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Broadcaster Hamish McLachlan is in hospital after being trampled by a horse on Wednesday. Photo: YouTube (@Australian Wool Innovation Ltd)

Broadcaster Hamish McLachlan is in hospital after being trampled by a horse on Wednesday, reports SMH. The accident happened when the the Channel Seven personality fell off his horse and was then trampled by another. According to reports McLachlan suffered six broken ribs and a collapsed lung, but is expected to recover. According to 3AW, McLachlan said he was very lucky not to be injured further. Calling horse sports, including polo, gave McLachlan his start in the television industry. He calls AFL football for Channel Seven, and is part of the network’s racing and tennis coverage, among other roles. He was a part of Sevens Rio Olympics coverage in 2016, and hosts AFL Game Day, Seven’s Sunday football program, during the AFL season.

Have you ever been injured from horseback riding or know anyone who has?

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  1. Horses and accidents go together. Mostly they are minor bumps and scrapes, the same as you’d expect to get in any sport. But, as in most sports, more serious injuries can occur. Its all part of the activity. I’ve had broken bones from horse-related activities, but I’ve also had broken bones from other causes

  2. I have had horses and ridden for the past 33 years and have had feet stepped on and bruised, several falls and one bite (while assisting a rider to mount her rather cranky steed). Mostly if you are careful, manage the risk, approach, ride and handle your horse sensibly and choose a mount that matches your ability, injuries can be minimised. Horses are large prey animals that have survived by being quick, evasive and always on the lookout for something that may potentially eat them, so even with care and skill, an injury can happen.

  3. Have ridden horses’ for last 57 years’!

    Broke L arm, both bones, when 11, my horse shied when someone threw crackers’ at it, from behind.
    Didn’t see perp, so was unprepared, when he ‘exited, stage right’, in one big leap!

    Since then have been thrown several times, mostly when horse has ‘propped’, when jumping hurdles’, been kicked in the leg, feet stood on, been dragged through a hurdle, had horses’ try to ‘dismount’ me by slamming my knees’ up against tree trunks.
    Have been nearly rolled on, but my reaction was swift, & got out of way!
    Have been on ground, after a fall, looking up to see two forelegs’ hoofs coming down towards me. I rolled very quickly, & was ok.

    None of the above EVER stopped me from participating!

    I’ve ridden in Shows’, played Polo, & Polocrosse, done Cross Country, & of course, jumped many a hurdle!

    Love ’em!

  4. Announced to Doc smugly – I’ve had my 3 major horse accidents
    1)Ridden: Bucked off, broken pelvis both sides,
    2) Carriage Driving: catapulted out of sulky when pony bolted. Two weeks ICU.
    3) On ground: Leading two ponies one shied into me; concussion, 3 broken ribs.
    His answer ..’Wouldn’t count on it !!!”

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