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The government has stopped the boats. It is an undeniable, apolitical fact. They promised they would…by hook or by crook…and the have.

However, according to the ABC, the latest allegations from Indonesian police, suggest that six crew members were bribed with payments of up to $5,000 each to turn back. So it is now, quite conceivably possible, for people smugglers to make money from both the desperate refugees seeking a better, safer life, as well as from the Australian government, desperate to keep them from its shores.

The Australian public may have voted the Abbott government in on a mandate of stemming the [over] flow of incoming boats from the relaxed policy of Rudd/Gillard era, but one would suspect little support would be garnered for this new development.

It’s lower than low…certainly lower to the waterline than an overcrowded boat’s gunnels.

The allegations, if proven to be true, set a new benchmark for a government hell bent on protecting the borders at any cost…including the cost of paying off the facilitators of these evil trafficking rings to take their business elsewhere. In essence, taxpayers would be funding criminal activity, which international law Professor Don Rothwell from the Australian National University said “could be tantamount to people smuggling under current regional protocols”.

Under the Professor’s suggestions, Australia could go from being the intended destination to the smuggler, by way of it’s financial assistance.

The silence from the government on the questions being put to them, not only from Jakarta and the Opposition, but from a growing international cohort, is concerning at best, deafening at its worst. As reported in The New Daily, Mr Abbott refused to deny the reports yet noted the authorities has used “incredibly creative” means of stopping the boats.

The Prime Minister has stated that he will not apologise for stopping the boats and has to date hid behind the pretence that the government does not comment on operational issues.

Debate still rages on Australia’s humanitarian report card. How we are dealing with and processing those that have made it to our shores remains problematic. However, The Australian public has, on the whole, been quite supportive of the government’s efforts to stop the boats.

Most of us would agree that the diversity of Australia’s ethnicities underpins the cultural, social and economic variety that has made this country great. But most of us want immigrants to come to Australia through the proper and legal channels.

On this occasion though, if the allegations are proven to be true, I believe the Australian people will have a very real and very vocal disapproval of this latest policy. One has to ask the question, on whose watch was it decided that paying off criminals to take their business elsewhere, was a good idea? Would the same apply for drug smugglers and other criminals?

Does Australia want to become known as a nation who pays their way out of problems? The international fallout from this could be very damaging and exceptionally embarrassing to us all.

What do you think? Irrespective of your view on refugees and boat people, is this a step too far? Are you happy for your government to be stopping the boats in this way?


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  1. I disagree strongly with the way we treat asylum seekers and if this is true it is disgusting and a new low for an already morally bankrupt government……once again ashamed to be an Australian.

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  2. It sounds to me like we are becoming people smugglers in reverse, if this report is correct and Abbotts lack of denial, makes me me think it probably is correct. We are now doing what people smugglers do , telling people to get on boats and go to another country and paying them to do so.. It is hypocritical at the very least to pay for people to sail away

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    • no consultation at all to the taxpayer or any honest, the taxpayers are footing the bill not the Liberal Party, what happened to the budget emergency? When we can just hand out taxpayers money like lollies to people from other countries

  3. Our Navy has become floating ATM’S, and apart from the fact that this is morally wrong, it is stupid as well, what is stop these people on these boats taking the cash and going back to shore and getting on another boat and doing it all again?

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    • Exactly, Leanna Stephenson: not only are the smugglers getting paid by the people they are smuggling, but they also get a second payment at the Australian end! Sounds like a good incentive for them to keep doing what they’re doing.

  4. We never stopped the boats just sent them elsewhere. If we are paying to do this it is disgusting. We are already paying Indonesia in some sort of agreement. It is a very difficult situation but lack of humanity is appalling as are the conditions for asylum seekers already here.

