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Clive Palmer today has issued an apology. But only to parts of the country, and only for the behaviour of former members of his party.

In his letter to Men and Women of Tasmania, and of Queensland, Palmer has apologised for each of the Senators elected under the Palmer United Party banner, Jaqui Lambie and Glenn Lazarus.

Both have left the Palmer United Party, and have formed their own political party – namely the Jaqui Lambie Network, and the Glenn Lazarus Team. Both have also been embroiled in controversy of late. Lambie released an extremely odd video criticising Barnaby Joyce, while Lazarus used some questionable language and made bodily threats against Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

Here’s the content of Palmer’s letter to Tasmanians:

I feel it is important to write to you and set out the successes Palmer United have achieved in the Federal Parliament since the 2013 election.

I also want to apologise to all voters in Tasmania for the fact that our Tasmania senator, elected only because of Palmer United votes, has let you down by withdrawing from the political battlefield when it got too hot for her.

She let you and all Tasmania down by resigning from the party to pursue her own interests. We are all sick of politicians saying one thing before an election and acting differently afterwards.

Unfortunately, at no time while she was a member of the Palmer United Party did she have any practical proposal on the table that she wanted to implement for Tasmania.

We had planned as a team to use our balance of power in the Senate to bring about real change for Tasmania, but Jacqui Lambie put an end to that and betrayed all those who voted for our party.

I am sorry she let you all down and proved to be an unreliable, untrustworthy person. Please review our list of achievements on the back of this letter. It is self-evident how Palmer United has made a real difference.

We are presently preselecting a great team of Tasmanians to stand for Palmer United at the next federal election and I trust our record will encourage you to vote for Palmer United when that time comes.

All the best,

Clive Palmer

Queenslanders received much the same, with his Lazarus complaint paragraph spliced in:

We are all sick of politicians saying one thing before an election and acting differently afterwards. Unfortunately, following the dismissal of his wife as a Palmer United employee, she directed him to resign from the party and stop an opportunity to achieve great things for our state.

It’s noteworthy that while in both versions there appears the line that the letter will “set out the successes Palmer United have achieved”, no such success is covered. Has there been no success? Is it essentially a typo? Or is this one of those occasions when a politician says something without meaning to be called on it?

What do you think… is this petty squabbling about something best Palmer should move on from? Or is this a warning shot to new Palmer United candidates in future elections? Has this bickering and ‘betrayal’ made you less likely to vote for a smaller political party in the next election?

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  1. All I can say is both Lambie and Lazarus should have lost their seats as people voted for PUP not independents They are both tossers and I wouldn’t waste my time with them. Sooner they disappear from the public eye the better.

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  2. To those who voted for Palmer and his PUPs (as they then were) as a protest and to teach the ALP and/or Coalition a lesson, I say this sort of crap is what you end up with. I’d be very happy to see the back of Palmer and the ex PUPs.

  3. Palmer will not apologise for nothing, Lambie and all the other pups are in the same boat. Bill Shorten, Tanya Plebersek, Sarah Hanson-Young, Julliar Gillard, ABC and the ALP want to break Australia’s border security by insisting that the world be notified that it is possible that boat smugglers who bring potential terrorist to our country will be paid for their attempts. The ALP government paid for these dangerous refugees and unchecked children 1,200 and kept them in detention. Gillian Triggs did nothing to help them. She has to resign or sacked from her position. The head of the ABC must roll. ABC and SBS is paid $3,500,000,000.00 P/year to put scum programmes to Australia.

    7 REPLY
    • Lot pent up emotion there Neil,You can always watch another channel if u don’t like the ABC, The first to lose their job should be Madam Speaker the most biased person, and she is being paid by the tax Payers, and Mr Abbott ordered a media blackout on the refugees , so do we really know all, i don’t think so

    • What has your rant got to do with C Palmer ? B Bishop ,as you have mentioned her, runs rings round that shrill shrew Burke. At least B B doesn’t sink to Burkes level of screaming. Burke had one ambition ,to put as many Libs “out” as possible, MAYBE if they learned to ask a question properly it wouldn’t happen, Trouble is most of them have only been in Govt, have no idea how to act in opposition . ALL the decent Ministers retired , saw the writing on the wall.

    • Neil has a very good point, the rest of you unfortunately dont seem to have a brain between you ……….

    • Oh dear Neil, what are you on, I’d sure love a snort. You seriously believe all the Abbott scare tactics? Don’t worry, just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they won’t come for you first. Better go and hide under your bed and only come out when Tony tells you it’s OK to come out and vote for him.

  4. The letter we received I initially threw it in the bin. Had another look and a WHOLE page of achievements were listed on the back of the page. Then I put it back where it belongs – in the bin!

  5. It happened to the one Nation Party. The party won 11 seats and then there was a mass defection.

  6. It’s not as if people only leave the Palmer United Party. Every single party has people coming and going during their tenure.

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