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As a small (probably solo) business owner you can no longer afford to be locked into static business practices or environments. Your market, staff, competition are on the move: how ready are you to compete? This article describes how to use the mobile internet, apps and mobile-first content to free yourself so you can concentrate on what really matters.

Why am I mobilising?

Being mobile is an essential human quality of life requirement.

Mobilising your business will give you a more balanced life, which for highly effective people is the main goal.

“To live a more balanced existence, you have to recognize that not doing everything that comes along is okay. There’s no need to overextend yourself. All it takes is realising that it’s all right to say no when necessary and then focus on your highest priorities” – Stephen Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

Bringing a balance to my business is exactly the same as bringing a balance to my life. In this sense—I am my business. My business is not a separate entity that will control me or get out of my control. So I have the power to say no, but what to?


What really matters?

Having control of my business matters!

“It’s OK to have your eggs in one basket as long as you control what happens to that basket” – Elon Musk

I want to be free of restraint so that I can move in my intended direction. Not static. Not stuck. So what things am I going to mobilize (which have kept me stuck until this point):

  • My online presence (website, content, social media, online communications): so that they exclusively support me as I mobilise my business. Exclusively means—that this is their only. They are no longer used for marketing purposes, efficiency purposes, administrative purposes, and so on. (These are traditional ways of using these technologies—which have caused me to become stuck) So, from now on I am building mobile-first content and nothing more.
  • My customers (through mCommerce and mLearning): so that they can be mobile. When they interact with me they will not be stuck with traditional ways of doing business. In this way I am bringing real value to their lives by helping them to also mobilise their business.
    My resources (premises, finances, staff, inventory, suppliers): so that I can run my business while I am on the move.

What do I have to do to make this happen?

It’s more about what you have to stop doing: wasting time doing things that are not helping you to mobilise your business and your important ideas.

Do nothing that is not helping you to mobilise your business. Say no. Stop overextending yourself. Stop writing unnecessary content, posting random blogs, tweeting, filming videos, updating web pages and website designs, running around after clients, searching for new models and answers.

Stop all random publishing, responding and working online.

From now on think mobile-first. Ask “how will this help me to mobilise my business?”. Prioritize those activities that have the greatest mobilising impact, which:

  • provide you with direct and immediate income;
  • clinch a deal (not just bring you leads);
  • help you to marshal, bring together, prepare (power, force, wealth, resources, networks, content) for action;
  • are responsive and capable of moving or being moved readily

Beware of traditions. Those activities, mindsets and people who want to keep doing it the old way. These are now traps on mobility.

Author Dr Joanne Sullivan


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