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If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Is this the attitude of the Prime Minister in regards to ABC’s Q&A?

Reports have emerged that he has banned all frontbenchers from appearing on the show, a move that will have left the producers scrambling to find a replacement for Barnaby Joyce, who was due to appear this evening.

“The Prime Minister has communicated that he does not want any frontbencher to appear on Q&A,” a spokesman for the Deputy Nationals leader told the ABC. “Barnaby was told this tonight and apologised to Q&A that he would not be able to appear”.

This comes just hours after Mr Joyce had congratulated the show for “dealing properly with the Zaky Mallah controversy two weeks ago.

It will be interesting to see what Malcolm Turnbull decides to do next week. The communications minister says he is opposed to the ban and it due to appear on the show next week.

Just after the scandal, Mr Turnbull said, “From my point of view I think we are in the business of getting the message of the government across and so we need to take advantage of every platform that’s available. So I’ll continue to appear on ABC programs, including Q&A, if I’m invited to be there”.

An outright ban for all frontbenchers sends the ABC and Q&A a pretty stark message, although the Prime Minister hasn’t exactly sugarcoated the message thus far.

Mr Abbott described Q&A as a “leftie lynch mob”.

“I think the ABC does have to have a long, hard look at itself and to answer a question which I have posed before — whose side are you on?”

There’s no reason, as an employer, the government can’t tell its employees not to appear on Q&A but is it the right thing to do?

But does Mr Abbott think the ban will achieve anything? Surely it is better to have a voice in amongst the “leftie lynch mob” than to be left out entirely? Is this another example of the government clamming up when it would be better served addressing the issues at hand?

What do you think of the PM banning all frontbenchers from appearing on Q&A? 


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  1. I think this one of silliest moves I have seen, I watch Q&A weekly, the only people they will be hurting are themselves, if are not participating they are not getting their message out there..they will not be heard..from my perspective I think it will make Q&A a better show.

  2. Turning in to a Dictatorship ! !

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  3. tony abbott needs to take a long hard look at himself he’s becoming a dictator

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  4. This is cutting off your nose to spite your face, it gave me a good laugh, Liberal voters do not watch the ABC because the Liberal Party have deemed it as poison, so the ratings will not drop, if anything they will probably increase

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    • I agree Leanna. Just like the nonsense on reality shows. It will make people watch just to see what else will happen next. TA has been good for the Q&A in my opinion. Their ratings will go up now.

  5. I think we should blacklist [email protected]

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    • The beauty of the society we hope to live in is you have that choice just as others have the choice to watch. Beyond that it’s not your call.

    • do as you like but I won’t be black listing it..I can’t imagine you watched it anyway..I never heard a Liberal voter yet who said they watched the ABC.

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      • You must live in a very small world Leanna. I watch the ABC and Q&A and I vote Liberal and I like to know as many facts and viewpoints as possible before I form my own opinions.

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      • I’m a liberal voter and I watch Q&A whenever I can. It’s a platform for both sides. I like hear two sides (or more) to a story. This has all been blown out of proportion.

  6. Is Abbott a Prime Minister or a dictator?. Apparantly there is no freedom of speech for his frontbenchers. What has he got to hide?

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    • Is all very simple really….he’s just gone overboard, that’s all. The abbot now believes that he really is god. God help us all. And Amen to that!

    • As god he is trying to recreate the world the way he wants it. He is He who must be obeyed! He is He-who-demands-that-you have no say, none of you. Are you reminded of someone else perhaps? Are there shivers running down your spine? He’s set himself up as the almighty, the greatest, the supreme being. This abuse and misuse of power will be our downfall.

    • He has got the right as PM to advise his ministers what they can and cant do

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      • No he doesn’t Denis. Last time I looked the Government works for the tax payers and he can’t dictate although he’s giving a good impression of a dictator!!!

    • The Government is an employer and so has the right to do this. I don’t necessarily agree with it but he has the right. The derogatory comments made here don’t shine a good light on any of you. Cats calling the kettle black?

