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Reclaim Australia rallies that were said to have been cancelled earlier today have gone ahead in each of the east coast capitals in Australia in a stance against sharia law, halal tax and Islamisation of Australia and standing up against them in every city has been a group placarding “No room for Racism” in Australia.  The rallies have been violent in some cities, and police have had to bring in special resourcing to manage the issues.

Today,  one has to ask if  there can ever be room for racism in our country of this ilk anymore?   Lets talk today about the important tightrope we are walking between extremism and tolerance  today.

According to news reports, hundreds of anti-Islam protesters have clashed with counter-demonstrators some of whom were carrying signs that read, “No room for racism”.  It is the ultimate battle in a changing Australia.  Can we stop and embrace the change for the better or do we have to fight it out on the streets?

According to The Guardian, Martin Place was at the epicentre, with anti racist and anti Islam protestors being separated by a wall of police, centred right outside the Lindt cafe which has just reopened after the siege earlier this year.

Bystanders spoke of the ill-informed nature of the Reclaim Australia Protesters, who claim Sharia Law to be a real risk in our country, when it clearly is not.

The Guardian wrote today on this subject.

“Many of the flag-waving crowd, numbering in the hundreds, chanted “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie – Oi, Oi, Oi” and were carrying home-made banners denouncing sharia law.

But it was a proposition those at the other end of the plaza labelled absurd. “There is no possibility of sharia law in Australia, that is absolutely ridiculous,” Tony Iltis said.

 How do you feel about the Reclaim Australia rallies and whether our country really can encourage this kind of racism in the multicultural environment we have built with relative success over the last 15 years.  



Rebecca Wilson

Rebecca Wilson is the founder and publisher of Starts at Sixty. The daughter of two baby boomers, she has built the online community for over 60s by listening carefully to the issues and seeking out answers, insights and information for over 60s throughout Australia. Rebecca is an experienced marketer, a trained journalist and has a degree in politics. A mother of 3, she passionately facilitates and leads our over 60s community, bringing the community opinions, needs and interests to the fore and making Starts at Sixty a fun place to be.

  1. NO, definitely NO room for racism.

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    • islam is not a race or country or nation, it is simply a religious Cult which is run by people who would like to rule the world! If you do not belong to them and their way they will not accept you, but they may kill you!
      I am over 60, and do not agree with those who claim that people in this Nation are racist, just because they do not want to pay a religious Cult a tax which has been forced upon us by islam! I am a Christian and will never bow down to their false god or their ungodly ways!

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  2. I was at one of these rallies today and I find your article an insult to those of us over 60’s that were there your article is one sided

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    • Hi Kath Heywood I am open to you presenting a different angle. I have just presented the news and opened it for discussion. If you read carefully, I have not placed any opinion of my own, only quoted other media.

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      • Rebecca, you have not just reported other news sources. You have stated ‘Can we stop and embrace the change for the better or do we have to fight it out on the streets?’ as well as claiming ‘we’ have built a multicultural environment in the past 15 years. Firstly, I have to ask what ‘change for the better’ are you talking about? Is it the social disgrace Muslims bring to this country in their treatment of women? Is it their intolerance for those not of their ‘faith’?
        Secondly, ‘multiculturism’ is a nonsense word. It is probably more correct to describe Australia as culturally diverse. You simply cannot maintain any culture by adding other cultures to it.
        Finally, we are all getting sick of hearing of intolerance to the barbarity of Islam as ‘racist’. Islam is not race-specific. But you already knew that.

