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We have to say, Bette Midler has been quite focal of late, with her Kim Kardashian rant and her tweets about Justin Bieber. Now, the Hollywood star has given her two cents on the removal of Gen Y rapper Azealia Banks from Twitter.

The 25-year-old American singer launched a racist tirade on former One Direction member Zayn Malik last week and her account was deactivated as a result.

Bette didn’t defend the actions of Ms Banks but did question why Twitter was being selective in who they choose to remove for racist remarks.

She wrote: Twitter deactivated Azealia Banks’ account for homophobia & racism? So why is Donald Trump still here?

The tweet has since gone viral with over 34,000 retweets.

African-American Azealia Banks tweeted some awful things about Malik, seemingly out of nowhere. She called him a ‘f**got’, ‘p*ki’ and a refugee, however he did not dignify her insults with a response.

Donald Trump is well-known for his remarks which he plasters all over his Twitter account that boasts 8.3 million followers. He seems to have removed some of the worst ones however he is still allowed free reign on his account.

Azealia’s account is still blocked, but she is able to use her Instagram. She apologised for her horrible outburst:


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Tell us, do you think Donald Trump should be removed from Twitter?

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