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      • And People like you who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones !!

      • Carolyn sorry but you’re wrong. Abbott hasn’t hot the right to dictate to his frontbenchers. They are all employed by us the tax payers and as far as I know we weren’t consulted!!!

    • Carolyn Russel-Smith..that is where you are wrong..the Government employs no one nor does it pay anyone’s wages..taxpayers do and as a matter of fact we employ the Government

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      • Too True Rozzy ! The tax payer employs these so call Administrators
        to Govern on our behalf .

    • It’s a shit show so why go on it to get set up by left fucktards so why bother

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      • They only do bias to the left. Used to watch the show all the time but having anyone even slightly to the right is just to set them up agains the mostly leftist panel.

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        • No, they aren’t biased, because both sides have equal air play on Q&A. The right only come up second best because they are.

    • Sorry Carolyn but Tony does not employ our “representatives”, we do. Just as we employ Tony. Repeat for you – the gov’t works for us.

    • Our Prime Minister the leader of our nation only has the best interest of this nation by issuing such an order…

      I think that by complying to the agreement reached by the LNP that these ministers are showing respect for not only the Party but also for the wishes of our PM… which can only be the best outcome for ALL Australians in the light of the current ABC Q&A agenda

      ABC has shown it CANNOT be trusted lacks in discernment…

      You guys are so full of BS that it’s coming from your mouths as verbal diarrhoea… You should be ashamed of yourselves…

      Have you got nothing else to talk about…

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      • John Plummer only far right voters dislike the ABC because they are not biased. You just think they are because you don’t like to hear the other side. What about the ABC showing three episodes of “The Killing Season”. Surely you don’t think the Lefties wanted that Televised did you????? Unfortunately you’ve fallen for the Main Stream Media lies published in the Murdoch press. Open your eyes and your mind and read an independent paper and surprise surprise you might get another opinion.

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        • That is right, the left never fall for lies cause they is educated in the real school, life. Keep kidding yourselves while your hard working, self sacrificing union and government officials keep marrying persons who who are amazingly good business people and retire millionaires.Once the left shouted about fat cats and then they learned how easy it was to become one

    • Hey John Plummer, what is your liberal party membership number? It is so sad that you have eyes but you cannot see.

    • Barnaby must be so upset
      He always had a fun time on Q & A
      And as for asking what side you’re on the more Tony Wony alienates the more will be on this side than on his

    • We will see, in the meantime why don’t yous all shut up and let them do their job…

      1 REPLY
      • – of screwing Australia?

        I can’t wait to show him exactly what I think of him come election time. I’m hoping they’re blown to smithereens and it takes decades for them to regroup in their fascist little enclaves. Let our grandkids grow up in peace, freedom and a happy society.

    • It’s amazing how people who don’t agree with others are howled down on these sites. To say Tony Abbott is the worst PM this country has had just proves how out of touch some people really are. Better to say nothing if you suffer from acute memory loss. This country was left in a shambles by Labor/Greens, and if they got back in we would be stuffed. When you try to win votes by trying to legalise gay marriage (which will open us up to disaster) it proves how little you have to offer.!!!!!

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  7. Tony -Abbott is not paying his wages. The taxpayers are paying the pollies. We are becoming a fascist state….control of the media is starting to,look like Nazi Gerrmany.

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    • Curtailing freedoms, loss of privacy, vilification of minorities and certain races, control of mass media, are all things that happened in pre-Nazi Germany.

  8. Sheep follow the leader ,guess Abbott must be the head ram !

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    • He’s certainly ramming through policies to harm Australian workers jobs. Chinese electricians don’t have to have the same skills as Australian electricians do. What planet is Abbott from?

  9. Who do you think you are, what happened to free speech.

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    • There is nothing of free speech on Q &A. Unless you are left, that is. Anyone else is shot down in flames.

  10. The wife and I will continue to watch it, with probably more enjoyment, many times the show has ended and we have been annoyed by these Liberals, they come into your lounge room and taint it

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