Bette Midler reveals her 30 year marriage only lasted for the sake of their daughter 70



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After 30 years of marriage,Bette Midler and her husband Martin von Haselberg know a thing or two about making it work. But an appearance on Good Morning Britain has made me wonder – how many of us have done the same thing as them?

She responded to the question”how have you maintained your longevity?” with the answer, we never see each other! No, he really is the wind beneath my wings, he has looked after me for many, many years, he’s sacrificed a lot. We used to fight bitterly, we came to the conclusion that we wanted to raise a child, we wanted to raise a really wonderful child, we never wanted to hurt that kid in any way and we stayed together until it got better, and it did get better and it was really fascinating.”

Everyone goes through something of a bad patch in their relationship and for some couples it rears its ugly head a few times over the long years. But if we really do fight through it, do we find happiness?

Today we want to know, have you stayed together for a child? Did it actually strengthen your relationship and help you to reconnect or was it not so successful for you? Tell us in the comments below… 

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  1. Don’t agree. You stay together not because you want to raise a child, one stays because they want one another for ever and ever.

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  2. Midler had the money and lifestyle to accommodate that decision! Not living in a 3 bedroom in the suburbs and also only 1 child!! Not reality at all!

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    • Everything in the world of celebrities is easy … including divorce, and most couples don’e appear to worry if it’s one child or four or five. So I would say it was a conscious decision they made and that is reality, not living in the fairyland of too much money and do whatever takes your fancy. She didn’t HAVE to stay. They worked at their relationship. I’d definitely call that reality. Good for them!

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      • It takes 2 to tango. Both parties have to want to be in & save a marriage. At 24, I was left with 4 little boys. (Yep. I was a child bride) Happily, I found the right man soon after and we have been married over 39 years.

  3. Staying together because you love respect and care for each other. Having someone you love to be with every day helps to make it easy.

  4. My Mum and Dad, I believe, stayed together for the sake of my brother and I. A mother who had to go out to work to support my brother and I. A father who failed to show any emotion towards any of us. When he did show some interest in me, just before he died, I rejected him harshly because I was not accustomed to him showing me he cared. He was able to show emotion to others (cousins) but not to his own sons.

  5. Every time I go into read one of your posts the ‘join the over sixties drop down box’ will not go away, no matter how many times I tap on the not now or the x. Is there problem? Cheers.

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  6. ‘For the sake of her daughter’? Failed marriages never drag on for the sake of children. Staying together is never the better option for children.

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    • Did you read the story? They made it work and they’re happy. I don’t advocate staying together for the children as the better option in most cases, but in theirs it was, so good for them. And a lot of women stay not for the cjhildren, but because it’s “convenient.” That’s a far less honest option, in my opinion!

    • I think it is the best option Maureen. It takes both partners to make it happen though…might as well end it otherwise.

  7. Well, I split up for the sake of my children. My son told me…after we split up “I’m glad daddy isn’t living with us, because when you thought I was asleep I could hear daddy being nasty to you”.

  8. Yes Chris if we all walk away at the first hurdle, not staying and making it work it is so easy to walk. A away these days not years ago and she had money but she stayed

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    • Walking away and taking every responsibility that goes with that decision is possibly the hardest thing a young mum will ever face, so no judgement on that thanks !

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