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In some sad news to end our day, it has been confirmed that the Bali Nine duo, Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan, will be transferred to the execution island of Nusakambangan at noon tomorrow.

Momock Bambang Samiarso, Bali’s chief prosecutor, made the announcement after meeting with police, military and other officials and said the transfer would occur on Wednesday “siang”, or around noon. After the transfer, the men will be given 72 hours notice along with eight other felons. At this time they can see their families, lawyers and a religious leader before being killed in the night.

The grim news comes after weeks of pleas for clemency from six of our country’s Prime Ministers, as well as a public petition with more than 150,000 signatures, all of which have fallen on deaf ears. Julie Bishop and Tony Abbott were vocal in their condemnation of the planned executions and begged Indonesian president Joko Widodo to reconsider while they had time. Lawyer for the pair, Julian McMahon, told the media it was unbelievable whilst an appeal was before the courts.

There is now no hope left for the two Australian men, who have been in Kerobokan jail for nearly 10 years awaiting this day. It will be a mass execution, with 120 gunmen enlisted to carry out the capital punishment – 12 for each prisoner.

Many of us dreaded the day when the reformed drug smugglers would be taken to the island where they’d be executed, so now the day is upon us, there are still so many questions: what will their legacy be? What will these men leave behind? How can we all learn from this and what will the relationship be like between Indonesia and Australia now?

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  1. good riddens to the drug trafficas

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  2. Glad it is not my sons….what mother could say good riddance! .

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    • Have yu guys buried a child I have it’s the most disgusting thing to happen to a mum. Can hardly live

    • I too have buried one of my children Jenny Young and my heart breaks thinking of these boys and their Mum’s … I am sickened too by so many unfeeling comments,and cannot understand the lack of compassion

    • That’s not true let’s not blame the parents some kids are brought up in the best homes turn out to be the worst kind of kids gee u have not a nice word to say about any one

    • Jen that’s how I feel I don’t know what else to say except God bless their souls and their parents.

    • Penny Brown and people who take the drugs know what their doing too! It was a choice and Its illegal!!. If there wasnt a market, from these pitiful druggies this wouldn’t happen.

  3. They have done so much good inside the prison that they should not be executed. It is wrong! Australia has given so much in aid to Indonesia they should be able to show mercy in this case.

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    • Aynsley, I know some drug addicted, do you ???? How many more real victims would have been sacrificed had they gotten away with their crime ? How many times would they have repeated undetected ??? I dislike the death penalty; How many die from heroin overdose each day ??? Do you know how many die each day from this ????

    • Every bit of reform they have made of themselves would have been to benefit themselves & get their sentence lowered, again it’s all been about how they can benefit themselves & not out of concern for other people.

    • Bull twang only good they did was to try and convince people to let them out No!! As Lyn says it would be to benefit themselves !!!!

    • We all know someone who has been effected by drugs killing these young men will not help them It won’t stop them nor will it stop the trafficking of drugs it has not been effective in the past nor will it be effective now The death penalty is not justice it is revenge and it is judicial murder People at the jail have benefited from their actions people such as the governor at the jail have testified to this it is sad that people can believe that this can be justified

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      • I can’t believe that pple on this site could be so unforgiving my child was a heroin user for 15yrs is now leading a healthy wonderful life helping others this could have been a yet to come for my child .there is little heroin out there these days that is pure most overdoses are a combination of heroin and other depressive drugs which are legal like Valium alcohol sera pax etc the three main things that contribute to an overdose is using alone taking other depressant drugs and low tolerance. Also drugs touch all classes of lives it is not about having not good parents yes some parents are not great but the majority of parents are giving the best to their children. Kids take risks not just with drugs they see themselves as being invincible. These men have turned their life around and have gave help to others. Killing them is not going to stop others taking the same risks when you look at how many pple the Indonesians execute each year for drug trafficking it has deterred others or stopped the drug trade in their country. I am a lucky mother my child survived and has gone on to be a caring community mind person .it was a long journey for both of us but even though she choose to experiment with heroin she didn’t think it would take her life for so many years. And just to get the record straight drug dealers do not go out there trying to get kids on drugs they prefer to keep a low profile most pple who become dependant on drugs acquire there first drug use from a friend or friends I loathe drug dealers, but I believe that these men have made a difference and deserve to be given mercy and be able to help others in the prison. If they are executed why would anyone in their prisons try to rehabilate themselves if at the end of the day they are still going to be excuted

    • We shouldn’t judge this situation on what Australia has done for Indonesia, that isn’t even the issue, the issue is these guys broke the laws of the land and THAT is the issue, ok they have done some good in prison, and that is good and I feel for them and their families, but laws are laws. I don’t want my kids or grandchildren being put in jeopardy by any sort of drugs in Australia or overseas. The laws are in place for a reason!

    • Time execute all drug users don’t to think
      No drug users no drug traffickers it’s so simple to morons

    • The frug addicted made there own choice if it wasnt those drugs then it would be something else perhaps alcholor perscription drugs people who take drugs have a deeper problem driving to self destruct .no one is saying they should be free keep them in jail dont kill them thats murder

    • Well said Sue, Australia can’t give aid to countries then say if our citizens break the law in that country they don’t have to be punished the same as everyone else. Pity Australia doesn’t have the death penalty for drug dealers, they cause enough deaths and lost lives, until you have lost a child to drugs please don’t preach.

    • Peter marshal the drug addicted make their own choice to self destruct killing people wont stop the drugs

    • No they have got to get the ones at the top the dealers all Aussies should boycott Bali in protest against this awful case of murder

    • Well I refuse to boycott Bali because of this…I don’t agree with death penalty however I will chose which county I chose to visit , Balinese people and their country are not responsible for the actions of these boys..

    • No one forces a drug addict to take drugs, its a choice!!. So what makes them start taking the stuff in the first place as its illegal? There should be consequences for druggies too!

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      • Let me assure you Linda they do pay a price yes my child made a bad choice to experiment with drugs risky behaviour others may not take drugs but still make bad choices eg binge drinking jumping off cliffs speeding and so it goes but not one of these young pple would believe that their risky behaviour is going to have a negative impact on their lives or the lives of others. I wish that my child hadn’t decided for 15yrs to use heroin but she did I know one thing from having walked the walk and talked the talk with her on that journey that I am a more compassionate less judgement person then I was before the journey started. The fact is that there is doctors pilots nurses dentists taxi drivers housewives husbands and so the list grows that use illegal drugs and it never becomes pro magic for them only 10 percent of pple out of a hundred end up being long term users and have major problems with their drug of choice. My child survived I survived and society condemned us both remember but for the grace of God I go forth. I hope that you are never touched in your families by any form of drugs illegal or legal …..alcohol being the biggest problem wen it comes to it. But please try to remember that other families are walking this road alone or with their loved one and please try not to judge wen you haven’t a clue of the sadness that comes with this journey

    • Tonight l feel so sad for these boys and their families and their friends. I feel nothing for cold hearted people. I do not need to be told l am wrong to feel as l do. I am 66 and would like some respect for my opinion. I respect that there are people out there who do see things differently to me. I have never had a go at anyone who fits into this category. Please dont push your cold hearted ideas on me. Sorry but not interested.

    • I agree with you Dianne Gilian there is no need to execute them just leave them in jail that’s punishment enough in that hellhole they don’t execute there own they let that mastermind out after he helped murder all those Australians and people from other countries they are very corrupt in that country but yes the Balinese people are beautiful

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