      • The Reclaim Rallies were NOT about racism ! We were voicing our opinion on the erosion of our culture and our rights. Halal Certification is nothing but a scam and we the Australian Public are paying for it…other than all the food, why would Cat Food and Beer be Halal Certified..Islam forbids the drinking of Alcohol ! has been proven money collected from this scam is sponsoring terrorism. Please don’t compare Halal to Kosher, Heart or any other certification, there is no comparison in dollars, certification or the cruelty to animals.. Pedophiles, Father of child Bride, Child Marrying Imams are all getting off with virtually no punishments under the auspice of ” it’s acceptable in my culture” … This is happening in Australia NOW. So is female genitial mutilation. Why is it that so many applications to build Mosques all over Australia were lodged in one year!!. Why is it I cannot go swimming at certain times in some Australian swimming pool…they are closed for female Muslim women only. Why can’t I serve myself petrol, walk into a service station or Bank with my Motor Cycle helmet on…I have been refused the pump being turned on…when someone wearing a Burqa or Niqab can !..I want to feel safe, knowing the person I’m standing beside or facing is somebody that I can see their face and expressions. It has been on the TV media on a couple of occasions the Centrelink scams regarding claiming for several wives and also the child caring scam.. Why is it that some of our kindergartens and schools no longer celebrate Christmas or Easter , it might offend offends me..this country is a based on Christianity, and every other religion is accepted. Now we even have the Quran being sworn on in Parliament…who would’ve thought?? Trying swearing on a bible in an Islamic country…you’ll be beheaded or worse. These people come here for a better life, yet they are trying to change our lives to be as horrible as where they came from.. We accept immigrants and refugees from all countries and we expect them to integrate with us..WE DO NOT HAVE TO INTEGRATE WITH THEM. Travel to France, England and other European countries as We have , you will see the no go zones for non Muslims and you will see racism as you’ve never seen before, and you will see Sharia Law Courts. Prior to the Rallies on the 4th, FaceBook pages were hacked and copied and Rally dates were changed cancelled, all sorts of untruths promoted….all by the AntiRacism Protesters….the aggressors on the day in Melbourne. The everyday Australians, we are examples 69 & 71yrs of age that have never attended a Protest Rally or march in their lives…that attended or tried to attend are an atestment that something is starting to smell in our wonderful country, we want to stop it before it turns to Rot!!
        Just one more item of interest….the Melbourne City Council issues permits for Rallies/Marches. Why would they issue FIRST the Reclaim Australia Rally at 1pm , then weeks later issue the Anti Racism Rally at 12noon AT THE EXACT SAME PLACE…SAME DAY….no brainer !!…The Vic Police did a great job, but as the Anti Racism group were still there and causing so much trouble, the area was cordened off by lines of Police…. Hundreds of Reclaim Australia supporters couldn’t even get to the rally site, but they did witness the vile actions including burning the Australian Flag. Our Government needs to be listening to the Australian people.

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        • I have to totally agree with your comments.

      • I agree with Kath, you defiantly slanted your article to the anti racist side of the protest, we know the media you are quoting from and they should have the Red Star as their banner. I was born in the East End of London it is now a no go area for non muslims and they practice Sharia law, sharia banking, and child marriage there, the police dare not enter. Do we want Australia to go down the same path and become second class citizens in our own country. They want to build huge religious buildings in areas with very few muslims on the premise that if you build it they will come. The mums and dads of Australia are finally waking up and demonstrating and being attacked by the far left and the media for exercising their freedom of speech

    • I agree with you Kath. How can you be racist when you have not named any race.

    • Wake up Gillian Middleton You are selling out our Veterans who faught for our way of life. It’s obvious you are not an Australian

    • Yes Gillian Middleton, Islam is not a race so i can’t be a racist. I attended the Rally today I was a peaceful one with lots of information coming forward, And further more i have a muslim in my family. And did you attend the Rally to actually see what was being said or are you just reading what the papers say

    • You quoted the biased, lying media, methinks! I second Kath Heywood; your article is an insult. By the way, how about waking up to the fact that Islam is not a race?

    • My friend went to the Perth rally, and it was great! About 2000 people, with some good speakers. It’s not about racism, it’s about not wanting to be taken over by sharia law. Halal certification is the thin end of the wedge where this is concerned, and it’s appalling that so many people know nothing about it and are so ignorant of the facts.

    • Christian uni students murdered by muslims, Pakistani schoolchildren kidnapped and murdered by muslims, Christians murdered in Mosul & Syria by muslims, women raped by muslims, watch out you Politicly Correct Bridgade you may be next if you are a Christian or any other religion barring muslim. The media I would take no notice of, they always give you the Muslims “the victims” a favourable report. BTW Islam is an ideology not a race.

