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The Federal Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce has come out swinging against his own Coalition, declaring that “the world has gone mad” after the approval of the controversial Shenhua Watermark coal mine in his NSW electorate of New England.

The mine will be situated on the Liverpool Plains, 25 kilometres south-east of the northern NSW town of Gunnedah.

I think it is ridiculous that you would have a major mine in the midst of Australia’s best agricultural land

The Shenhua Watermark coal mine was conditionally approved by Environment Minister Greg Hunt on Wednesday, despite his parliamentary colleague Joyce some time ago labelling the Chinese government-owned firm as “an absurdity”.

I’ve done everything in my power to try and stop the mine … I think the world has gone mad when apparently you cannot build a house at Moore Creek because of White Box grassy woodlands but you can build a super mine in the middle of the Breeza plains.

Despite his strong words against the $1.2 billion project, State and federal Greens MPs have still accused Mr Joyce of failing to protect his own constituents.

Joyce will soon likely face opposition from another front, with former independent MP Tony Windsor discussing taking on Joyce for the New England electorate in the next election.

I haven’t ruled it out, haven’t ruled it in, it’s a possibility.

Windsor retired as the member for New England before the 2013 election, and was one of those responsible for delivering a Labor-party victory in the extremely tight finish of the 2010 election.

Do you admire Barnaby Joyce for putting his local constituents first, in front of his Coalition colleagues? Are we ruining land for growing our own food in the scramble for Chinese cash?



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  1. I take back any bad thoughts that I had about you Barnaby

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    • he is trying to save his seat but I think it is probably to late for that, he should have objected before this was passed

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      • I agree Libbi. He’s desperate as he can see himself losing his seat and be out of Parliament and losing all his perks!!!

  2. Funny isn’t it?
    Normally when I listen to Barnaby speak, I think the world has gone mad.

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    • Tony Windsor is a big threat to Barnaby, there an exist poll done before Tony Windsor retired and he would have won the seat again hands down, Barnaby has more acesss to the Government than any Independent MP and what has he done before this was passed.. nothing

  3. Time he got serious about his political status

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    • It’s a bit difficult when another senior polly ignores him and signs the mine into being behind his back.

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      • It’s his job to keep his eye on the ball as he’s the agriculture Minister.
        He’s paid to know what’s going on and should be working for his constituents. He’s known this was coming and didn’t really argue too hard before it was a fait accompli.
        Now he’s bleating loudly when it’s too late!!

  4. Yes, the world has gone mad. It was politicians who made it that way. By the way Mr Joyce while you are protecting your own backyard help us protect our backyard (Northern Rivers) from coal seam gas mining too please.

  5. It’s about time somebody with balls spoke up. We should never ever sell freehold land to Any foreign person or company, for Any Reason, mining or pastoral.

  6. I have to agree with him. All our prime farming land being taken up with houses, now mines, we won’t have any food producing land left soon, then we will have to import all our food. No thanks.

  7. Mining companies have MORE CLOUT than the sitting member of Parliament…?? why is that of no surprise ?.its going to look absolutely fabulous ..another big scar on the landscape and all that coal dust ..!! that’s going to ” Taste great from THAT food bowl ” ..!!! the shit ,the dust ,the noise ,Somebody got paid a ” BIG BACKHANDER ” ….

  8. About 2o yrs too late Barnaby
    You and the Nationals the so called representatives of farmers and country people have been become the party of big business
    Good luck at the next election !

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  9. A coal mine opening up anywhere in the world when we have Wind and Solar everywhere, wake up people for goodness sake. If it is to go overseas then no difference wake up, this should be the last thing we allow in this country. Stand up and be heard we only want things in this country that WILL NOT HURT THE LAND AND THE ATMOSPHERE GOT IT. Keep going as you are and the next election will be the worst defeat you have ever seen.

  10. Yes, Mr Joyce, the world has gone mad and you and your LNP cronies are the kings, presidents and jokers of that madness. Happy with what you have achieved while in Office? We’re not.

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