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UPDATE: A search is on at Bondi Beach in Sydney after a man jumped into the waves at the Icebergs.

Surf lifesavers are flying overhead in a helicopter looking for the man, but visibility is low due to the rough waters.

The area has been slammed with huge waves and wild weather since storms hit over the weekend, with many of the local beaches and houses suffering extreme damage.


The floods across the country have taken a tragic turn, with reports three people have been killed and three are missing.

Police in the ACT have found the body of a 37-year-old man whose car was caught as he was trying to cross the flood waters in Canberra yesterday.

Meanwhile, NSW police have found the body of a 65-year-old man in Bowral and are still searching for a third body.

In Tasmania, police say they are searching for two elderly people – a man in his eighties thought caught by floodwaters in the upper Derwent Valley near Hobart.

They are also looking for a woman whose husband was picked up by a helicopter on the roof of their home at Latrobe in the north-west.

The floods waters are rising across the three states and territories with police warning people to take extra care and avoid the waters at all costs.

The water levels are on track to reach record highs, with calls from local councils for the federal government to step in and help.

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