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After a while of laying low, Barnaby Joyce has had an interesting 2015 so far, with the Johnny Depp dogs saga bringing the Federal Agriculture Minister back into the limelight.

And now he has said that making same sex marriage legal would be a “decadent” move in the eyes of our neighbouring Asian countries. You see, our cattle exports to Asia are at an all-time high and marriage equality would make them think differently of us.

This statement comes after frontbencher Senator Eric Abetz said last week that if Asian countries didn’t accept same sex marriage as legal, then we shouldn’t either – we want to maintain our good relationship.

Barnaby Joyce seems to agree with Senator Abetz – if we were to allow same sex couples to wed, it would show we were in a state of moral decline.

“Eric is right in saying where we live economically is south east Asia, that’s where our cattle go,” Mr Joyce told the ABC’s Insiders program.

“When we go there, there are judgments whether you like it or not that are made about us.

“They see us as decadent”.

Insiders host Barry Cassidy asked: “So would they see us embracing gay marriage as decadence?”

“I think that in some instances they would, yeah,” Mr Joyce replied.

He added he did not believe marriage should be redefined by the legislation, the ABC reports.

“I don’t think if you go and pass a piece of legislation and say a diamond is a square makes diamonds squares — they’re two different things,” he said.

“It’s not making a value judgement about either”.

Mr Joyce also said he viewed marriage as “a process that’s inherently there for the support of … or the prospect of … or the opportunity of children”.

“I think that every child has a right, absolute right to know her or his mother and father and also … should be given the greatest opportunity to know their biological mother and father,” Mr Joyce said.

It’s a controversial opinion, and again makes it abundantly clear that many in the Government’s ranks do not want to see our rainbow flags fly.


We want to know this evening: Would we look decadent if we said ‘yes’ to marriage equality?

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  1. Can’t wait to see him crucified on QnA on Monday night. Of course we are all aware that this carefully timed sideswipe will ensure that nothing else related to the Abbott Govt mismanagement of this country will get any air time. Fascists in charge always plan ahead each little skirmish. Boom there goes another grenade. Carol Foster needs to publicly shame her brother. But she is powerless.

    7 REPLY
    • I don’t listen to a word he says …… thanks for the reminder, I’ll be listening tomorrow night, this could be interesting, I look forward to it hahaha

    • Watching him get red in the face and spittle gathering around the corners of his mouth is well worth watching. He could well burst an Aneurysm if we are lucky.

    • He is trying to take care of a very important industry that helps pay Australia’s way (make some dollars). Who do you want in charge?

    • Nice one robina.your thoughts are what i feel.i get so angry.this is a dredful government. If they get another 3 yrs heaven help us all

    • Lynne he needs to stick to his brief then. And stop showing this country what a tool he is being manipulated by the party by playing the game of demanding his freedom while implying that ‘some Asian countries will be offended by gay freedom. Please try to understand how he is playing us! He could care less about Asian sensitivities.

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      • AHow sensitive were the “Asians”…(Indonesians),to Australians, when they executed two of our young men..who had been rehabilitated??? We owe them nothing,….many really corrupt/cruel things happen in their countries all the time…..None of their business what we make legal in our Country….

  2. he is sooooooooo stupid, and anti gay, thats what I think, who cares what other countries think, we are ourselves, since when are we told what to do by other countries, omg so stunned about this

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    • Being against gay marriage does not mean one is anti Gay! Far from it! People do though have the right to say No to changing the marriage act, if they truly feel it is wrong!

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      • You are so right, Molly. But people are slandered by pro gays for giving their opinions. Let both sides have their say without the gays bashing anyone who would like to leave marriage as it is. I don’t believe the majority of people in Australia want gay marriage. I would like to know if these so called polls were taken in inner Melbourne and inner Sydney. They are sure not typical opinions that I hear in ‘wider Australia’.

  3. It needs to be made legal a sap don’t worry what other countries think have a bit of spine

  4. I hope they ask him how the National Party has been counting the votes in the western shires for ages. Keeps the local councils in work woops i mean money.

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