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It’s been one of the most heated debates in parliament in the last two years Tony Abbott’s been in office but now Bill Shorten has gone on the record to say that the Coalition’s policy of turning back the boats had worked.

This could be the nail in the coffin for the Opposition leader as he already is facing doubts over his leadership.

Last night on ABC’s 7.30, Mr Shorten said, “I can no longer escape the conclusion that Labor, if we form a government, needs to have all the options on the table”.

“It’s not easy, though, because it involves the admission, I think, that mistakes were made when Labor was last in government.

“If I want to be the leader of this nation, I’ve got to be able to face the truth and the truth for me is that if we have policies in place which gives sustenance and support to people smugglers to exploit vulnerable people, where they put these vulnerable people on unsafe boats and then people drown at sea, I can’t support any policies which do that”.

ALP MP Andrew Giles has said that the change of heart will be fought at the very least by him: “I will be arguing for a policy that does not support turn-backs”.

“I’m concerned about the breach, as I see it, of international law”.

Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young said Mr Shorten was making a big mistake.

“All it [the turn-backs policy] does is push vulnerable refugees over the horizon to die in somebody else’s waters,” she said.

“Many Labor supporters will be heartbroken”.

According to Paul Power from the Refugee Council of Australia, Mr Shorten and his immigration spokesman Richard Marles, are “pandering to the politics of fear”.

“The Australian Labor Party, which aspires to be a party of the centre, is being asked by its leader to abandon its principles of fairness, compassion and respect for international law and copy the Liberal-National Coalition’s policy of forcing back people seeking protection from persecution,” Mr Power said.

It looks like we may just have to wait and see what Labor does and if this will upset voters or get them on side.

Mr Shorten later said that despite turning back boats, he is interested in potentially increasing Australia’s refugee intake.

“We’ll have more to say on this … I do believe we can probably take more refugees”.


Over to you: Do you think this backflip on everything Labor stands for is going to work out?


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  1. Harsh but turn them back or we will have a country full
    Of non English speaking medieval morons taking the country back 300 years !!
    The mere fact they arrange marriages , cut off clitorisis. Pour petrol and set alight to there own children if they don’t conform to there cultural laws back home , wear clothes that look like like dustbin bags and many other things , do we really want that in today’s Australia ??

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    • I agree. If they are so persecuted how come they so much money to pass through so many countries to get to Australia, then complain about everything provided for them. Wouldn’t it make sense to stay in the first country that provides harbour for them ? And if it is so bad where they come from, why do they want to re-create that culture here ?? Doesn’t sound like rational thinking to me. We really don’t need that sort of irrational and intolerant immigrant here. They do not integrate into our society as their values are oil to our water.

    • As opposed to all of the moronic ‘Take Back Australia’ rednecks who already live here I suppose. Ignorance is one thing, but prejudice is an ugly word and ugly in action.

  2. Bill Shorten is a drowning rat clutching at straws aka some other parties policies. After the shellacking he’s taken recently over his dishonest union dealings anything would be acceptable to him to try and salvage his political career. When the dust has settled he can line up behind Tony Rabbot for a dual testicle implant.

  3. Interesting. .where are all the very vocal labour supporters today.The silence is deafening.

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  4. I’m disgusted with him. There is no opposition in Australia. We desperately need a third viable party and have done for decades. One that’s progressive, has new ideas, cares for Australians and the environment and one that cares about us having a decent reputation on the world stage. Third world countries are taking far more asylum seekers than we are – and in many cases it’s our military interference in their countries that have caused the decimation of their lives. We are such a bunch of scaredy cats in this country. Though I understand Tony Abbott’s scaremongering would appeal to a certain type. We don’t deserve this wonderful country any more than an asylum seeker wanting to come in. We are just fortunate enough to have been born here. *And that makes us feel so superior, so deserving, to the exclusion of the less fortunate.* Even if their being less fortunate is our fault.

  5. We need politicians who are brave enough to admit when they are wrong and willing to adopt good ideas no matter who thought of them first. A media that didn’t call every change of mind a “backflip” and pretend that it was a sign of weakness also, would be a benefit.
    Who wants someone who dreams up a stupid idea and then implements it because they are afraid of the media’s reaction?

  6. Turn back is good policy but too little, too late. Should have started it in 1788.

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    • Turned back to where? Why. This land mass has progressed more in the past 200 years than the preceding 40,000.

  7. We must continue to turn the boats back, our Australia is already in difficulty from illegals who do not wish to work and are very willing to bleed our system dry.

  8. It’s apparent he has just been briefed by our security spooks and now knows the truth about why illegal immigrants attempt to sneak in the back door with no identification. And they pay 10 times the cost of an economy class flight which they could catch easily and overstay the visa like most illegal immigrants. Hellloooo, ask yourself why. It’s time some of these bleeding hearts put their money where their mouth is and sponsored some of these illegal immigrants, or are they only interested in sponsoring rich Chinese.
    It might be a different story if the illegal immigrants were their responsibility. And stop calling them asylum seekers…they are illegal immigrants.

  9. I reckon that should Labor get back in and he is still their leader, he will do a Krudd/Julia Gillard and change his mind again and decide he is against towing the boats back. The bleeding hearts will loudly support him and we will be right back where we started. There does not appear to be enough money in the coffers to support people already here, let alone allowing in more who will be dependent on hand-outs.

  10. ……Turn back the boat policy will be null and void when TONY ABBOTTS free trade agreement starts ,they will just have to get on a china flight to aus no questions asked..and not many skills required. either.

  11. That’s a laugh, as ‘Tony’ himself wouldn’t know the right thing to do if he fell over it in broad daylight! And Shorten is agreeing with him, figures! What a pair of dorks.

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