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Calvin Klein is famous for pushing the boundaries when it comes to its clothes and its advertisements, but some are saying the company has gone too far with its latest campaign.

The attention-grabbing advert features a shot up the dress of a young women wearing Calvin Klein underwear and invites people to ‘take a peek’.

The ad has been branded as disgusting my thousands of angry people who say the woman in the photo looks more like a child than a grown adult.

There have been some who say the ad is a drawcard for peodphiles and point out that it’s this kind of media sexualises young girls and makes them a target for predators.

Take a peek: @karate_katia, photographed by @harleyweir for the Spring 2016 advertising campaign. #mycalvins

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Calvin Klein is yet to comment of the controversy, but has been backed up by a number of people who say it’s just ‘art’ and that everyone should stop being so uptight about it.

Over the years, the brand has incurred the wrath of other fashion houses and even former president Bill Clinton for its racy and sexualized ads.

Despite the backlash, the company has shown no signs of backing down and has continued to promote the campaign around the world.

What are your thoughts on this advertisement? Is it ok? Or is it inappropriate?

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  1. No – not art. Just targeting the lowest common denominator. Cheap, cruddy, vulgar, guess the product must be too. Won’t be buying it.

  2. Unnecessary., there are far better ways to promote your product. I suppose your thinking is well people are taking notice, got the consumer talking.cheap and nasty, find a classier way of selling your product. Show some respect.

  3. They have really over stepped the moral boundaries this time. Definitely not necessary.

  4. It’s making something that’s a crime seem okay. Who could think that’s okay?

  5. Its just plain rude! Encouraging perverts. The ad should be taken off.

  6. Gee, why are you all so boring…this is a fun, don’t take it so seriously, get a life, she looks great and you would see more “undies’ if you got of your butts and went down to the beach…cheap, nasty cruddy, encouraging perverts…come on!!!! SMILE at life it really can do you good….

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    • When I’m in a large shopping centre and see all the old blokes giving long, lingering looks at 14 year old girls in tiny skirts and short shorts, it really brings this sort of advert home, Peter. Bathers and bikinis belong at the beach, we know, because we DO “get off our butts” – but you can be arrested for taking photos up women’s skirts, so this is very, very wrong.

  7. I am broadminded and very tolerant but I think this is over the top and tasteless. Yes I also think it is a magnet for lowlifes.

  8. very poor taste I thought they had more class

  9. Why? Obviously this fashion brand is in deep trouble. It needs to shock and dismay.

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