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Our unemployment rate has been a worry for the Government for years but today’s news should put parliament’s mind at ease as well as ours – the unemployment rate has dropped from 6.3 per cent to 6.1 per cent.

Today’s shock drop in unemployment defied the predictions of economists who were sure that the unemployment rates would hold steady, so it is positive news indeed.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 37,700 additional jobs were created in March compared to February; full-time employment increased by 31,500 and part-time jobs edged higher by 6,100. That means the total number of employed Australians is at a new all-time record of 11,720,294.

NAB chief markets economist Ivan Colhoun spoke to Business Insider earlier today and said, “Australia currently has a record level of employment, with some 11.7 million persons employed, 151,000 higher than in February 2014″.

The unemployment rate is great news for our labour market, and those who struggle to find jobs, including over 60s.


Tell us today: do you have a job in your 60s? Or are you unemployed and looking for work? Is this positive news for you?

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  1. Unemployment when Tony Abbott got elected was 5.7 per cent, now it’s nearly at 6.1 per cent..that is not good we are nowhere down as low enough as when the ALP was in Government let alone doing better and getting more unemployed off newstart..another fail for this Government

  2. still way to high..Abbott promised to create 2 million jobs..instead hundreds of thousands lost their jobs

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    • unfortunately Abbott can not control the price of commodities, or the demand for wage increases therefore if a company can not pay their operating costs, doors will close.

  3. Double bonanza for the government coffers: more tax revenue and less unemployment benefits to pay.

  4. I see all the small businesses closing in this area and wonder at these stats and where all these jobs are.

  5. Love to know where they get their stats: from – folk being laid off in the mining sector and businesses closing down all through the Bowen Basin and other mining areas. Guess that doesn’t count.

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  6. Stacks of people underemployed getting only a couple of days a week or fluctuating work that gives them no certainty. Employment figures don’t cover those individuals struggling to get enough work to create a live for themselves.

  7. have been unemployed for 5 years stopped applying or looking 3years husband on age pension i need to be working / earning for another 2.5 years i’m not even registered because centrelink put me on a stream level that left me with no assistance from employment agents they told me i came with no funding so there was little they could do and most positions applied for were through them and of course they could see i was flying solo so anyone with funding took the priority –

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