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Here’s a giggle for you. Just when you thought the “War on Terriers” couldn’t get any more ridiculous, here’s Barnaby Joyce… in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Canine Calamity.

The YouTube clip, which was aired on ABC’s Insiders on Sunday night, is doing the rounds on social media. It features the Agriculture Minister’s head spliced into a mock-Pirates trailer spouting one-liners about Johnny Depp’s dogs, which were deported on Friday night after being smuggled into the country in Depp’s private jet.

Poor Barnaby Joyce, who – to be fair – had a point about stars flaunting the rules and those adorable Yorkies being a threat to Australia’s local fauna, comes off the fool.

After being told off by Joyce playing a soldier, a trite Depp, in character as Captain Jack Sparrow, mutters,  “I’m very sorry, I didn’t know”.

As Captain Jack chases a pooch, Joyce can be heard ranting that not even someone who’s been The World’s Sexiest Man twice should be allowed to breach Australia’s quarantine laws.

The clip was created by Huw Parkinson who recently complied a mash up of Star Wars and Christopher Pyne’s declaration, “I fixed it”.

Do you think Barnaby Joyce did the right thing? 


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  1. Depp should have been charged with smuggling. Did these mutts have rabies.

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    • they don’t have rabies.. they would have been stopped from going back into the USA..the whole thing was a beat up to distract from the budget

    • The USA and the whole world are aware now, these dogs will be checked and if there was any doubt of rabies..Joyce should have had them quarantined immediately, instead of letting them run around in a house for days

    • Dog owners who love their animals, (and obviously Mr. Depp is one) have their dogs vaccinated against rabies in the States – and had they had it, they would have been displaying signs of it – it’s a pretty obvious disease! Mr. Joyce’s words were not those of a diplomat or statesman – just another little distraction from the rest of the woeful Government. Mr. Depp has declined to comment, good on him!

  2. Still want to know why there was no Customs stopping their entry

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    • Not deemed to be a risk, so customs ‘trusted’ him and his entourage to not have Cocaine on board and to be up to date with our Quarantine rules! Cost to save their lives, $400K !! To return them quick smart back to the US. Obscene wealth! But will he have to pay Fines. Probably not.

  3. GOOD on you Barnaby….who do these people think they are…FFS.

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  4. I saw it on insiders I thought it was very funny..can’t wait till this film comes out, I will be going to see it as soon as it does

  5. Barnaby Joyce proved again what sort of idiot he is by opening his mouth on TV. No different to Abbott or Hockey or Morrison or any of them really though I guess. Seems to be a pre requisite for the job.

    10 REPLY
    • yeah,I agree,lets import more diseases into the coiuntry because some arrogant so called celebrity wants to knowingly claunt out quarntine lews,we really NEED rabies on of

    • You, Gregory, are not kind, caring and considerate or you wouldn’t be criticising the Minister for Agriculture and Customs for doing his job in trying to keep unwanted diseases and pests out of our country.

    • Gregory, Barnaby Joyce had a job to do and one of them is protecting our own dogs from rabies. Johnny Depp had no right to import his dogs into Australia without proper authorisation so I do not agree with your comment.

    • I am not disagreeing with Barnaby doing his job at all you lot of presumptive right wing people. What I am actually wishing to complain about is his use of language or should I say his poor use of language in this case. Like most or all LNP representatives on the TV he shows no level of diplomacy and wonders why people react badly to his statements. He is no better than Abbott, Hockey, Morrison, either Bishop etc etc. The list in that camp is long and distinguished. In fact I think you lot having a go at me should add yourselves to that list. All too ready to abuse someone before putting your brains into gear.

    • Well Joseph Sanders? Reginald Petterson? Judy Green? Jane Whitfield? Helen Williams?
      Quick to go off at someone without putting your brains into gear hey and then you can’t even back up your statements with an educated response.
      Typical of you Rightwing know-it-all psychics. Hahahaha.

  6. who cares about Johnny Depp he broke the law take your punishment & move so over all the free publicity they are getting

  7. very funny and I think Joyce showed little diplomacy in handling the whole issue

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    • we don’t know that do we, because Depp was smart and has not commented, we all aware the dogs should not have been in the country, but a little tact please !!

    • It wouldn’t have hurt Depp to have issued some sort of statement – even just a short apology would have been nice. But no … continuing the rudeness.

    • Judy Depp is making a movie that will be a blockbuster world wide.. he would have instructed by the studio to say nothing..but he may have something to say after the film has been released

  8. He’s only doing his job. Why should Johnny Depp be treated differently to anyone else just because he’s mega rich.

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