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It seems as though the government has listened to us all. Today it was announced by Health Minister Sussan Ley that the changes we discussed here, would not go ahead and they have been “taken off the table.”

According to ABC News, the Minister said, “I have become aware of significant concerns and unintended consequences of changes to Medicare rebates scheduled to begin on Monday. I am deeply concerned by the misinformation that is causing confusion for patients and confusion for doctors.

“As a result, I’m announcing today that the changes to level A and B Medicare consultation items will not commence on Monday as planned.

“The Government is taking them off the table.”

The minister said she would now undertake “wide-ranging” consultation with doctors and the community across the country to come with “sensible options” for Medicare reform.

For once it seems as though the government has listened to the community – the public and professionals and has done something that is in their best interests. We hope that the “consultation” with doctors and the community goes ahead and a fair solution can be found.

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  1. Victory for the people!!! And the Labor party!!!!

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    • Well they have just bought themselves a whole truckload of more distrust and for what? they are sneeky and underhanded

    • At least they listened to the people. Did Juliar Gillard listen to the people with her carbon tax? No, she did not. Not only that, do you see the Liberals backstabbing each other the way Labor did? I don’t. They are united.

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      • Why not just stick to the point instead of going off on all of these deflections away from this governments failures. That is after all what the current stroy is about, not what Labor did 4 years ago.

    • Have you noticed Helen Joan Harmon, the majority of posts are from disgruntled labour people. Whilst I support liberal I do feel Tony Abbott is not PM material,

    • Many people here do not vote for the ALP, they vote Greens and Independents, Palmer and Pauline Handson..we are are a mixed bag

    • If you vote greens you may as well bury your head in the sand now cause they will wreak more havoc than any other party you have ever seen. They want to lock the country up so no one can use any of it for anything! Why do you think we have so many bush fires now…. Because they have stopped prevention burning. They reckon it harms the bush… What a load of dribble!

    • Hey you lot !!!!! Do you know it was scrapped because the lame brain Labour wouldn’t pass it……..keep you eyes on the big picture

    • yes I know..Labor is wonderful hey..they stopped the mad monk Cec and we are all happy about it

  2. Another ill conceived plan hits the scrapheap. How much did that cost the taxpayer??

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    • It didn’t cost the taxpayer anything as far as I am aware. I remember when Labor brought in Medicare. It was brought in to help people who could not afford to pay for private health cover. So not only did we pay private health cover (those who could afford it) but also for Medicare, thereby costing us more and the claims were less. Go figure that one.

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      • Helen, you are wrong about why medicare (originally Medibank) was brought in. And it is not the only thing you are wrong about.

    • Fact everything government does has a cost involved. Time spent on project ( policy development, costing etc) and promotion of policy.

    • Not so Helen, Medicare was brought in as a universal healthcare. I am happy to pay both for my health insurance and the levy because I can afford it. If everyone paid their fair share of income tax and corporate tax we would not have a problem.

  3. Well done Aus govt

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    • Don’t congratulate the Govt, it was a massive back flip brought about by the voters and the fear off losing ones seat.

    • Congratulate The Government!! get real they are the idiots who tried to tamper with it in the first place..congratulations to the Senate who decided to knock this scandalous plan on the head

    • Ok I’ll pull my head in. At least this unpopular move has been shelved for the present 🙂

  4. Don’t worry he’ll try to screw us another way to get what he wants.

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    • I am sick Lyn, in many ways it came at on opportune time, I was admitted to hospital Sunday night so I had a chance to the medical staff there and had been to my doctor today.. all said the same if this went ahead it would have been the end of bulk billing, doctors would have had no choice but to collect the fee at the surgery

  5. I am afraid that in a few years our medical system will implode. Having worked in the system and seen the abuse of medicare, the exorbitant charges of some doctors, the pay debarcle and the numbers of ways money is wasted in our health system, it cannot continue as it is without collapsing.

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    • If medicare were going to implode they would raise the levy, end of story.

      All this propaganda that people are believing is astonishing. Clearly people didn’t listen to or read Hockeys budget speech.

      The money they raise from changing the medicare system through co pay IS NOT going into medicare. It was initially to be put aside to build a twenty billion medical research centre in twenty years. Now no way are this lot going to be there in twenty years, so the money will just get swallowed up into general revenue and be spent. Perhaps on his war and his bulletproof cars he now fears he needs because of his stupid big mouth.
      Don’t listen to me, or the government, go read the speech for yourself.

    • And your an expert? when all the other experts say it can exist the same as it is now for at least another decade without doing a thing

    • mike here-maybe the gov could look at over- servicing by parts of the med profession & maybe streamline certain parts of the system. Fr’instance, I am on Warfarin for the rest of my life & require a blood test every month for the same amount of time, give me a card which entitles me to go to the lab & have the test without having to go to the doctor every month to get the form for the lab. Also the warfarin tabs I take 5 mg 2 mg &1 mg. Could I not get an endless script?

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      • I’ve just gone on a blood thinner called eliquis. It’s a fairly new one, but the upside is you don’t need to go each week/month to be tested. Worth a talk to your doctor about. Supposed to be better than warfarin .

    • You can’t get an endless script for any medication, June Denison/mike here. You need to have regular check ups.

    • June that is where a lot of the cost are getting eaten up, once you could ring your Doc for a repeatable on your scripts now if they haven’t seen you within the last three months you have to go to the Doc to get it, also with on going referrals, have to renew every twelve months, just 2 I know of, probable many more.

    • They wanted to address over servicing from Drs who see patients in 2 minutes and charge for a full consultation. That’s where a substantial amount of money goes. That was rejected today by the senate. Yes some scripts should be available on repeat although warfarin shouldn’t be one, because if there was a slip up by someone a patient could bleed to death it needs to be monitored constantly.

  6. Well, let’s be honest if Social media weren’t in existence they would never have taken it off the table.
    This is not about listening to the concerns of the people. This is about the concern of losing votes and nothing else.
    We will pay for this with some other hair brained scheme. You watch.

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