    • I was unable to attend a rally today, but I would definitely have if I had been able to. With my many multi cultural friends and family, I cannot be racist and will never be. The Reclaim Australia marchers did not burn the Australia Flag did they? P.S. Islam is not a race. I am a Christian who objects to eating and buying produce dedicated to a God I don’t believe in and I object to the cruel slaughtering methods for halal slaughter especially in this country

    • How many abattoirs in Australia actually slaughter the animals that way? Just curious. Also, I’m always bemused by the argument that they worship another God. Surely there is only ONE God if you believe in him at all. I abhor and detest what the radical Muslims are doing in the name of their God, but Christians do some awful bloody things as well. We would wipe ISIS off the map, they are evil, but that doesn’t mean that the peaceful Muslim family who live down the street are.

    • Glenda Draper, as a Christian I would be very interested if you could tell me of the”awful bloody things” we are doing??
      I believe about 8%+ abattoirs in Australia kill using halal and have done for several decades.
      Muslims think they worship the same God as me, but really they are worshipping Satan. Only Satan would command them to rape, murder, behead innocent people.

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      • I object to paying for halal certification on about ninety percent of the products in our supermarkets. It is a multi trillion dollar money making tax that is taking over. where does the money go? No tax is paid on this certification because it hides behind a “religious charity” umbrella. Seventy percent of the abattoirs in Queensland are operated under Sharia slaughter. Only Muslim men are employed. I object to religious slaughter of our animals who are stunned for only fifteen seconds – if they are lucky, then strung up by one leg and take about fifteen minutes to bleed out and die. None of this meat is labelled in our major supermarkets. WHY?

    • No room for racism – a photo and this statement repeated – was it 4 or 5 times by you Rebecca? I call this slanted reporting. I call this biased reporting.

    • I have nothing at all against the peaceful muslim family down the street Glenda. I’m against halaI slaughters and choose not to eat meat from an animal that has had its head half hacked off. I thought we had developed more humane ways of slaughter. I get called a racist and a bigot for boycotting halal and that I find most disturbing.

    • I’m not a racist but!!!! You all are so disgusting and half of you call yourself Christian’s well I think Jesus would be so ashamed of you all.

    • I just read the article..I went on a family night out so missed it..starts at 60’s is saying nothing I did not hear on the news . I don’t want to buy into this but am just giving an opinion about starts at 60’s article

    • Are you Australian Yonny Kandelaars? Your punctuation indicates perhaps not. Jesus is quite happy with my behaviour thank you.

    • Yonny Kandelaars, you have offended me! You have no right to call us disgusting because we state we are “not racist but”. We object to our way of life being changed to fit in with a muslim minority. I certainly am not racist. I married a migrant from a non-English speaking country and had two beautiful children and now grandchildren, with him, I have welcomed a muslim, and his family, into our family, as they have welcomed us into their family. I will add that most of our extended muslim family members object to the way radical muslims want to change Australia. They came here for a better, Australian, way of life that allowed them to still enjoy their culture and religion, but not to change Australia into another muslim nation. Have you considered that perhaps Jesus would be ashamed of your attitude?

    • To all you people who are worried about Halal certification, can you please tell me if Kosher certification is of concern. If not what is your problem with Halal, its about the same. Also yes Islam is a religion, so is Christianity, there are fundamental idiots in both religions. In fact if you check history you will find so called Christians have caused more death and disruption and hatred than any other religion in history. So instead of listening to hate filled people, get to know people of other races, religions, and live in peace. Sharia law will not happen in Australia. PS I lost a old school friend through the IRA bombings, remember them.

    • I was in the Adelaide park, I sat quietly on a park bench with my dog, about 50 metres away from the rally. The rally was peaceful and not racist. However, a very small group of anti-rally protestors came past me & started abusing me and calling me ‘a racist, bigoted nazi’…….. It really upset me, I just told them that ‘I was not & I was just sitting quietly with my dog’….. They did walk off but still kept yelling that I was a nazi scum, it wasn’t very nice.

