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It was the Duchess of Cambridge’s last day on duty on Friday and she looked stunning as she supported development opportunities for young people in South London.

The Duchess is believed to be about eight and a half months pregnant, with her baby tipped to be due at the end of April.

The next time we see her could be with babe in arms. Enjoy these pics of an elegantly pregnant princess.

Rebecca Wilson

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  1. They are bound by tradition and law to give their children certain names. But that doesn’t mean they can’t add other names as well.
    I personally believe she is having another boy. But, I could be wrong….. LOL

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  2. Just hope baby is perfect no matter the sex and that Mum comes through the birth ok…for me, the names are really irrelevant, it’s the health of mother & baby that is most important.

  3. I think this is the eighth time I’ve heard – This is her last public engagement before the birth of her baby.

  4. Royals these days usually have an heir and a spare, but I would love to see her with a girl, expect an Elizabeth and Diana name somewhere.

  5. She is still very tiny; my niece is less advanced and looks as if she is carrying twins by comparison (she isn’t). I wish them much happiness with their new baby.

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