if he keeps to his words. I doubt it. Glad to see him gone

  3. Now all that’s needed is for the “footballer” and the nonsense person from The Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party who has done nothing but sit on his Senators payments and nothing else to be removed. Where have we gone wrong????

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    • I must take issue with you Terry, Ricky Muir has been a good senator. When he realised he knew very little about politics, he set out and learnt a lot. He spoke to his supporters, he listen to many, many different people to understand their needs, he voted for the good of the country not just for his good. He understood that the Senate is a house of review and a states representative house. He did not just sit on his senators pay, he worked and listened and consulted.
      I did not vote for Ricky Muir, I have no interest in his party but he did a great deal to educate himself and care for his supporters.
      We have not gone wrong, the senate is working as it should and so are the electors.

  4. Our system is not quite as screwed up as the American one, but it’s pretty pathetic that this dubious person could actually stand for office again. However, fortunately even he realises that he can’t expect to be voted in again, but I wonder if his party will get in? I would say they are on shaky ground.

  5. It”s time for Clive Palmer to face the consequences of his actions and be sent to jail. He’s hurt far too many people. People with little money even business owners would have been in jail by now.

  6. Bye, bye palmer, & good riddance!

    Will be so pleased not to have to see him on tv for any reason, except taking a ‘walk of shame’.
    Hopefully, what ‘goes around’, ‘comes around’ for him in the biggest way possible!

    Karma’s a b@&$-!

  7. Goodbye Clive Palmer! The midas who turns gold into tar.

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