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She may be 70 but Charlie’s Angels actress Jaclyn Smith is looking so youthful! She was spotted wearing double denim while running errands in Beverly Hills this week, and we have to say: we love her look.

She even wore hair that echoed her locks on the famous TV show.

The beauty paired her look with a purple bag and pattern slip ons – keeping it chic and casual.

TV star Jaclyn was rocked by the death of Farrah, who tragically passed away from cancer at the age of 62 in 2009.

‘That last six months [of her life] was a very close time for us,’ she told Oprah during a Where Are They Now? show. ‘To see someone fight a battle like that was beautiful’.

In 2010 Jaclyn collaborated with her husband, Dr Brad Allen, a renowned medical researcher, to develop a family of luxurious cleansers and moisturisers.

“I’ve been very fortunate” says the woman who has been named one of the “Most Beautiful People in the World” by Harpers Bazaar, US, TV Guide and People Magazine on two separate occasions.

“My work has always been very exciting and interesting, but to me, my family must come first. I have no regrets.”

Husband Brad, son Gaston Anthony and daughter Spencer Margaret, keep her centred and serve as her inspiration. “That’s truly where my heart lies”, she wrote on her website.

Jaclyn is also the face of Kmart in the US – and looks effortlessly beautiful in the catalogues.

Take a look at the pics and tell us, do you love Jaclyn’s youthful look?


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