BREAKING: Armed man arrested at Disneyland Paris 7



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A man has been arrested at Disneyland Paris, after he was discovered to be carrying two handguns and a copy of the Koran.

Police say the 28-year-old had the weapons (including one automatic handgun) and religious doctrines concealed in a bag as he moved throughout a Disneyland hotel.

French government officials say they are also searching for a woman who may have accompanied the armed man.

France remains in a state of emergency after jihadists killed 130 people in Paris during November last year.

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  1. thank god they got these two, imagine the happiest place on earth used for fanatics to distort their religion

  2. It is the World we live in now but I think you will be find that more are murdered by people they know that what are killed in terrorist attacks. I am sure the French Government will make sure he does not see the light of day again.

  3. Please note that the Paris authorities have advised they are not considering this an act of terrorism.

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