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Police in New Zealand have tried a new tactic to keep people safe – they’ve already tried using shocking ads on TV, they’ve used clever and funny viral videos and now they’re hoping that a few smiley faces will get the message across.

In an attempt to reduce the rate of drunkenness and drink driving as the Rugby World Cup gets underway, New Zealand Police sent out a 16-character tweet using emojis – can you decode the message?

Police departments are increasingly using social media to get their messages across – posting everything from updates on traffic to appeals for information to…. cute pictures of cops being wonderful.

Did you understand the message sent out by New Zealand police? Di you think this is a clever way to get the message across? 

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  1. Did not understand the last bit. Thanks to everyone here now I do. Might be ineffective in that some people like me wouldn’t get it.

  2. This Football World Cup, Don’t drive tired, or drive and text. Please drive home ok. Thanks New Zealand. Police, like. (Rough translation of whole message)

  3. Don’t drive tired, after drinking , and never txt when driving, so your drive home is safely achieved. 🙂

  4. This rugby world cup don’t drive tired, don’t drive drunk, don’t drive texting. Drive home ok. New Zealand Police. Something like that.

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