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    • I agree, Susan Lane. This has probably been happening all along. They likely haven’t stopped the boats at all, they’re just paying them to turn around. Wonder what they’re doing with their cargo – dumping them in the sea perhaps, and going back for another load. The more they pack in, the more Australia will pay…

  5. The secrecy surrounding ‘Turn back the Boats’ has always been suspicious. Australia has already breeched all sorts of UN Conventions with its actions. That we may now also break the law is unsurprising.

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    • Marita we are awake. I don’t like that these people try to come to Australia this way and give themselves priority over those in refugee camps waiting to be processed. However most are found to be genuine refugees. Having money to pay your way does not make your claim of persecution less real. The way Australia under successive governments has treated these people however is inhuman. This argument about taking them into our homes is also pretty stupid. If I could take some of these children into my home I probably would.

    • Lame answer Marita, none of us need to take any into our homes, we have many country towns that use that added boost of people

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      • Speak for yourself Libby not us. Rural people are already severely disadvantaged and we do not want so called refugees here anymore than the city dwellers. We are fighting our own battles with lack of services and drought we don’t want your problems. They don’t want rural area they want education and cities which we don’t have. You house and keep them. Country people aren’t all the warm fuzzies you think I have been here 16 years and I am still ‘not a local’.

    • Marita, there is no front door…that is a large part of the problem. If you are considered a ‘non-person’, there is no way to get travel documents; if the country is a war zone, how do you even get to an embassy to apply for a visa, and if you get there, the embassy is deserted or in ruins?? and Ioane Ah Kam you need to do a bit of research into how much the government gives in benefits to asylum seekers. They get no free welfare.

    • if we break the rules we have to pay for it . they break the rules they are given $10,000,new iphones ecetera why the discrimination.they are housed free,pay them the dole they come to a christian country, dont change it halalfood supply

    • This is the biggest rort since global warming. Abbott should be commended with turning these parasites back. Australia needs to develop a backbone and start toughening up, otherwise we will be taken advantage of and you,ll end up washing your clothes in the Yarra.

    • What happened with the trespass Law for entereing ellegal??????

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      • I think its time people in Australia knew the laws of its land, start reading your laws people these people are NOT illegal they are asylum seekers there a huge different.

    • Coming to Australia and asking for asylum isn’t illegal no matter what is said. Those that come by plane and overstay visas are illegal.

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      • You are so right Barbara, it is reported there are 100000 people in Australia now that have over stayed their visas, some have been here many many years and we do not spend the time or money to look for them.
        Then there is the 30000 a year from New Zealand that just jump on a jet and come here.
        We worry about a few coming by boat??
        I wonder how Abbott came here from the uk??
        He runs the county by fear and people fall for it.
        Hitler ran the same type years ago. He said if you say the same things all the time whether they are right or not . People will eventually agree with you. Thats what Abbott does says the same things every day.

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        • Check the legal requirements for NZ people to live in Aussie please they may nor be overstaying or illigal it depends on the laws between the two countries.

    • They are nothing but economic refugees . They have the money to pay for a boat ride . That a lot have died trying to get here was their own fault and that of the smugglers for the greedy amount they pack on a boat .that has now stopped thanks to the libral . If you bleeding hearts want to cry about refugees than start looking at those that are starving to death in camps in Africa they are true refugees they can’t afford to rub 2 cents together . Open your eyes all you bleeding hearts and get your priorities right

    • refugee ː/noun
      a person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster.”tens of thousands of refugees fled their homes”synonyms:displaced person, DP, escapee,fugitive, asylum seeker,runaway, exile, émigré, stateless.

    • Eddy most of them have been found to be genuine refugees. Having money doesn’t mean you aren’t persecuted in your home country because you are from the ‘wrong’ sect or religion. I think most of us ‘bleeding hearts’ would like our refugee intake to be from among long term refugees. Treating all with compassion however is just so basic, it really can’t be argued against with any moral credibility. Australia paying people smugglers what ever their intent is wrong. Asking our service men and public servants to act criminally is a dangerous step. Just obeying orders is not a defence widely accepted. Paying people smugglers is abetting them in carrying out their crime of people smuggling and internationally would probably be viewed as a crime.

