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Take a look at the picture below. You probably don’t recognise anyone, but it’s Canada’s new cabinet, as appointed by the new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

What do you notice?

That’s right, it’s full of women! Well, to be precise, half of the 30 members are female. Mr Trudeau came good on his election promise of an equal cabinet and sure enough, there are 15 men and 15 women, plus Mr Trudeau running the country.

Cabinet minister Sheila Copps said, “Gender parity in the national cabinet is huge. It sends a great message to our daughters and sons.”

Of course, the decision has been met with criticism, with some commentators saying that choosing cabinet ministers to meet a “quota” means you’re not putting the best man, sorry, person in the job. However, the each of the women, along with the men, come with impressive qualifications and experience behind them.

When asked why he felt it was so important to build a cabinet that was half female, Mr Trudeau replied, “Because it’s 2015,” and instantly earned the love and respect of half the population of the world.

While our own Prime Minister has made headway on getting the gender balance right in his cabinet, there’s still a fair way to go. There are currently nine female ministers out of the 21 members.

Would you like to see Australia invite more women into the top jobs of politics? Do we need a prime minister like Trudeau? 


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  1. Love the Red Turban…no turban wearing Politicians in Australia yet!

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  2. It really dosent bother me what sex our Ministers are. What I would hope is that we have the best people, with no regard to whether they’re male or female.

  3. No, we don,t need a PM like Trudeau…and I also think cabinet positions should be earned on merit, not because of one,s gender! It,s a ridiculous proposition. I also think Trudeau may not last too long in this job! We shall see.

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  4. Yes & yes. Who says women cannot win on merit? Most of the male appointments are made by faction negotiating and how many are incompetent?

  5. Given that 30%of Federal government members are women the numbers in the present cabinet stack up pretty well .

  6. whats the point when world politics is run by rich people paying under the table to influence decisions its been happyning here forever so why should things change

  7. We can’t just appoint ministers to add up the numbers of gender. Any minister must be appointed on merit and qualifications., If the ladies have that, they deserve their places in the cabinet.

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    • No Judy. The reality is, it was assumed that all men who got into power etc etc in the past did so because they were qualified! Not true, they got special consideration due to their gender. Females were legislated out of most opportunities to ‘join in’ just because of their gender! Only rapid Affirmative Action changes the status quo. Experience comes from being included and guided along the way! Trudeau gets this!

    • So I’m assuming you don’t believe females should be appointed on merit, but on gender? I’m a little confused at your statement – “females legistated out”? This is a wide sweeping statement – I’ve never heard of such a thing. And why should anybody be “guided along”? I thought any potential or aspiring politician would have the know-with-all without having to rely on somebody to guide them, and who would the guides be? I’m sorry, but I really can’t follow your comment.

    • Judy don’t be stupid- or stop the patronising. Where have you been living? How do people earn ‘merit’. Do they not have mentors along the way – people who guide them to their goal? I agree with Robins thoughtful and considered comment.

    • Judy you need to catch up with history. Feminist history. Do you know anything about the Suffragette struggle?! That is just for starters!!

    • Well, ladies, firstly we’ve long outlived the “suffrogette struggle”. In the 21st century we get where we do on merit, not gender. I’m not going to reply to anybody who can’t comment without being abusive, Merran, except to say there are many people in the world who haven’t been lucky enough to have mentors and have made it on their own.

      Robina and Merran – I’m not prepared to get into arguments. I prefer discussions. So take your angst elsewhere. The beauty of living in a democracy is that we’re able, and entitled, to have differing opinions. I have mine, you have yours. End of storyl

    • You invalidated and disrespected Robin Judy. If you expect others to meet you – then do so with respect and then maybe they may want to discuss with you. I, for one, think you are behaving in a self aggrandizing manner and are a lil limited in your knowledge of women’s struggles. Are you a bloke by the way – you speak like a patronizing male. If you are a woman – then I feel sorry you feel the need to act this way.

    • I think it’s a bloke too! Trolling us Merran, ha ha. Co- opted women are very difficult to deal with. But this one is a cracker!! It is 2015 isn’t it?

    • All I know is I wouldn’t want to be a “token” female, appointed to a position to make up a quota. If I can’t do it on merit then I’d rather not do it at all.

    • I wasn’t going to bother to reply to you two ladies, Robina and Merran, but I would just like to say that (a) last time I looked I was a female, (b) “invalidated” ?? How so? (c) “disrespected”? Give me a break!!!!!!!! Looking back at my original comment, I notice more people have agreed with me than with the two of you combined. Does that tell you something. Finally – I can’t for the life of me figure out why you’re both being so aggressive. Whatever happened to good old polite discussion? If you disagree with me, say to. That’s your right. But do it politely. Nowhere can I see where I may have “disrespected” either of you. I think you’re both being a little paranoid.


    • I quote, ” Any minister must be appointed on merit and qualifications”…what have our present batch of politicians got along those lines????

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