  3. Islam is not a race.

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    • No, but the bigots who’ve jumped on the anti-Islam bandwagon are sure making the most of their xenophobic bigotry.
      If it quacks like a duck…

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      • Liz Grant

        11 hours

        The 3 stages of Jihad: 1 – When Muslims are outnumbered and can’t possibly win a physical confrontation with unbelievers, they are to live in peace with non-Muslims and preach a message of tolerance Qur’an 109: “You shall have your religion and I shall have my religion”
        2 – Where there are enough Muslims and resources to defend the Islamic community, Muslims are called to engage in defensive Jihad, Qur’an 22:39 “Permission to fight is given to those upon war is made because they are oppressed, and most surely Allah is well able to assist them”.
        3 – When Muslims establish a majority and achieve political power in an area, they are commanded to engage in offensive Jihad. Surah 9:29 “Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the Religion of Truth, from among the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizjah with willing submission and feel themselves subdued” In other words fight those who don’t believe in Islam including the People of the Book (Jews and Christians)
        I believe we in Australia we at the end of Stage 1 and being pushed into Stage 2. UK and many other countries are in Stage 2 – insisting on Sharia law etc, and it is pretty obvious Stage 3 is happening in places like Nigeria and other African nations as well as in the Middle East
        Open your eyes everyone. This is not racism, it’s a fight to keep our freedom and way of life.

    • Gillian Middleton We read, we see & hear what is happening in other countries, Do you believe we should be treating these illegals differently to all the others , They at least are grateful, want to assimilate. OUR way life is threatened

    • Gillian Middleton, let me guess – you live in a trendoid inner-city suburb and the only “Cultural Enrichers” you deal with on a personal basis are the few, middle-class Muslims in your neighbourhood or place of work?

    • Gillian Middleton wanting to stop the loss of our culture, our way of life, our religious believe’s. To be able to have Christmas and Easter actives in our schools malls etc to want to have known terrorists removed from our streets by either jail or deported even if home grown. Wanting to protect the life we grew up with for our grandkids and theirs as well. CAN YOU PLEASE EXPLAIN HOW THIS IS RACIST???? I am sure the gentle Muslim people don’t want this radical dangerous lifestyle in our/their country either. Anyone who thinks its ok to loose all the above is plain stupid.
      I AM NOT A RACIST Gillan Middleton

  4. This is not racism , it’s our way of life that is threatened. The Twitter sight was hacked , so much for the “”other supposed peaceful rally” Our way life is threatened, Halal is now on 99% of food, costing companies Millions , Where are these millions going??? One man runs this Co. and doesn’t need a tax return as it is a charity ???. They call themselves MUSLIMS , that is not a religion, Why do they not say they are Indonesian, Iranian, Lebanese, etc Always Muslim. Now we are told by a Muslim Chief we must pay $20 million to stop the radicalisation of teens. My idea their Parents should pay, how do kids at SCHOOL under age get a passport & money to fly off O/seas. Do these parents ever take note of what the kids do, or maybe they don’t care. I think I would know if my son of 17 was about to go O/S.

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    • Tell me one way your life has been impacted by halal. Just one.

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      • As as a christian i dont want my food prayed over by anyone except myself – what happened to freedom of choice. Let alone the price increase that companies add on to cover this tax. I have no issue with people migrating to australia but they should assimilate to our way of life our cultures and traditions. If their sharia law/ their culture is so fantastic why did they move here?
        Why is it ok for muslims to rally in Lakemba nsw but we cant do the same – at least we didnt threaten jihad.

    • And take a look at the rights and freedoms being eroded by Abbott and co. These will impact your life far more than halal.

    • Halal is impacting us all as it makes things cost more even if it is only a little today what will it be tomorrow. It should be banned in this country.

    • I am Australian , not Muslim .WE don’t have a choice!!! This is our Country & we are MADE to help terrorists with this money he collects. Australians now have NO CHOICE what they eat Its not right. It is taking hours shopping , then get home & consult sight & it is Halal ,not MARKED. Cadbury are closing all the time now, not selling well , on sale every week. HALAL

    • Our way of life is being impacted by Muslim extremists. They want to take over the world and have us all under sharia law, Gillian Middleton.

    • I don’t mind them coming here, as long as it legally & they don’t try to change our way of living. They can live how they like, but don’t impose taxes on our food.

    • What do you think is the process to be Halal certified? In most instances it is simply so that Australian businesses can export and make money.

