British team suffers major airport fail after returning from Rio 3



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Great Britain did a wonderful job at the Olympics winning 67 medals overall, but it looks like they need to do a little more work when it comes to planning their airport performance.

The team arrived home this morning and like most people heading straight towards to the baggage carousel to pick up their luggage.

Unfortunately when they got there they realised that things were going to get a little tricky…

 Photo: Twitter: @NickDempsey1
“Mine’s the red one.” Photo: Twitter: @NickDempsey1

The entire team – made up of hundreds of athletes and officials – had the same red luggage.

The bags are part of the team’s official Rio merchandise and uniform and boy does it look like their going to regret that decision!

"Anyone seen my red bag?"
“Anyone seen my red bag?”

The athletes have been uploading pictures of the airport disaster, thankfully most of them having a laugh at the same time.

“Mine’s the red one,” wrote windsurfer Nick Dempsey in a selfie on his Twitter page.

"Red bags were everywhere. Took a while to find your bags even with name & sport tags." Photo:
“Red bags were everywhere. Took a while to find your bags even with name & sport tags.” Photo:

“Anyone seen my red bag?” asked rowing champ Alex Gregory.

“Finding my bag could prove more challenging than the racing,” joked rower Matt Langridge.

It apparently took the team over an hour to sort through it all and figure out whose bag was whose!

Looks like they won’t be making that mistake again!

Have you ever lost your luggage after a flight? Did this funny airport fail give you a giggle?

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  1. Yes, dinner in Perth, breakfast in Canberra, luggage in Cairns. To QANTAS’ credit, they couriered it more than 200 km up to the skifields for me. All’s well that ends well.

  2. My luggage left Alice Springs on a bus heading to Uluru. I got on a plane heading to Brisbane. Hotel staff chased down the bus, luggage put on plane, then couriered to Toowoomba. My luggage beat me home!!

  3. My luggage was been lost twice. 1st time Xmas coming home from Sydney the baggage carousel broke down I made it home and my luggage was delivered the next day with a tag saying “SORRY” I said to the guy who delivered it I bet you have been busy he said I am busy everyday as this happens all the time …won’t name the airline.. felt sorry for those on the plane with me many of them from overseas who were only staying 24 hours with no clothes.
    2nd time flew to Hervey Bay via Sydney and no luggage arrived. Very hard to get anybody to help are there is only one flight in and one flight out each day…got told OH WELL COME BACK TOMORROW AND MAYBE YOUR LUGGAGE WILL ARRIVE……as they closed the airport and asked us to leave….did arrive the next day and I was lucky I was staying with friends who could help me out with clothes……

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