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One of Melbourne’s biggest banks is in trouble with customers over a sign it made and taped to its front window.

The Bank of Melbourne is copping major backlash on social media after a woman snapped a photo of the sign and shared it on her Facebook page.

The sign read: “Due to an inconsiderate person using the foyer as a place to live and litter, we are having to close this part of the branch until further notice.

“Bank of Melbourne customers are welcome to use the ATM at the corner of Hopkins and Nicholson St.”

The woman who shared it, Gemma Cafarella, uploaded the photo with a message saying how disgusted she was.

“You refer to an ‘inconsiderate’ person who has been so selfish as to be homeless. WOW,” she said.

“I don’t know if the fat cat bankers at the Big 4 (let’s face it, you’re a rebranded portion of Westpac) are aware of the realities of homelessness, but let me give you a few stats.

“More than 20,000 Victorians are currently experiencing homelessness; 33 per cent of those people are homeless because of family violence; mental and physical health issues are intricately linked to homelessness; and it almost seems too simple to have to explain, but sleeping rough is dangerous.

“To think that the biggest victim in the scenario described in the sign is the bank demonstrates a fairly startling disconnect between your bank and the struggles of people who are experiencing disadvantage. You are out of touch.”

She also pointed out that earlier this year the Bank of Melbourne sponsored the Melbourne City Mission’s Sleep at the ’G event to help break the cycle of youth homelessness.

Since the photo has been uploaded it has received hundreds of comments from people saying how disgusted they are with the bank.

The abuse got to be so much that the bank issued an apology on the Facebook post.

“We have had this brought to our attention, and thank you for also letting us know,” they wrote.

“Furthermore we apologise for any offence taken as this was certainly not our intention. We will be addressing this directly with the branch manager, and will have this removed as soon as possible. Lastly we do want to ensure that we are delivering to our community the level of service you expect.”

What do you think?

Is the inconsiderate and offensive? How would you react if you saw it posted at your local bank?

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  1. Why didnt someone from the offer help to this person, you certainly did the wrong thing.
    Imagine the response for the bank if you did offer help.

  2. Why didnt someone from the offer help to this person, you certainly did the wrong thing.
    Imagine the response for the bank if you did offer help.

  3. Before condemning the Bank consider your own response to someone using your front verandah as a place to ‘live and litter’ of course any injury that might occur on your premise would be liable to you.
    I have no association with the Bank of Melbourne and live in northern NSW.

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  4. Just because a person is homeless is no excuse to litter-the environment.

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    • I agree with you 100% – Being homeless is no excuse to litter a place.

  5. I think Gemma you should sit at the bank and clean up after the people that litter, see how long you last, the bank employees have more to do than pick up rubbish. even the homeless know what is right and wrong, there is usually a bin in the banks I go to including the B
    Bank of Melbourne

  6. I agree with the bank. Its not so much the sleeping , it is the litter they leave lying around. AND if any one went near the area they may get abused or trip and hurt then sue the bank. MEANWHILE the churches in the rest and tax free exempt buildings keep very quiet and soundly lock their doors at night, by the way Bank of Melbourne is a con name for Westpac

  7. What, none of you have EVER slyly dropped a lolly wrapper, stubbed a cigarette on the street or thrown something towards a bin and missed (not bothering to pick it up )? Heaven forbid that you should become homeless ! Yes the homeless individual was wrong , but for the bank to put a sign up like that is as bad as kicking a bloke while he’s down. I’m glad that you all live in a glass house with a warm bed

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  8. I have no problem with the sign some people just need to get a life and stop being offended at everything

  9. If we added up all the obscene salarys of the Bank CEOs in Australia alone there would be more than enough money to house these unfortunate people, it could be you and me, life happens and one day you wake up broke. The Bank industry is a disgrace, shame on you mongrels.

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