    • Lyn Greenlees What rights & freedoms are being eroded, As I see it Shorten & Company are following on after Rudd ,Gillard disaster. I am a pensioner and I am not poor , frugal, & I object to all & sundry telling me , all pensioners are poor & can’t afford to live.

    • We don’t go to there country and change their way of life and culture but they can sure as hell change ours by stealth. I welcome anyone into this great country but you live by our rules not yours!

    • Gilliam Middleton must be walking around with her head under her arm..Have you seen how they slaughter animals..I know your life have not been impacted..But millions of animals have been suffering for people like you..I hate people like you that only care about themself

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      • I agree whole-heartedly with Kent Jacobson’s comment

    • We have to stop all this sh..t started by Malcolm Frazer and Sahra Hanson Young Greens

    • they have impacted and u dont see, if they just mixed in and didnt try to change our way of life, i wont buy halal goods, i dont want it. i dont like how they slaughter the animals, cruel, i dont like how its not merry christmas, its happy hollidays, i dont like how its not happy easter because we might insult them, and 25 years ago halal certification didnt exist, its only been lately by some to make millions, for their religion. not for so called export, because they dont need to do this as was told in the koran, say a prayer over the food and all is fine, even some of the imars are telling people this in the paper, i read it too. so yes our life is being impacted against our wishes, im australian and i say my religion if asked, u ask them and they will say i am a muslim, ,not australian, i dont like this either. god help u if u think just some of these things arnt wrong

    • But Halal doesn’t change the structure of the food. You eat plenty of Halal foods I’m sure. You just don’t know that they are Halal. Ever eat a salad? Halal! Tick. Who cares? Ever eat a steak? Halal! Tick. I’m not a vegetarian for instance, but I have no problem eating food foods that are clearly marked ‘Vegetarian’. Yes, there are official routes a producer has to go to pronounce a product ‘Vegetarian’ and yes, they cost a small amount of money. That’s called ‘business’, not bigotry. I’m not suddenly going to become a vegetarian just because I eat a number of vegetarian products.

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      • Thethere is more to halal then a label on the food. Inghams for example employ to muslims to pray over the chickens as they are slaughtered. I dont want to eat chicken that has been blessed by a false god.

    • Goodness. What unbridled prejudice. Where is the evidence to support these claims? Where is the research? Where did the figure of 99% come from? If you are going to make claims such as these do your research. Reference your claims.

    • So all you halal lovers, where does the money go to…n don’t say the govt cos that ain’t so. Does anyone know how much it costs or why products like chocolate need to be halal? I for one refuse to buy anything with halal on it as do a lot of my friends. Kath n crew, I’m with you n I object to those who are discriminating against our right to speak out… ancestors n I have paid our dues for that right

    • A certification standard of display would let people make their own choice about Halal – would that work?

    • Penny Bingham When you see the list we have to cart around every time we go shopping it is 99%. A friend is onto this and has been on TV ,on Agenda etc and is making in roads on it. You know she is right when the chap who runs the Co, threatens to sue, if she goes any further. Nestle, Uncle Toby, Sanitarium, Kraft, just four of them, Only thing I have which is Halal is Nescafe as is only coffee I like. No more cereals, and many of us go to local markets for fruit,jams breads, honey etc, So MANY are not marked.

  5. It’s becoming apparent that Islam is becoming very unpopular in a lot of western countries because of what is happening in Middle East,Africa and Soviet Union and until the killings and other senseless violence is stopped Islam will not be welcomed in Australia for that very reason. Too many people are too stupid to see that.

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  6. NO HALAL , I am not a Muslim .
    I don’t think that Muslims should take over our way of life , , like they have in England

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  7. NO!!! There never was a place for racism in Australia. Time to grow up. I have not heard any one introducing Sharia law. Its a beatup.

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    • Coral Sechtig Under age marriage, FG Mutilation AND new Super just for Muslims , they can’t join our schemes , Also the new Muslim housing establishment taking over a huge plot of Ground out west, funded by Sharia law Loans. Seems they don’t like anything about us, have to have sharia

    • Halal is Sharia law… and what about the father of the 12 year old daughter he married off.. He seems to think and quoted as saying in court. That if the creator aka Allah said its ok then why should he not allow his 12 year old to marry a 26 year old.. wake up and take the rose colored glasses off..

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