Bananas and shingles make the budget 30



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There’s been plenty of media coverage of the big picture items in last night’s Federal Budget – what about the quirky small things you might have missed in the fine print?

Did you know, if you’re aged between 70 to 79, you’ll now be eligible to receive the shingles vaccine free of charge?

And after the budget, you’ll have to pay more for honey, bananas, eggs and chickens?

Banana prices are expected to rise by 0.75 cents per kilogram in order to fund the fight against banana freckle. The Australian Honey Bee Industry Council asked the government to increase levies to help them work on plant health, animal diseases and emergency pest management responses.

The news is good if you’re a fan of flagpoles though. It could be worth a trip to Bathurst if you’d like to see a real doozy. There’s a quarter of a million dollars in the Budget for Bathurst to build a commemorative flagpole to mark the city’s creation.

And if you’re an aged pensioner planning at heading over to Estonia to work, congratulations. Aussies working in Estonia and vice versa will soon be able to access the aged pension through a new social security agreement – that one’s costing $4.2 million.

Are you happy to pay a fraction more for bananas to prevent banana freckle disease?  Will you be lining up for your free shingles vaccine? Are you tempted to head over to Estonia to work?  Or perhaps a trip to Bathurst to see the new $250,000 flagpole is on your travel radar now.

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  1. honey, bananas, eggs and chickens? thank heavens I don’t eat any of them but not so good if you have young children..ooh and Swany is right..this is a budget to win votes but it has it flaws. Some things won’t get support and It is not a budget that would have won my vote. I sure would not go to Bathurst just to see that flag pole lol

  2. Great budget, regardless of Mr. Swans sarcasm. A budget to help not to score votes!!!!!

    2 REPLY
    • What planet are you living on? Even John Howard has said as much. They had no choice but to deliver a “vote for us” budget after last year’s performance.

    • I am entitled to my opinion and my opinion is different to yours get over it, I do not think regardless of anyone that it was a vote grabbing budget, if the others allowed the budget things to pass from last year and this year things would be better for the whole country but bloody minded Labor playing school yard bullies as usual.

  3. They are aiming for votes it is pretty evident that this is a budget to win support but it won’t win eveyones I have heard a lot of negative comments today about this budget an heard a lot of laughter and mutterings about desperation, as for the flag pole pfffffffft

  4. oh thank goodness I bought a jar of honey last week !! Wayne Swan hit the nail on the head..even John Howard said this was a political budget.. meaning it was a budget to win them votes

  5. This budget fails the future test and fails the fairness test. In fact, it’s not so very different to last year’s budget.

    Fairness failure:

    1. $80 billion in cuts to schools and hospitals
    2. $100,000 university degrees
    3. Cuts to family payments
    4. Cuts to paid parental leave for 80,000 mothers.
    5. People under 25 still have to wait 4 weeks before accessing unemployment benefits
    6. Stay-at-home parents will lose access to childcare rebates.

    Future failure:

    1. Unemployment will be higher for longer
    2. Debt is up
    3. Spending is up
    4. In the past 12 months, Hockey has doubled the deficit
    5. Renewable energy industry is gutted, with investment declining by 88%.
    This is a budget for the next election, not the next decade. Debt is up, deficit is up and unemployment is up. At a time when Australia needs a budget about today and tomorrow, we have a budget about the past.

    5 REPLY
    • Do not agree, and stay at home parents should not have childcare rebates so a good thing this one. We had to pay for our higher education so why not now. Schools and hospitals have plenty of money spent on them now, some family payments should be cut, everybody had to wait 8 weeks in years gone by for any government payments.

    • If you really want to find somewhere that gets left out of every budget and is lacking hugely in funds it is The Disability sector. We have a respite house here that doesn’t have enough funds to open this house 7 days a week. It is only opened 4 nights a week. While there is a huge waiting list of disabled families needing much needed respite.

    • Why is it unfair for stay at home mums (or dads) not to get subsidized daycare? Why do they need it if they have chosen to not work while their children are young?

    • Well Labor hasnt got a better plan have they. No carbon tax death tax tax on tax small business tax and tax on the big small the ugly the short and tall. Freeking shut up with the BS whining.

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