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Is all fair in the world of business competition? It seems that at least one Coles store thinks so as they have blocked off one of their entrances to cut down the foot traffic to a popular local butcher that has been in business for over 26 years.

The fight spilt over to social media as politician Murray Cowper posted pictures and described how Coles was purposely trying to shuffle customers towards their own meat section and away from the local butcher.

In his Facebook post, bMurray wrote “Gee whiz Mr Coles. Why block the entrance into your store to channel shoppers into your meat departments 10% off sale at the expense of Andrew Thaw’s Pinjarra Meat supply?” He also added “Well I say, not shopping in your store this week! Supporting local business.”

Many have already lodged their support of the local butcher, but it could be too little too late. Pinjarra Meat Supply’s owner Anthony Thaw told Daily Mail Australia “I probably pay the dearest rent in the shopping centre and I rely on foot traffic, so it’s just frustrating”. He also added that the blocked entrance isn’t the only tactic used against him, “They’ve also put a 10 per cent off poster for their meats on the pillar nearest my business.”

Anthony keeps perspective about the ordeal, however, saying, “Keeping it context, if it wasn’t for Coles we wouldn’t have our business because we wouldn’t have the foot traffic in our area of the shopping centre, so it’s not really a major issue – it’s important for people not to get nasty.” Proving to be the gentleman in the matter, Anthony also spoke with the store manager telling him “I know it’s not you, I understand you’re just doing what you’re told”.

While the major supermarkets battle it out for market supremacy, do they really need to attack the small business that already have to struggle to compete? Is this a form of “corporate bullying”? Or is it “just business”?

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  1. Typically sneaky trick by one of the big two stores – shan’t be shopping in any of their branches from now on!

  2. How low can you go, that’s not fair competition and if you keep doing things like that you will end up on the skids like Wooworths and I’m laughing because I was one of the small businesses they put out of business It’s Karma and it will return to you Coles.

  3. Coles are getting more like Woolworths every day. I G A and Aldi are looking pretty good.

  4. The butchers have much nicer meat and reasonably priced, often with great specials, those tactics would not stop me from taking a few extra steps…but it might stop me shopping at Coles.

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    • I agree their meats not edible I can’t afford to shop in the butcher but have stopped buying it in coles I get some from wollies and other from bulk buy Buchers

  5. ho hum/ if he is THAT popular would not matter,. maybe just maybe Coles become tired of people shop lifting their products????? Reporters Never let the whole story get in the way

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    • Thats what security at the doors are for but that would probably cost too much for a multimillion dollar corporation hey

  6. Blocking an entry creates a fire haZard and should be removed. Talk to the local council and fire services.

  7. Blocking an entry creates a fire haZard and should be removed. Talk to the local council and fire services.

  8. I have been a Coles shopper for years and a once a month to Aldi. However if Coles use dirty tactics to the little man I just may have to change my shopping habits.

  9. Don’t know how anyone can buy meat from Coles. I stopped doing so some time ago after I purchased steak so tough you could not eat it even after brazing. Prior to that I had some corned beef that was absolutely terrible and sausages that even my dog would not eat.
    Local butcher where I am is great. Also never had a bad piece of meat from IGA or Aldi.

  10. Never underestimate your power as a consumer. Where you decide to spend your money counts.

  11. It is ANDREW not Anthony.
    Shame Coles Shame. You give to ‘worthy causes with your right hand, whilst crushing small business owners, hence pushing them to become one of your ‘worthy causes’.

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