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Clive Palmer has controversially stormed out on another TV host, this time on ABC Lateline last night in an interview with Emma Alberici.  And in a week of rash controversy for the Palmer United Party this feeds the fuel of public discussion in a way that raises so many questions.  I have to ask today… why shouldn’t a member of our Parliament have to stand up to the same public scrutiny as any other public board member?  And why do we let him get away with walking out on the public scrutiny of his misappropriation allegations.

Mr Palmer, in a very public role, is, as you can see below, being questioned over the alleged misappropriation of $12M in funds in a case that is before the Brisbane Supreme Court again next week.  The interview, prior to this point has taken him through the difficult are of discussing his Senator, Jacqui Lambie who has this week been demoted, seeing him blame her for “not turning up to party meetings”; and then the question of misappropriation, dishonesty and fraud are raised.

He is growing rather famous for his “walking out”, when he doesn’t like the topic being asked, most particularly each time he is asked about the charges against him.

It is not the first time the Palmer United Party leader has stormed out of a media appearance.  He hung up on ABC’s Jon Faine, in the middle of an interview last year saying “get stuffed”; and he walked out on Sarah Ferguson from the 7.30 report in July this year in a storm of anger.

This interview wasn’t much different leading me to ask if Clive really is cut out for this public role when topics turn against him.  And let’s face it… this topic has been against him since the beginning of his time in government.

The interview had gone on a while, during which he had called the  relationship problems between him and Jacqui Lambie that have been publicised all week, a media beat-up.

“I haven’t seen Jacqui for over a month and you’ve got to realise that communicating through the media, and this is all a bit of a media beat up really,” he said. “It’s always best to sit down and talk to people and work things out.”

Lambie meanwhile is being accused by Palmer of plotting her own political party and has said she will make a decision by next week about whether she will remain in the party.

Then, the interview turns to the Citic Pacific case.

You simply have to watch this for yourself… and tell me, do you think Clive Palmer, in the role he has taken on should stay and answer questions of public scrutiny whether he like it or not? 


The twitter feeds are alive and running with videos and clips from the evening’s blow by blow battle… watch them below and share your thoughts.

Rebecca Wilson

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  1. I watched it, you know I was supportive of Clive at first, because I thought he would help the pensioners. I never voted for him but I believed what he was saying, needless to say I like many other have no faith left in him. He was rude to Emma who was only only trying to get the facts out of him and then stormed out. The impression he left me with is that he is a man with things to hide.

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    • The only one with any gumption in that party is Jacqui.. who is straight down the line with her love for Australia, and her armed services.

    • I was the same, Libbi, as for Lambie and DVA she has her own agenda and the crap about the care for armed forces is her excuse to carry on about them. Clive is a miner first, stirrer second and politician maybe third.

    • The questions were about his PRIVATE business affairs, and NO BUSINESS of the GENERAL public unless he wants it that way. At this time he apparently wants to keep it private so the Interviewer was TOTALLY WRONG. I would have walked out too. He owes HER nor US answers on his private business.

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      • I agree with you Andrew. It is no-one else’s business what his private business operations are. He has declared his interests according to the law so he has nothing else to disclose. Disclosing to the public what his private business operations are, do not constitute part of his parliamentary obligations.

    • Clive is now in the employment of we the people, & therefore should be prepared to answer questions about his behaviour.

  2. If he can’t answer tough questions he doesn’t like, he should never be allowed into parliament. Get him out of there.

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  3. Why did he agree to an interview with the ABC to start with, that is the question?

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    • My understanding is, prior to an interview, the journalists are supposed to present their questions to the interviewees, who in turn will have some questions deleted, then accepts. If not in the “script”, the interviewees walk or “storm” out of the interview. Especially so when a court case is imminent. Have seen/heard too much “trial by the media” for my liking!

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      • That’s not true Floriana, they don’t give a copy of the questions to the politicians and neither they should. They sometimes give some idea of what the main subjects might be but if you are paid by the public purse then you need to be transparent and any questions that are put to you. Clive Palmer doesn’t like to bee transparent. He uses the media when it suits him and walks away when it doesn’t. You can’t have it both ways.


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