    • I’d rather house the refugees than some of the bigoted people commenting here. Some of you have no empathy at all, and the scary part is you’ll vote Liberal again because you believe Abbott has stopped the boats. Why is he paying them to go back if there are none coming? Use your brains people, Abbott told you before the election he tells lies!

    • The smugglers must think how good is this get paid to bring them then get a bonus to take them back, how is that a deterrent.

  6. Our Moral compass is surely damaged by this, and our reputation overseas must be suffering , we seem to have lost our humanity.

  7. All it takes is a straight out NO and this disturbing allegation is quashed
    That NO has as yet not come about.
    The phrase “by hook or by crook” and “using incredibly creative means”
    implies just do absolutely anything to achieve a result.

  8. these are not refugees, they fly to indonesia, destroy their papers and pay to get onto boats, its about time we woke up to them, labor and the greens are responsible for flooding our country with people who dont want to assimilate, no country can absorb that many number of country shoppers, look at europe, flooded with africans who paid smugglers to get onto a boat, but this wont last, wont be long before they too turn back boats

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    • I sincerely hope for your sake Stephen that you have a blessed life and you do not need help from anybody because if you do I hope they have the same attitude as you do . Karma can be sweet

    • Watching RT last night, it appears that Europe has had enough. The UN is trying to put in quotas for each European country to take so many refugees. So far the response has been a big No.

    • so carmen how did they gety to indonesia where are their pass ports illegally on a boat should not get automatic entry into australia

    • Stephen I don’t care all I am saying we need to show compassion in this world it is so easy to sit back in our wonderful homes and lifestyles and say no to everybody else. We have this big beautiful country we should share and show compassion as we are the lucky ones and I would like to think someone would help me if I needed it

    • Exactly and I cannot understand why people do not wonder how they get to Indonesia in the first place. “Refugees” rubbish. I would like to see them fix their own countries first instead of coming here illegally and trying to change ours. With you mate just send me back.

    • And Carmen what compassion do these so called refugees show their host countries, none, they wont assimiliate they wont to dominate and turn our countries into the ones they just left sorry compassion works both ways.

    • Claptrap Helen most try their hardest to fit in. With the extreme racist and bigoted views I see expressed here I suspect many seeking work come up against those views.

    • Stephen Bradshaw, the entire world is flooded with refugees, haven’t you noticed? We get a small percentage here compared to elsewhere. Just because some people are compassionate and feel responsible, after all, we’ve gone into many of these countries on various pretexts and bombed them to smithereens, creating just more homelessness, hatred and poverty. As long as the West keeps doing this, we’ll have to accept our share of refugees. At the moment we are not doing this.

  9. Can we believe this corrupt government. Seems to me when these illegals who are going to come into the country and receive three times the amount of money, (and not work for it), the aged pensioners, who have paid taxes all their lives, they are going to want to say anything to get into the country “By hook or by crook”.

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    • Beverly This ” corrupt ” Govt, didn’t start this . Why are you comparing Illegals with pensioners, ALL Rudds fault & Greens . Blame Labor. Only so much money .

    • Why should illegals get any money for nothing at all. People blame this government and that that government. Who votes the Buggers in?

    • comparing because they get three times the money from the government without ever having paid taxes, as pensioners who paid taxes all their lives get.

  10. Indonesia is now accusing Australia of being people smugglers, when you pay people cash to get a boat and go somewhere, you are people smugglers, it is disgusting.. not in my name !!

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    • I agree Ken but we can’t take the high moral ground if we are paying people to sail off on boats and just go away. That is what is lacking in Australia at the moment..morals

  11. All these are in this boat they are bribing people to illegally enter Australia send them to refugee camps exchange them for real refugees or send them back most are dodgy pretend refugees most have funds and are economic prepared by smuggler bribing fraud refugees.

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