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How clean is the money we carry? With cash changing so many hands over so many years, the matter of hygiene is one of those uncomfortable little truths we usually prefer not to think about.

But this Western Australian cafe has decided to take a stand once and for all. The Fascine Coffee Lounge in Carnarvon has placed up a very blunt sign at their front entrance:

“We do not accept $$$$ from bras or underpants”.

Cafe owner Robin Weeks told the ABC that staff had gotten fed up with the idea of sweaty money.

“A couple of people pulled out money from their undies, other people from their bras,” he said.

“We have had people that have searched for things in their pockets and just put their money back in their mouth until they’ve found it.”

While they originally had a less confronting sign at the register, it wasn’t enough to discourage these bad cash-keeping habits.

“We did keep the sign up for about two months, but then people just caught on that they could take their money out of their bras before they came in”.

Mr. Weeks has been sticking to his guns, having actively turned away customers who continue to commit this offence.

“I know it’s basically women, we’ve had some men that’ve put it in their jocks and pulled it out from there”.

While he acknowledged that many women tend not to have pockets, he urged the use of a purse instead.

“I really don’t know what to say”.

One ABC radio talkback caller spoke against it as particularly unfair to women.

“I agree that money is dirty in terms of bacterial stuff, but I don’t think being in a sweaty hand or being in a sweaty bra [makes] any difference.”

Do you ever find yourself thinking about the uncomfortable hygienic facts about the cash we carry? How much responsibility do we have to keep our money clean before passing it on? And do you support this cafe’s stand against the problem?

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  1. I have to admit I have been guilty of putting money down my bra when I didn’t have pockets, however I think there are more bacteria on your hands, I have also put my mobile phone down my bra when I didn’t have anywhere else to put it, however I clean my phone on a regular basis.

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    • I don’t think putting it your bra Trish is much different from carrying it your hand, there is probably more bacteria on your hands

    • Thank you John, I heard that some time ago and as it was only a few times and I have regular mammograms since then I appear to be ok at this point.

  2. That’s why the person receiving the money in food places shouldn’t handle the food. It annoys me when buying sone take away food when the gloved hands making the sandwich then takes my money in the gloved hand and then goes back too the food.

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    • Yes I am left wondering what is the point of the gloves, when money is handled and without changing gloves the next sandwich is prepared.

    • Food shops used to have cashiers in the UK so that the food handlers never risked that contamination from bugs on the money. Funny how health inspectors here do not pick up on these obvious faults in food handling in some premises! A lot of sandwich shops do that glove routine for food prep then “dirty” the gloves by taking cash! Coins are supposed to be worse than notes.

    • If they use gloves for food preparation and handling money then we should refuse to accept the food.

    • Have been to a bakery to buy salad roll and they pick up roll and then put on gloves. They wondered why I said I would have another roll picked up with their gloved hand. Brains!!

    • I agree that is a concern Enid, however I have to tell you that one day while shopping I went to the toilet, and while I was washing my hands I noticed a young girl come out that worked in a take away food shop, she checked her hair and left without washing her hands, this is something I’m very diligent about so I went and reported it to the manager of the store. Now that really is disgusting.

    • I worked in the catering industry many moons ago, before gloves, we had a sink in the kitchen and hands were washed before and after leaving the kitchen, and between food handling as well, I think it was more hygienic then than the gloves now.

  3. They have done tests on our money and a large proportion have traces of drugs on the notes.. but what is to stop people taking cash out of their underwear before they go in the Cafe and how would the owner know ?

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    • More to the point what is on your fingers? Are they clean? Women are more likely to keep cash in their handbags or wallets. Seems men like to stash it elsewhere?

    • Ann Cleveland-Dunn , and where is the ” elsewhere ” they like to stash it , I have only ever stashed my money in my wallet and so has any male I have ever known.

    • I worry about shop assistants who handle money from the till and go back to making the sandwiches etc., no gloves at all.

    • I have also seen people wearing gloves to handle the food and then take the money in their gloved hand. Personally I think we worry too much about a few germs these days. 🙂

  4. If this Cafe owner is so worried about the source of the money, and don’t forget money changes hands quickly, so while you may not put it in your underwear the person before you may have put it there, then he should not be in business. I could understand if people were storing their cash in their behinds. But I think this is sillyness and maybe he is trying to get free advertising

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  5. It’s a bit pointless really, making rules like that as the money from the lovely clean wallet may have last been on the toilet floor.

  6. I am always left wondering if food handlers really have any idea about cross infection. Maybe society has created a problem as such that the next generation no longer are let to develop immunity. Gosh when you look back on what we did as kids e.g. playing in dirt, drinking out of hoses or taps in the garden. Cafe workers did not have to don gloves to prepare food and the list goes on.

  7. The food prep people who wear the latex gloves for food hygiene reasons, then accept money kind of defeat that aim of keeping bugs out of the food! In days past butchers etc. had a cashier who took the money at the exit. The workers who handled the food never took the bug-covered money!

  8. I remember when I started work at 15 years old. The cashier told me to make sure I always washed my hands before eating after handling money as it was one of the dirtiest things around, something I have never forgotten. After reading this it does make me wonder about others hygiene habits.

  9. I worked at Woolworths for 15 years & caught glandular fever twice my doctor said it was caused through handling dirty money

  10. I have a nifty little bag that I can sling across me body if I am out exercising, or somewhere I don’t need to carry a wallet. I can throw in my phone, a small amount of cash if I’m thinking of grabbing coffee on the way home, keys, maybe even a wet wipe or two. The bag is small and discreet, and does not annoy me if I am running for example. I might tuck a tissue into my bra, but money? Never.

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