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While this election has focused on the name Turnbull, Shorten, Hanson, and Hinch, there is one name that the coalition may need to make government; Katter.

Immigration is something that Bob Katter discussed during his two-and-a-half hour meeting with the current Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. Katter admits that he wanted immigration to be cut to “virtually nil”.

“The government has been bringing 620,000 people into Australia each year, into an economy that’s only got 200,000 jobs and over 200,000 school leavers,” Bob told the press. He continued “I mean, is this madness? The whole country’s economy must collapse. Clearly, half a million people are forced on to the dole each year as a result of the government bringing 620,000 people into the country.”

If it’s up to Bob he will limit immigration to Sikhs, Jews and Middle Eastern Christians. He stated “These are persecuted minorities, there’s no doubt – 84,000 Sikhs were killed in one year in India.” Bob’s plan “just makes sense” as he said his plan has the number to back it up. “As far as I’m concerned, it’s in line with the job creation, which would be down to 100,000 and if you go to persecuted minority groups, and I’ll be very specific – the Christians in the Middle East, the Jews in the Middle East and other parts of the world, and the Sikhs in India – they will fill your 100,000, no trouble” he told the press.

The immigration issue is a hot button that will continue to provoke discussion no matter what party wins the election.

What do you think about what Katter had to say? Do you agree? Do you believe he’s off the mark?

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  1. OMG and we have these people running our country. Come on. Australia is multicultural and we ALL bleed red blood. That makes us all the same. GOD did not discriminate nor should we

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    • You my dear lady are a fool. We may bleed the same, but the ideologies are so far removed it isn’t funny. This ideology will not stop until there are no “disbelievers”! I am a christian, but I have my eyes open, as versus your eyes wide shut.

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      • What a load of rubbish! As someone posted recently, there are over a billion Muslims in the world, and if they wanted us dead, we would be dead already. Your Christianity is supposed to teach you tolerance and freedom from fear. There are extremists in all religions, and we should not judge all others by the few.

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    • That’s all very motherhood and apple pie. While we all bleed red blood, that’s where the similarities end. Acceptance of our way of life and our culture and laws should be a pre-requisite for immigration. We shouldn’t have to adapt to their customs, culture and way of life. If we wanted to do that, we could go and live in their country.

    • are you nuts, we don’t need radical muslims in Australia. Katter and Pauline are the only two politicians talking sense at the moment. Do you want Australia to be like the rest of the world, nowhere is safe now.

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      • Very encouraging to read that like Pauline and Bob there are also other realists of substance out there,patriotic souls that use logic,common sense and the facts that history provide for guidance of the wise when planning the future of our country and that of our children. As for those opposing logic, ? well we can only question whether their education,foresight and comprehension including polys match the positions they hold.

    • You are SO wrong! Got to have people that will fit into society and integrate, and not threaten to kill everyone!
      And If you want to talk about God, read the Bible first so you know what you talking about!

    • I agree 100 percent, but here’s a challenge to you, let’s meet at the top of the main street in lakamba on any Friday night you want, then you wrap an Australian flag around you, then you ATTEMPT to walk to the bottom of the street, that’s if you make 50 metres then tell everyone about Multiculturalism,

    • Multiracial, not multicultral. We are not treted the same as the religion og peace.

    • Discrimination no and discernment definitely. ……yes!!!

    • God does not discriminate, but Mohammedans do.

    • Hitler bled red blood too. A bit like Islam. You didn’t follow nazism you were exterminated. You don’t follow Islam you must be butchered

    • He is right and remember one thing in the Quran it clearly states muslim must not make friends of Christians or Jews, secondly Communist China i am told is sending their army in here via bogus passports, bogus students and work visas,so yes he is right

    • God may not discriminate but ISIS and their followers certainly do. Not every Muslim may be a terrorist but all terrorists are Muslim. I totally agree Muslim immigration from wherever should be stopped forthwith, they have not and will not integrate into western society.

    • YES, we should discriminate, we discriminate on what we’ll have for dinner, what movie we’ll go see, some people should be considered NOT eligilbe to get in, especially those that follow a pedophile prophet and are causing mayhem around the world, and it’s not the Buddhits or Hindu doing that, there is only ONE totalitarian, misogynistic, narcissistic, sociopolitical, oppressive belief system that should NEVER be allowed into the country, I love multiculturalism, but this mob are not worth it, they keep showing you who they are – believe them

  2. OMG and we have these people running our country. Come on. Australia is multicultural and we ALL bleed red blood. That makes us all the same. GOD did not discriminate nor should we

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    • Agreed as long as no more sandmaggots get into the country.

    • God did not ask you to put your head in the sand, or clouds. Reality is staring at you. Katter is spot on and thank god he is standing up for us.

    • Sorry but God did discriminate if you believe the bible. Ask Noah.

    • Wake up Margatet multiculturalism does not work!!

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      • There are those of us that are either agnostic or atheist and don’t believe in your God or if he discriminated or not.

    • I actually think multiculturalism is great , but do not bring in one more Muslim and multiculturalism relies on integration and they will never ever ever do that. So please , do not bring one more Muslim here and give real consideration to banning Islam as it is as much a religion as greyhound racing – not a hint of religion.

    • It’s true we all bleed red but there are only so many jobs and so many people paying tax to support the welfare state. Money is not infinite and I’m sorry but we must care for our on first. Also there are whole communities of non muslims that are actually being slaughtered and can never remain in the middle east why aren’t we helping these people. There are many very very rich middle eastern countries tht xan and should be shelteing their own.

  3. He,s right on the money,just hope he can put a stop to the Muzzie Lovers in parliament,both Federal and State.

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    • Have to agree with Mr Katter to a certain degree. But Immigration MUST be cut until Australia gets back out of debt

  4. Why bring anyone in if there are so many on the doll?.

  5. Bob is Spot on, but he’s going to up to the WRONG Side of the fence to get his point of view across
    Does he really think the Libs will respect his point of view they just want his hand up for them
    Well here’s my hand up for Bob with my MIDDLE Finger pointing up

  6. I don’t believe our economy & welfare system can support the number of refugees and immigrants coming here each year. We may have to take a hard line to save ourselves for the long term good of all Aussies !!!

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    • that’s the only way, I agree!
      It would be different, if Migrants could look after themselves financially and get a job! But even then, it would be a job less for an Australian Worker, so no Migrants untill we have paid our debts off P l e a s e !!!

  7. Australia already had its own refugees. Aren’t our homeless refugees in their own country. Don’t they deserve refuge. What type of society are we that we forsake our own because they are in need. Take care of these people first. After that we should only take in
    The people of persecuted groups whose lives are at risk. Why risk the destabilization of our country to please the UN.

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    • Wise words Narelle !! I also agree with Bob. Multiculturalism does not work if you just let anybody in. You need to be selective about who you admit to this beautiful country and who you turn away. Why bring in people who have no intention of assimilating or contributing positively to our national and culture.
      Time to withdraw our signature from the UN. They are warmongers.

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    • Good comment our homeless should be addressed before any other decisions are made and it disappoints me to see that no major government here even offers any solution to this problem
      What’s wrong with looking after our own first

  8. Saddly this man has got it all wrong. We are supposed to be humane, caring and just. I feel devistated by the stupidity of these so call politicians who are charged with the greatest responsibility representing the people and only think of themselves and the minority. Katter, Hanson, Bishop, Abbott, are hell bent on destroying good governance.

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    • None of the listed names above are representing me in the slightest! Our country is so fast sliding into a very dark space considering this dislike for refugees, other religions and races.

    • Wake up and look at the real world. The human population plague is out of control. Turning Australia into a third world country doesn’t help anyone.

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      • Perhaps we should look at places like London and Paris and then decide if multiculturiem is a great idea.
        It’s nice to help others but like the great first aid responder first action – is it safe to help or am I just sacrificing myself and not helping anybody. Help but let’s be realistic as to who we can help safely.

    • Yes, he has it wrong my backside. If so why has he and his father been the elected reps in Qld for the last 30 years ? Because they actually listen to their constituents instead of a few rowdy leftist wannabes.

  9. We have too few jobs available and 1.1 million 457 visa holders currently in Australia.
    I’m not against immigrantion. I’m against businesses bringing in workers on false pretences paying them loose change when we have unemployed Australians.
    This government will not stop the abuse of the 457 Viss program.

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    • There will be a lot more now that the Chinese own so many of our farms. They will bring their own people to work the farms to feed their own people and then we will be in big trouble

  10. I wonder how our economy and welfare system is going to cope with the influx of illegal immigrants. Our own people should come first. The veterans who fought for this country should be first to get houses and jobs for resettlement, and their health should be looked after for life. The homeless need to be housed and fed and their mental health sorted so they too can get their life back on track. The young people need to be encouraged in achieving and not being deflated because they see the jobs going to all the immigrants. I think Bob Katter is correct in saying what he said, we need people who are an asset to this country and who will assimilate into our culture not bring theirs and try and force it onto us.

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    • I agree. They should realise it’s a mistake to open wide the doors to immigration. Look at ALL the problem France and europeen countries encounter. It’s been a Muslim. Invasion and they dictate their needs (halal in school canteen, private session in public pools, no Xmas feast or anything to do with Christianity allowed etc etc.). I saw the HUGE problem 1rst hand. We ONLY need migrants who blend with our ways of life….

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      • Absolutely agree. Katter & Hanson need the support of our Nation to put things right. Look after our own. Respect our elderly, our veterans and our young coming through need to feel there is jobs for them and hope for their future. Close our borders until we are sorted. It’s could be cheaper to relocate our own people to where they are needed; then immigrate others with all the other issues and problems that are now apparent.

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        • stop bringing in people from the middle east, they NEVER integrate, they NEVErRwill be australians in their heart, THEY are formostly Muslims, will never bow their heads to Australia will NEVER honour our Laws, will never be an enrichment for this country!

  11. finally someone with sensible views to immigration. I’ve always said yes to it but be selective and if a certain minority group don’t like it then they are quite welcome to leave to go help those it other countries. Muslims aren’t being persecuted as are the Christians, Jews and Sikhs. well done and said Bob.

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    • He has just ticked all of the boxes…
      Makes perfect sense and spells common sense.

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